Charles-street, Great

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Mountjoy-sq. to Richmond-place.

P. St. George.—Mountjoy W.—City.

1 Wainright, William, esq. 25l.

2 D'Arcy, Mrs. Belinda, 27l.

3 Frizell, Rev. Richard, a.m., curate of St. Thomas's Church, 25l.

here Mountjoy-court intersects

4 Vacant, 33l.

5 Jordan, Charles Bourke, solicitor, and Thornhill, co. Mayo. 34l.

6 Todd, Andrew, esq. 33l.

7 Mooney, Mrs. 33l.

8 Vacant, 33l.

9 Hunter, James, esq. 26l.

here Summer-place intersects

10 Stewart, James, professor in the Catholic University, 32l.

11 King, Rev. R. B. 31l.

12 Shegog, Wellington, solicitor, and agent to the Life Association of Scotland Assurance Co. and Fair-street, Drogheda, 34l.

13 Brook, Mrs. G. 34l.

14 Foley, Joseph Wm. solicitor, 34l.

here Rutland-street. Upper, intersects

15 and 16 Building ground

17 Drummond, The Misses, 23l.

„ Drummond, W. Bruce, esq.

18 Kidd, George, solicitor, 24l.

„ Loughnan, John, solicitor

„ Feehan, James, solicitor

19 Sutton, Mrs. 25l.

20 Adams, Mrs. 25l.

21 Dillon, Andrew G. esq. and Chief Secretary's office, 25l.

22 Archer, W. H. W. esq. 35l.

„ Archer, Skeffington S. esq.

23 Devitt, Richard J. esq. 32l.

24 Wallis, John, esq. 32l.

25 Higginbotham, Mrs. Catherine, 32l.

26 Nichol, Allen, esq. & 20 Eden-qy. 32l.

27 Ryan, W. H. esq. 32l.

„ Ryan, Mrs.

28 Ingham, Mrs. 32l.

29 Cashell, Mrs. 32l.

30 Wilkie, Henry, esq. secretary, Census Commission, 32l.

31 Dillon, John, esq. 32l.

„ Kearney, Francis, sol. & Limerick

„ Lynch, Patk. solicitor, & Limerick

„ Doyle, Danl. solicitor, and Limerick

„ Morony, Michl. solicitor, and Rathkeale

„ MacEgan, Darius, solr. & Galway

„ Potter, Jas Barry solicitor, & Ennis

„ Kenny, Michael, solicitor, Miltown Malbay and Kilrush

„ Downing, Francis C. solr. & Tralee

„ O'Connell, Chas. solicitor, & Ennis

„ Downing, Fras. Hy. sol. & Killarney

„ O'Donovan, Jno. sol. and Rathkeale

32 Mullins, Robt. F. ll.d. bar. 26l.

33 M'Dermott, Mrs. 20l.

here Richmond-place intersects

34 to 49 Building ground

Free Church—Rev. J. Hare, chaplain, 8 Mountjoy-place; Rev. Wm. Phipps, assistant curate, 30 Upper Gloucester-street

50 St. Leger, John G. solicitor, 36l.

51 Cherry, Robert William, solicitor, and Waterford, 37l.

52 O'Sullivan, F. Mortimer, esq. 39l.

53 Walker, William, esq. 36l.

here Charles-lane, Great, intersects

58 Reynolds, Alderman John, j.p. 10 Fleet-street, and Adragoole, Kiltormer, county Galway, 52l.

„ Reynolds, John Charles, solicitor

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