SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From College-green to Temple-bar.

P. St. Andrew.—South City W.—City.

1 Fallon, Patrick, stock broker, 54l.

2 Part of Jury's Hot. 7 College gn. 54l.

3 Salmon, Rice, & Co. plaster of Paris and Roman cement manufacturers, oil, colour, and window glass wareho. & Crown-alley, 66l.

„ Rice, Matthew, general merchant and agent—residence, 10 Belgrave-square, east, Rathmines

„ Rice, William, l.r.c.s.i.

4 Wilkinson, Thomas Wm.solic. 36l.

„ Coffey, J. W. solicitor

„ Coates, John, solicitor

„ Codd, G. F. agent

5 & 6 Bewley, Thomas, stores, and 12, 15, and 16 Cope-street

6 ½ Kennedy, Patrick, bookseller and librarian

„ Lane, John Wm. sol. & 11 Cope st.

here Cope-street intersects

7 Cahill, Denis, merchant tailor, 24l.

„ Bennett, S. J. & Co. pub. accountants, & Irish Mercantile Mutual Association—English Offices, 39 Mooregate st. London; 16 Princes st. Manchester; & 22 North John st. Liverpool

8 Owen, Joseph, lithographic printer and engraver, 25l.

9 O'Daly, Jn. bookseller, publisher, & honorary secretary to the Ossianic Society, 28l.

10 O'Driscoll, Jn. &. Co. mer. tailor, 34l.

11 M'Naghten, Henry, tailor, 28l.

12 Morton, 15. house painter & paper hanger, 22l.

13 M'Donnell, I. and E. medical label and letterpress printers, 26l.

„ Reilly, Thomas White, barrister, registrar of marriages, district of Dublin, south

14 Dowd, Mr. William, g.p.o. 27l.

15 Keogh, James, bookbinder, 20l.

16 Walsh, James, bootmaker, 18l.

17 Llewellin, Michael, bootmaker, 13l.

here Temple-bar and Fleet-st. intersect

18 Busby, Alex, ironmonger and general hardware merchant, 22l.

19 Page, Henry, gilder and picture frame maker, 18l.

20 Erlich, Myer, manuf. jeweller, 26l.

21 M'Kearnan, Daniel, bootmaker 28l.

22 Smith, E. T. carver and gilder, and picture frame maker, 7 Wellington-place, 24l.

23 Smith, Edw. sporting and general print warehouse, 28l.

24 Carroll, John, military and merchant tailor, 30l.

25 O'Hanlon and Sons, printers, bookbinders, and machine rulers, 30l.

26 Rooney, Michael Wm. bookseller & publisher, & Autumn-ville, Rathgar-avenue, 30l.

27 Kerney, John, mercht. tailor, 27l.

City of Dublin Monetary Accommodation and Viscount Company (limited)

28 Coghlan, Jno. merch. clothier, 30l.

29 Morris, Thomas V. bookseller and robe maker, 38l.

30 Fowler, Corry, merchant, 30l.

„ Fowler, George, merchant

„ Sandheim, J. Franklin, purse and pocket book manufacturer

„ Sandheim, Julius, chief rabbi of the Hebrew congregation

31 Lewis, Henniker, literary & general auctioneer, 38l.

32 Royal Bank, and Foster-place, 42l.

33 The Dublin Athenaeum, 85l.

„ Mills, J. N. a.b. assistant secretary and librarian

34 Kerr, William, bootmaker, 30l.

35 Annexed to 5 College-green, 15l.

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