Clanbrassil-street, Upper

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Circular-road, New-street, to Clanbrassil-bridge.

P. St. Peter, east side. P. St. Nicholas Without, west.

1 to 21 Merchants'-quay W.—22 to 27 Wood-quay W.—City.

A Pillar Letter-box at the corner of the South Circular Road.

1 Brien, Edward, vintner, 30l.

2 O'Leary, Mrs. Eliza, 8l.

„ O'Leary, Dwyer, licentiate apothecary

3 and 4 Tenements, 7l., 8l.

5 and 6 Dunne, E. painter and glass-cutter, 8l., 6l.

7 Ainsley, John F. esq. 18l.

8 Coghlan, Mr. Hugh


9 White, Rev. Henry V. minister of Swift's alley Church, 25l.

10 Borthistle, Mr. 20l.

11 Clarke, Miss, 20l.

12 Bulfin, Mr. William, 21l.

13 Jackson, Miss, 21l.

„ Lestrange, Miss

End of Wesley Place

14 Goodwin, Mr. Wilkins, 22l.

15 Moyers, John, build. & archt. 22l.

16 Giles, Thomas H. C. esq. 22l.

17 Orpin, Mr. William, 22l.

18 Talbot, R. J. esq. 18l.

19 St. Laurence, G. E. supervisor of inland revenue 18l.

20 Nugent, James C. esq. 18l.

21 Warren, Mr. J. Anna cottage, 14l.

22 Taylor, David, esq. 14l.

23 M'Sweeney, Mr. John, 14l.

24 Fitzpatrick, Mr. James, 14l.

25 Carey, William, solicitor, 18l.

„ Topham, Mr. Richard

26 Madden, Mr. Edward, 14l.

27 Maddox, Mr. James, 14l.

28 Owen, Robt. inland rev. officer, 13l.

here Doyle's-court intersects

29 Fagan, Matthew, grocer and spirit dealer, 19l.

30 Murphy, James, vintner, 20l.

31 and 32 Tenements, each 10l.

here Clanbrassil-bridge crosses the Grand Canal to Harold's-cross road.

33 Hogg, Herbert, prov. dealer, 18l.

34 Tenements, 11l.

35 Boylan, Hugh, tea & spirit deal. 9l.

36 Jones, Patrick, victualler, 15l.

37 Tenements

here Reilly's cottages intersects

38 Roddy, John, shoemaker, 8l.

39 Costelloe, Chas. prov. dealer, 6l.

here Orr's-terrace intersects

40 Harrison, Edw. dairy, 8l.

41 Towson, George, bootmaker, 5l.

42 Milloy, Henry, grocer & prov. dl. 14l.

here Garden-terrace intersects

43 Vacant, 8l.

44 Dufferin, Mrs. 6l.

45 Cooney, Jas. boot & shoe maker, 9l.

46 Stables

47 Lawless, Edmund, esq. p.l.g. and Upper Rathmines, 19l.

here Wesley-terrace intersects

48 Evans, Mrs. J. victualler, 8l.

49 Tenements, 14l.

50 Molloy, W. R. esq. 15l.

51 Tresham, Mrs. ladies seminary, 15l.

52 Ivers, Mr. John, 15l.

53 Mulvany, Mr. John, 15l.

54 Revell, Mr. S. 15l.

55 Flannagan, Mr. John, 15l.

56 Keely, B. silk dyer, 20l.

57 Laphen, Mr. Thomas, 9l.

58 Dixon, Mrs. 9l.

59 Pirrie, Geo. esq. Bd. of Works, 11l.

60 Dunphy, Mr. Clement, 11l.

61 Barr, Mr. Alexander, 11l.

62 Oldham, Mr. 15l.

„ Madder, Mrs.

63 Devlin, Mr. Edward, 12l.

64, 65, & 66 Clanbrassil Buildings—Leonard, Francis, grocery, ironmongery, purveyor, glass, delph, trimming, and general merchant, 48l.

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