Clanbrassil-street, Lower

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From New-street to Circular-road.

Parish of St. Patrick.

1 O'Neill, George, provn. dealer, 20l.

2 to 7 Tenements, 20l., 11l., 12l., 11l., 18l., 13l.

8 Moran, Patk. provision dealer, 14l.

here Williams-place intersects

9 to 17 Tenements, 4l. to 14l.

18 Burke, John, glue, writing and binding vellum, and parchment manufactory, 36l.

19 Tenements, 17l.

20 Mulligan, James, slater, 13l.

21 Tenements, 18l.

22 Horgan, James, brush maker, 9l.

23 Bennett, Richard, law clerk, 11l.

24 Crowther, George, clerk, 11l.

25 Connor, Mr. John, 11l.

„ Redding, Thos. Henry, chemist

26 and 27 Tenements, 16l., 10l.

28 Holmes, Mr. John, 30l.

28½ Curran, Mr. Andrew

29 Taaffe, Mr. Peter, 9l.

30 Hawkins, John, accountant, 8l.

31 M'Dermott, Mr. Thomas, 9l.

„ M'Dermott, Thomas Henry

32 Dunn, Patrick, accountant, 10l.

33 Kavanagh, Mr. James, 8l.

34 O'Connor, Mrs. 13l.

35 O'Mally, Matthew, esq. 11l.

[36 to 38—8l. to 12l.]

36 and 37 Vacant,

38 Tenements,

39 Hastings, Mr. John, 12l.

40 M'Donnell, Patrick, car owner, 6l.

41 Earls, John, tailor, 6l.

42 Parkes, William B. diesinker, 10l.

here Clanbrassil-terrace, Clanbrassil-st. upper, and Eldon-terrace, intersects.

[43 to 48—2l. to 22l.]

43 Martin, Thomas, prov. dealer,

44 Tenements,

45 Moore, M. Chs. prov. dealer,

46 Huston, Mr. Philip,

47 Birmingham, John, tailor,

48 Byrne, Daniel, law clerk,

here Chestnut-place intersects

49 Draper, Mr. George, 5l.

50 King, Mr. William H. 10l.

51 Vacant, 10l.

52 Tenements, 20l.

53 Murphy, Rebecca, prov. stores, 9l.

54 Walker, Mr. Richard A. 9l.

55 Tenements, 12l.

56 Bolger, Mr. John, 10l.

57 Leckey, Mr. William, 14l.

58 Finnagan, Mr. Thomas, 16l.

59 Hornidge, John J. esq. 15l.

60 Tenements, 15l.

61 Brennan, Thos. house painter, 15l.

62, 63, and 64 Tenements, 10l., 4l., 7l.

65 Delap, Richard, vintner, 20l.

66 M'Guire, Wm. provision stores, 9l.

67 Tenements, 9l.

68 Shannon, Harriett. 10l.

69 Williams. Job, boot & shoemak. 7l.

70 Tenements, 8l.

71 Delap, Richard, builder and ordnance contractor, 15l.

72 Tenements, 7l.

73 M'Cullagh, William, vintner, 13l.

here Donovan's-lane intersects

74 Bolger, Mr. Francis, 3l.

75 Coyle, Mr. William, 3l.

76 Kernold, Mr. James, 3l.

77 Brown, George, coal dealer, 8l.

78 Dobbins, Mr. Matthew, 8l.

79 Cullen, Thomas, dairy, 8l.

Depot of Paving Board.

80 Doyle, Mr. James, 8l.

81 to 86 Tenements, 5l. 10s. to 8l.

87 Ward, Abraham, nailer, 8l.

88 Ward, Timothy, grocer and spirit stores, 8l.

89 to 91 Tenements, 8l. to 13l.

92 Waddick, Thomas, coal factor

93 to 95 Tenements

here Bonny's-lane intersects

96 Ruins

97 Toomey, Mr. Matthew

98 and 99 Tenements, 4l. 10s., 14l.

100 Francis, Mr. James, 8l.

101 Ashenhurst, Sam. prov. stores, 10l.

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