SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Lincoln-place to Merrion-st. Lr.

P. St. Anne.—Trinity W.—City.

1 Coleman, Joseph, silk mercer and draper, 60l.

„ Coleman, Mary, millinery & dress warerooms

„ Maguire, John, fruiterer

2 Turkington, Mrs. Margaret, 48l.

3 Jesson, Anthy. cook & confec. and Sallymount-av. Cullenswood, 51l.

4 Baker, John Andrew, surg.-dentist f.r.c.s.i. 46l.

5 Wade, Gus. Rochfort, solicitor, 53l.

6 Nalty, John, m.d. surg. & apoth. 57l.

7 Christopherson, E. & M. milliner and dressmakers, 70l.

8 Kyle, Wm.Cotter, ll.d. j.p. bar. 74l.

9 Cooper, William Joseph, sol. 74l.

10 Tickell, Edward, q.c. 74l.

11 Donovan, Ml. M.R.I.A. apothecary & Templeville, Templeogue, 74l.

12 Corbett, Danl. dentist, m.r.c.s.e. 76l.

13 Griffith, Walter Hussey, bar. 80l.

„ Griffith, Richard Ch. esq. and St. Anne's hill, Blarney

14 Tuke, Daniel, esq. 63l.

„ Tuke, Benjamin Burland, esq.

„ Tuke, Edward Charles, esq.

here Merrion-street, Lower, and Merrion-square, West, intersect.

16 Greene, John, circulating librarian to the Lord Lieutenant, bookseller, stationer, engraver, die sinker, and printer, 66l.

Post Office Receiver and Money Order Office—William Curwen, receiver

17 English, Mrs. Clara, court dressmaker and ladies' outfitter, &c. 42l.

„ Love, Robert, French bootmaker

„ Denempont, Charles, chiropodist

18 O'Dowd, Miss, Berlin and embroidery warehouse, 46l.

19 Hill, Edw. family grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 48l.

20 Hendrick, Ralph, stationer, printer, and account-book manuf. 48l.

„ Fetherstone H. Edward, solicitor, and Sidney-avenue, Blackrock

„ Baker, William, solicitor, and Ballinvoher, Waterford

21 Henderson, John, cook and confectioner, 48l.

22 Douglas, Rich. furnished lodg. 42l.

23 Merne, John R. hosier, glover, and shirtmaker, and 117 Swanbrook, Leinster-road, 60l.

„ Dyas, Miss, dressmaker

24 Bolton, Cornl. ladies, gentlemen, & children's boot & shoe manuf. 52l.

25 Adair, Samuel Fred. sol.—res. 27 Up. Pembroke-street, 48l.

26 Gonne, Henry, engraver, printer, lithogphr. plain & fancy statr. 54l.

„ Gonne, Mrs. Henry, professor of drawing and painting, and modelling wax and paper flowers, and Vico-road, Dalkey

here Clare-lane intersects

27 Vacant, 27l.

28 Ball, Miss, 80l.

29 Leinster Club—Mr. Thomas Dunn, manager, 150l.

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