Coombe, Upper

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Meath-street to Pimlico.

P. St. Catherine, 50 to 69. P. St. Luke, 72 to 90.—Merchants'-quay W.—City.

50 Tenements, 5l.

51 Moran, Mrs. 6l.

52 to 54 Tenements. 5l. to 6l.

55 Martin, Caleb, weavers' utensil manufacturer, 15l.

56 to 59 Tenements, 6l. to 12l.

here Elbow-lane, Little, intersects

60 and 61 Tenements, 6l., 7l.

62 Murphy, Andw. harness maker, 3l.

63 to 65 Tenements, 6l. to 7l.

66 Daniel, James, millwright and iron foundry works, 23l.

here Pimlico and Ardee-street intersect

67 Ruins

68 Mathews, Joseph, inland revenue officer, 12l.

69 Lothian, James, millwright, engineer, and iron works

here Walsh's-court intersects

70 Tenements

here M' Clean's-lane intersects

71 to 78 Tenements, 6l. to 10l.

79 Wall, S. vintner and woollen manufacturer. Blue Bell Mills, 19l.

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