SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Grafton-street to Clarendon-row.

P. St. Anne.—Royal Exchange W.—City.

1 Hanlon, William, victualler 20l.

„ Groom, S. H. Italian warehouse

2 Kennedy, Michael, victualler, 25l.

3 Chappe, Henry, Italian wareho, 25l.

4 Byrne, John, provision dealer, 25l.

5 O'NeiLl, John, victualler, 25l.

6 Harris, Thos. tavern-keeper, 20l.

7 Ivers, Charles, victualler, 21l.

8 Heyfron, James, provision deal. 22l.

9 Killeen, Patrick, victualler, 24l.

10 Keegan, James, victualler, and 8 Chatham-row, 24l.

11 M'Donough, Michael, victualler, 23l.

12 Dillon, Ed. A. gen. brush manuf. 18l.

13 Rainsford, George, victualler, 18l.

„ Reilly, Michael, victualler, 6l.

14 White, J. provision dealer, 26l.

here Clarendon-row and Clarendon-street intersect.

B Division Police Station—William Campbell, super. Lr. Castle yd. 15l.

15 Clarke, Patk. boot & shoe mkr. 12l.

16 Goss, John, provision dealer, 18l.

17 Byrne, James, gro. & spirit dlr. 24l.

here Pitt-street intersects

18 Meany, James, lodgings, 22l.

19 Vacant. 20l.

here Chatham-lane intersects

20 Cluskey, Patrick, poulterer, 22l.

21 Lambert, Brien, & Co., stores

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