Church-street, Old

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Arran-quay to Constitution-hill.

P. St. Michan.—1 to 38 Inns-quay W. 39 to 179 Arran-quay W.—City.

1 Johnston, J. & Co. bakers, and 15 Inns-quay

2 Gerraghty, Wm. vintner, 20l.

3 Doyle, John, provision dealer, 15l.

4 Daily, John, baker, 13l.

5 and 6 Tenements, 13l., 12l.

7 Britton, M. paper stainer, 24l.

here Pill-lane intersects

8 to 24 Building ground

here Humphrey's-court intersects

25 Tenements, 22l.

26 Doogan, Ml. turning lathe manufacturer, & dealer in artists' tools, 26l.

27 Mara, Peter, shovel and spade manufacturer, 14l.

28, 29, and 30 Vincent, Samuel, and Son, foundry and iron works, 10l., 30l., 34l.

here Nicholson's-court intersects

31 to 33 Tenements, 7l. to 12l.

34 M'Garvey, Patrick, ironworks, 15l.

35 to 37 Tenements, 9l., 8l., 5l.10s.

38 and 39 Clinchy, Philip, wine and spirit merchant, and Phoenix-ter. Williamstown, 21l., 27l.

here Mary's-lane intersects

40 to 44 Tenements, 6l. to 21l.

here Field's-court intersects

45 M'Gealy, Owen, rag merchant

46 Doyle, Patrick, car owner 6l. 10s.

here Price's-yard intersects

47 Brown, John, car owner, 12l.

48 O'Callaghan, Rich. gen. broker, 11l.

49 Cox, James, jaunting-car and cart manufacturer, 11l.

50 Slevin, Patrick, broker, 11l.

51 M'Grane, John, hosier, 11l.

52 M'Grane, Jos. hosier, 111.

53 Kavanagh, J. grocer & spirit dl.13l.

54 and 55 Tenements, each 9l.

56 Darragh, James, saddler and harness manufacturer, 11l.

here Thunder's-place intersects

57 to 61½ Tenements, 2l. 10s. to 10l.

62 Savage, James, lime stores, 12l.

63 to 66 Tenements, 7l. to 12l.

here Curtain's-court intersects

67 Moore, Mrs. provision stores, 16l.

68 Geraghty, Jas. provision dealer 12l.

here Townley-court intersects

69 Drew, John, lime stores, 10l.

„ M'Nally, Michael, marine stores

70 M'Allister, Thos. marine stores, 7l.

„ M'Grane, John, linen stores

71 and 72 Tenements, 13l., 10l.

here Stirrip-lane intersects

73 Elliott, Mrs. grocer & chandler, 14l.

74 Mullen, John, meat vendor, 11l.

75 Macken, Pk. grocer & spirit dlr. 12l.

76 Manders, Richd. & Co. bakers, 15l.

77 Brennan, Anne, groc. & sprt. dlr. 21l.

here King-street, North, intersects

78 Tenements

79 and 80 Auxiliary Workhouse of the North Dublin Union, 7l., 38l.

here Lisburn-street, New, intersects

[81 to 88—6l. to 9l.]

81 to 86 Tenements,

87 Moore, M. provision dealer,

88 Tenements,

89 Byrne, Peter, cab owner, 8l.

90 Tenements, 8l.

91 M'Loughlin, Thos. prov. dlr. 8l.

92 O'Gilby, J. coal & coke stores, 8l.

93 Farrell, Jas. marine stores, 9l. 10s.

94 Pim, Edward, grocer, 12l.

here Coleraine-st. & Nugent's-lane intersect.

95 Tenements, 18l.

96 Bray, Michael, provision stores, 9l.

97 and 98 Tenements, 8l. to 12l.

99 Aungier, James, nailer,

100 Molloy, William, hairdresser, 6l.

here Catherine-lane intersects

101 and 102 Tenements

103 White, William, hay-seed store

104 Villiers, Christop. hay-seed store

105 Bowes, Nicholas, hay-seed store

106 Birmingham, Bartholomew, hayseed store

107 Duggan, John, hay-seed store

108 Maguire, Michael, fact. & vintner, 15l.

109 Carthy, Robt. hay-seed store, 15l.

„ Mathews, Catherine, grocer and provision store

„ M'Keon, Edward, corn factor and commission agent

[110 to 115—3l. to 10l.]

