Commercial Buildings, £500

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Dame-street to Cope-street.

P. St. Andrew.—South City W.—City.

A Pillar Letter-box opposite the entrance.

Bradley, Joseph, merchant

Chamber of Commerce—Frs. Codd, esq. sec; John Armstrong, esq. assist, sec.; A. Russell and A. Curry, clerks of the chamber

Commercial Building Co.—Augustine Russell, secretary

Association of Underwriters—Isaac Williams, broker—res. 5 Prince Edward-terrace, Blackrock

Chambre, John, wine merchant, and 14 Upper Buckingham street

Chambre, Wm, general merchant, and Kenilworth-sq. Rathmines

Devitt, R. J. tea and sugar merch.

Exham and Blackley, wine merchants—vaults, 8 Crown-alley

Foxall, James, broker, & Carlton-terrace, Rathmines

Freemasons' Hall—Charles T. Walmisley, esq. deputy grand secretary; Samuel B. Oldham, esq. assistant deputy secretary

Gowland, Thomas, merchant and colonial agent, and Malakoff-terrace, Rathgar

Hardy, Brothers, West India merchants

Reilly, P. & Sons, commis. merchs.

Reilly, John L. esq. and 17 Leinster-square, Rathmines

Reilly, Philip Edward, esq.

Stock Exchange Company—William Roberts, jun. registrar

Stokes, Jas. Widow & Sons, colonial brokers & auctioneers

Stokes, Ambrose W. esq.—res. Johnsville, Rathmines

Stokes, Fredk. esq. j.p.—res Denmark hill, Leinster-road, west

Stokes, Mrs.—res. Johnsville, Upper Rathmines

White. John P. tea merchant, and Old Bawn, Tallaght

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