SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

Formerly Skinner-row.

From Nicholas-street to Werburgh-street.

P. St. Nicholas Within, 1 to 10. P. St. Werburgh, 11 to 22. P. St. John, 23 to 26.—Wood-quay W.—City.

1 Kehoe, James, wine, spirit, and tea dealer, and general grocer, 48l.

2 Hanlon, Hen. carpenter & builder 45l.

2 Russell, John Norris, & Sons, Askeaton bakery

3 Molloy, John, prov. dealer, 40l.

4 Daniel, John, merchant tailor, 30l.

5 Henshaw, Thomas, & Co. wholesale ironmongers and hardware merchants, and at 15 & 16 Kennedy's-lane and 81 Mid. Abbey-st.; works, Clonskeagh (see advertisement), 50l.

6 O'Keeffe, Jas. merchant tailor, 25l.

7 Wright, Nathan, linendraper, importer of umbrella mountings and japanned linens, 37l.

here Prince-of- Wales-court intersects

8 Byrne, John, haberdasher &, draper, 28l.

9 O'Callaghan, John M. baker, 33l.

10 Wilson, Sarah, linendraper, 36l.

11 Connor, Michael, confectioner, 29l.

here Bolton-court intersects

12 Groom, Saml. H. prov. dealer, 28l.

13 Miller, James S. basketmaker and alva marine stores, and No. 12, 26l.

14 Johnson, Ronald, boot & shoe warehouse, 32l.

15 Fairbairn, Wm. tea and coffee dlr. wine and spirit merchant, 37l.

here Wilme-court intersects

16 Hanson, Thomas H. hosier and general draper, 23l.

17 Preston, Owen, basketmaker and mattress manufacturer, and 54 Fish amble-street. 32l.

18 Gain, William, clothier, 27l.

19 Conlan, James, chandler and tobacconist, 22l.

20 Ward, Peter, wholes. stationer, 22l.

21 Mullen, John Bessett, auctioneer, clog manufac. and boot and shoe warehouse, 38l.

22 Ruins, 33l.

here Werburgh-st. & Fishamble-st. intersect

23 Vacant, 60l.

24 and 25 Crotty, James, wholesale stay manufacturer, 42l., 90l.

Christ Church Cathedral—Hon. & Very Rev. H. Pakenham, dean; James Elliott, verger

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