SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Audoen's arch to Cutpurse-row.

P. St. Catherine. 12 & 13 P. St.Audoen. 1 to 9, and 14 to 30 Merchants'-quay W. 10 to 13 Usher's-quay W.—City.

1 O'Neill, Math. carpr. & buildr. 20l.

„ O'Shaughnessy, Mrs. seminary

2 Kavanagh, M. board & lodg. ho. 22l.

3 and 4 Tenements, 16l., 14l.

here Purcell's-court intersects

5 Society of St. Vincent de Paul, 14l.

Penny Savings' Bank

6 Birch, Thos. boot & shoe mkr. 17l.

7 Reynor, Thomas, cutler, 15l.

8 Salt, Edwin, clog maker, 18l.

9 Doran, Patk. merchant tailor, 16l.

here Bridge-street, Upper, intersects

10, 11, and 12 Webb, James H. & Co. woollen drapers, linen and Manchester warehouse, 100l.

13 Holland, Esth. provision dealer, 27l.

here Lamb-al. & Cutpurse-row intersect.

14 Scarborough, John, clog and gutta percha boot and shoe manuf. 15l.

15 Vacant, 13l.

16 Dudley, Jn. boot & shoe maker, 13l.

17, 18, and 19 Wright, Edward, Leeds Woollen Hall, and Green mount, Rathgar-rd. near Roundtown.105l.

20 to 22 Somers and Co. bakers, 27l.

23 Tenements

24 Hardman, C. leather merchant, and Sandymount-avenue, 18l.

25 Halbert, Nathl. pawnbroker, 44l.

„ Halbert, John, wholesale jeweller

26 Winstanley & Jopson, clog makers and gutta percha manufactrs. 30l.

27 M'Gauran, John, groc. & spir. dlr. 40l.

here Candler's-court intersects

28 Cahill, Patrick, flour dealer, 22l.

here Furlong's-court intersects

29 Furlong, Phil. groc. & spir. mer. 28l.

here Back-lane intersects

30 Edwards, Joseph, leather seller, 20l.

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