110 Butler, Patk. tin plate worker,

111 Regan, C. hay seed strs.

„ Reilly, John, farrier,

112 Dyer, Thomas, law clerk,

113 to 115 Tenements,

here Brunswick-street, North, intersects.

116 Ridding, Hugh, prov. dealer, 20l.

117 Gaynor, Peter, confectioner, 9l.

118 M'Dade, Robert, locksmith, 9l.

119 to 121 Healy, Robert, grocer and wine merchant, 30l.

122 Bateson, John, bakery, 27l.

here King-street, North, intersects

123 Tenements, 23l.

124 Lyons, James, dairy, 9l.

125 Tenements, 15l.

126 Fox, Patrick, provision stores, 17l.

[127-129—8l. to 9l.]

127 Bagley, Phil. marine stores,

128 Smith, M. provision stores,

129 Murray, Pet. hay & straw strs.

130 Cavanagh, Thomas, prov. stores

here Bedford-street intersects

131 to 133 Tenements, 9l. to 11l.

134 Lynch, Mary Anne, prov. sts. 11l.

135 to 140 Tenements, 9l. to 13l.

141 Clarke, Maurice, prov. dealer, 9l.

here Willis's & Thunder's-courts intersect.

142 Tims, Ptk. provision stores, 15l.

142½ Dunne, Michael, prov. dlr.

Capuchin FriaryCommunity, Very Rev. D. P. O'Reilly, Guardian; Very Rev. D. T. Ashe, Vicar; Very Rev. J. Dunne, Rev. W. C. Brophy, Very Rev. J. B. Buckley

Charity School, Chapel-yard—George Scully, master

here Chapel-yard intersects

143 Kelly, Christopher, coal dealer, 10l.

144 Donohoe, James, broker, 10l.

145 Ruins

146 and 147 Tenements, 8l., 10l.

148 Wheatley, John, dairy, 11l.

149 Tenements, 9l.

150 Keely, Matthew, grocer, 16l.

151 Cullen, Thomas, prov. stores, 20l.

here May-lane intersects

152 Jeffers, James, spirit and coffee dealer, 24l.

153 Byrne, Fras. soap & candle manufacturer, and 13 Boot lane, 19l.

154 Mooney, Patrick, dairy, 14l.

155 M'Dermott, B. draper, 17l.

156 Walker, John, baker, 18l.

157 Byrne, Peter, marine stores, 11l.

St. Michan's Church—Rev. James Hunter Monahan, a.m. prebend. 33 Westland row

158 Murphy, Lawrence, smith, and Eagle Iron Works, 4l.

159 Delany, Richard, pawnbroker, and Seafort-avenue, Sandymount, 32l.

here Smullen's-court intersects

160 Tenements, 11l.

161 to 164 Sheridan, Thos. & Geo. millwrights and engineers, Eagle Foundry iron work, bell founders, wrought-iron tire-proof safe makers, wholesale and retail ironmongers, iron, steel, and tin-plate merchants, 38l., 36l.

165 Scally, Mary, grocer

166 to 168 Tenements, 9l. to 14l.

169 Kelly, Michael, grocer, 26l.

here Hammond-lane intersects

170 Baxter, Bartholomew, screw and bolt maker, 12l.

„ White, Thomas, hairdresser

171 Turley, John, comb manufac. 9l.

172 Dunne, James, dairy, 18l.

[173 to 175—16l. to 20l.]

173 Tenements,

174 King, Thomas, dairy,

175 Tenements,

176 Flower, Edward, wholesale pin, wire, and wire web manufacturer, 16l.

177 Farrall, Chas. pawnbrokers' divisional auction rooms, 35l.

178 Berry, Jos. seed stores, entrance, 8 Arran-quay, 22l.

179 England, Robert, vintner, 30l.

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