SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Charlemont-st. Lr. to Harcourt-ter.

P. St. Peter.—Fitzwilliam W.—City.

1 Edwards, George, draper, valued in Charlemont-st.

2 Harvey, Brothers, tea and coffee dealers, 52l.

3 Daniel, M'Namara Edward, house painter & window-glass wareh. 25l.

4 Carroll, Mrs. Barbara, board and lodging house, 24l.

5 Davis, Mrs. Jane, 25l.

6 Clibborn, Miss Anne, 25l.

7 Petrie, George, esq. ll.d. 25l.

8 M'Cook, Daniel M. esq. 25l.

9 Bryan, George, esq. 24l.

10 Bayley, Mr. Peter, 19l.

11 Walker, Mr. Henry, 19l.

12 Medcalf, Rev. David, 22l.

13 Usher, Beverly, agent to Cairnes of Drogheda, and to the Imperial Insur. Co. & 52 Abbey-st. mid. 21l.

14 Alcock. Robt. stationmast. in Dublin and Wicklow Railway Co. 14l.

15 Railway

16 Bentley, William, accountant, 20l.

„ Bentley, Miss Sarah

17 M'Allister, James, architect, 25l.

„ M'Allister, Edward, architect

„ Clifford, Edward J. Lieutenant 2nd Royal Lanark Militia

18 Horner, Roger, merchant, 25l.

19 Arthur, Mrs. Jane, 28l.

„ M'Comb, William, esq.

20 Taylor, Mrs. 28l.

„ Browne, Mrs.

21 Bennett, Richard Bergin, bar. 28l.

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