SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Moss-street to Creighton-street.

P. St. Mark.—Trinity W.—City.

1 Lynam, James, provision merchant and ship owner, and Dawson grove, Beggar's bush, 27l.

2 Blundell, John Thos. vintner, 18l.

3 Harlin, Wm. shipwright and provision dealer, 16l.

4 Mathews, Michael, prov. dlr. 15l.

5 Weldon, Thomas, outfitter, 13l.

6 Bourke, James, vintner, 18l.

„ Bourke & Sheridan, ship-builders

7 Tenements, 16l.

8 Cochrane, Rob. coal merchant, 35l.

9 to 11 Hoey, Robt. general merch.—residence, Kilmacud House, Stilllrgan, 30l.

12 & 13 Site of Roman Catholic Church

14 Mallin, Michael, block maker and pump borer, 20l.

15 Keane, Brothers, painters, &c. 14l.

„ Keane, Wm. ornamental painter and paper hanger,

here a ferry crosses the Liffey to Customhouse-quay.

16 Dillon, Wm. and Son, shipping butchers and provision merchts. 25l.

17 Water Bailiffs' Office—Patrick Byrne and John Reily, water bailiffs, 10l.

„ Macfarlane, Robert, coal merchant

18 Carter, Henry, boot & shoemak. 18l.

here Prince's-street, South, intersects

19 Murray, Jn. board & ldg. ho. kpr. 16l.

20 Stevenson, John, painter, 13l.

21 Hoey, Mrs. Rebecca, and Donnycarney-road, 26l.

22 Tenements, 17l.

23 Kelly, T. hairdresser, 16l.

24 Ryan, Margaret, grocer and spirit merchant, 17l.

25 Henessy, James, bootmaker, 17l.

„ Deering and Graham, coal agents

„ Meagher, Patrick, coal agent

„ Robinson, E.S.G. Gilcreux coal agt.

26 Martin, Brothers, coal merchants & commission agents, 30l.

„ Martin, John, assistant town clerk

27 and 28 Haughton, William, & Sons, merchants, 115l.

„ Haughton, Wilfred, merchant

„ Haughton, William, merchant, res. Moorefield, Roebuck, Dundrum

„ Haughton, James, mercht. Beechfield, Sandford, Ranelagh

29 Caledonian House, Charlotte Bell, proprietress, 24l.

30 Tenements, 14l.

31 Graham, Mr. Samuel, 15l.

32 Collis, James, coal merchant, ship and commission agent, 26l.

33 Hayes, Thomas, dealer in marine stores, 15l.

„ Murphy, John, grocer

„ Reilly, Owen, tailor and outfitter

here Peterson's-lane intersects

34 and 35 Rochford, John, and Son, anchor, cable, and chain-cable, spade and shovel manufacturers, and Clonskeagh iron works

36 Murphy, Catherine, chandler, 7l.

„ Seaton, G. A. coal importer

37 Kavanagh, Murtagh, grocer and spirit merchant, and ship store warehouse, 23l.

38 Lambert, John, coal importer and general merchant, 37l.

39 White, Wm. provision dealer, 14l.

40 Minch, Matthew, provis. stores, 12l.

here Campbell's-court intersects

41 M'Evoy, P. provision dealer, 14l.

42 Walsh, Sarah, provision dealer, 16l.

here Bamfield-lane intersects

43 Maher, Jno. grocer & spirit dlr. 22l.

44 Berry, Jos. pump & block mak. 12l.

45 Tenements, 17l.

46 and 48 M'Cormick, Jno. coal stores, and 7 D'Olier-street, 50l.

47 Ballast Office Yard— Cpt. Robt. Donal, supervisor of Ballast lighters, 90l.

Harbour Master's Office—Capt. John E. Moppett, harbour master

48 Murphy, Fras. tailor & outfitter, 21l.

49 and 50 Good, John and Matthew, ship builders, and 17 Creighton-st.—graving dock, Ringsend, 42l.

„ Good, John, timber merchant

„ Good, Matt. ship builder, & shipwright surveyor to Board of Trade

here a ferry crosses the Liffey to North Wall-quay

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