Charlemont Mall

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

Grand Canal.

From Richmond-st. to Charlemont-st.

P. St. Peter.—Fitzwilliam W.—City.

here La Touche Bridge crosses the Grand Canal to Rathmines-road.

1 Lawler, Patrick, vintner, [valued as 31 Richmond-st.]

„ Lawler, Mrs. William

2 Dennehy, Mrs. Anne, 26l.

3 Moss, Mrs. Teresa, 29l.

4 Burne, Mrs. Sarah, 28l.

5 Smyth, Laurence, esq. 28l.

6 Ferguson, D.C. architect & c.e. 28l.

7 Vacant, 30l.

8 Meares, Mrs. Margaret, 31l.

9 Walsh, George, esq. 28l.

10 Pike, the Misses, 28l.

11 Scott, Mrs. Anne, 27l.

12 Gelston, John, esq. 21l.

13 Butler, Miss, boarding-house, 44l.

14 Rochfort, George B. esq. 48l.

„ Rochfort, Miss Susan

15 Fivey, Robert, esq. 18l.

16 Keatinge, Mrs Amelia, 27l.

17 Bagot, Charles, esq. and Kilcoursey house, King's co. j.p. for said co. 27l.

„ Bagot, Charles Emilius, m.d. l.k. and q.c.p.i.

„ Bagot, John T. barrister

18 Barry, Michael Francis, esq. 25l.

19 Marshall, John, agent, 25l.

20 Tenements, 10l.

21 Grant, Henry, profes. of music, 5l.10s.

22 Wainright, Mrs. 9l.

23 and 24 Tenements, 2l., 3l.

25 Valued with 42 Charlemont-street

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