Anne-street, South

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Grafton-street to Dawson-street.

P. St. Anne.—Royal Exchange W.City.

1 Crooke, Mrs. Anne, milliner, 24l.

2 Young, Anne, bonnet and straw hat warehouse, 24l.

„ M'Loughlin, M. and J. milliners and dressmakers

3 Hackett, Wm. dyer & cleaner, 23l.

4 Clements, Edm. music profr. 25l.

5 Hughes, Peter, law stationer and scrivener, 26l.

6 Farley, Emma, milliner, 22l

7 Moore, William Daniel, a.b. m.b. apothecary, 50l.

8 Molloy and Son,dyers & cleaners, 52l.

9 O'Brien, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 45l.

here Duke-lane intersects

10 Taylor, Eliz. millinery and straw bonnet warehouse, 20l.

11 Clarke, Patk. D. apothecary, chemist, and accoucheur

12 Kennedy, Mary, dressmaker, 18l.

13 Vacant, 18l.

14 Trenor, Margaret (widow), and Son (of the late Hugh Treanor), plumbers and water-closet manufacturers, and gas fitters (see advertisement), 18l.

15 M'Killop, Jane and Sarah, baby-linen warehouse, 25l.

16 Grier, E. gen. house & land agent, and servants registry office, 18l.

17 Bates, Edward, servants' registry office, sexton & fire-engine keeper of Anne's parish, 21l.

„ Bates, Mr. Edward, jun.

here Dawson-street intersects

18 Kane, Winefred, muffin and crumpet baker, 8l.

19 Cox, Thomas, York hotel, 15l.

20 & 21 Walsh's Southern hotel—Rich. Longford, proprietor, 70l.

„ Longford, Richard, upholsterer and house furnisher

22 Laprelle, Mrs. E. bonnet mak. 23l.

„ Laprelle, Michael, house painter

23 Redmond, John, law agent, 26l.

24 Hawkshaw, Mrs. Anne, lodg. ho.20l.

25 Stuart, Thomas, boot maker, 20l.

26 Sims, Mrs. seamstress and robe-making establishment, 26l.

„ Sims, Jane and Maryanne, seamstresses and florists

here Anne's-lane intersects

27 Bigger, C. bookbinder 38l.

28 Langan & Son, steam dye-works, 50l.

29 Tipper, Anne, millinery estab. 32l.

„ Quinn, Miss, dress warerooms

30 Smyth, Beverly, coal factor and van proprietor, & livery stables, 40l.

31 Irish Homoeopathic Society and Dispensary—Walter Williams, m.d., m.r.c.s.i.—res. 20 Stephen's-gn. north; Scriven, Wm. b.b. a.b. and m.b. t.c.d. and m.r.c.s. 40l.

32 Keogh, Ambrose, mer. clothier, 45l.

33 to 35 Marshall, Richard, hotel keeper, 90l.

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