SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Werburgh-street to Cork-hill.

P. St. Werburgh.—1 to 13 and 16 to 42 Wood-quay W. 14 and 15 Royal Exchange W.—City.

A Pillar Letter-box opposite the Castle steps.

1 Roche, Michael, tallow chandlr. 22l.

2 O'Connor, David, tailor, 8l.

3 Tenements, 25l.

4 Quintan, Jos. wholes. portmanteau, trunk, & packing-case manuf. 30l.

5 Lindsay, Robert, trunkmaker, 25l.

6 Maher, Teresa, leather seller, 25l.

7 and 8 Walker, James, & Co. steam machine printers, wholesale paper merchants, and paper bag manufacturers, 75l.

Entrance to St. Werburgh's Female School

9 Rorke, James, tailor, 23l.

10 Holmes, George, bootmaker, and 1 Earl street, north, 33l.

11 Mayne, Thomas, genl. draper, 35l.

12 Ceppi, Peter, picture dealer, 38l.

13 Murray, Laur. wire worker, 19l.

here Garter-court intersects

here the Castle steps intersect

14 and 15 La Touche's Bank, 180l.

„ Hannan, Ben. B. esq.

European Life Insurance and Annuity Co.—Thos. Finlay, esq. agent

here Cork-hill and entrance to the Castle intersect.

16 Hibernian Joint Stock Bank, and 14 Cork-hill—Wm. O'Brien Butler, esq. secretary, 240l.

17 Millar & Beatty, carpet & oil-cloth warehouse, and 10 and 18 Dame-street, 30l.

18 Sibthorpe, H. and Son, painters, decorators, importers of window and plate glass, agents to the Plate Glass Co. and Maw and Co.'s encaustic tiles, and 11 & 12 Cork-hill, 50l.

19 Hanrick, J. and T. soap mers. 30l.

20 Ledwidge, Fras. wholesale looking-glass and brush manufacturer, 30l.

21 Owens, Wm., wholesale and retail boot and shoe manufacturer, 30l.

22 and 23 Morrison, Hugh, & Son, hat manufacturers, and Belgrave-sq. Rathmines, 97l.

here Pembroke-court intersects

24 Talbot, Jas. fancy box maker,

25 and 26 Saunders, James, leather warehouse

27 & 28 Lenehan, E. leather mer. 44l.

29 Dalton, Patk. boot & shoemk. 25l.

30 Stewart, James, and Sons, carvers, gilders, & picture frame manuf. 23l.

here Temple-court intersects

31 Gilligan, Jas. boot & shoe mkr. 22l.

32 Joze, J. C. chemist, druggist, and perfumer, 34l.

33 Carleton, Richard, wholesale and retail ladies' boot and shoe warehouse, and 38 Westmorland-st.—res. Enderly, Sweetmount, Dundrum, 71l.

34 Hulbert, Elizabeth, stationer, 25l.

„ Warmington, Mr. John

35 Green, Jas. and Co. wholesale tea, wine, and spirit mers.—residence, Merrion-avenue, Blackrock, 76l.

„ Green, James V. merchant 3 Upper Prince Edward ter. Blackrock

36 Brown, Thomas, tobacconist, 30l.

37 Manning, Wm. boot maker, 20l.

38 Andrews, Patk. and Co. hat manuf. and 40 Main-street, Bray 20l.

39 Tenements, 20l., 18l.

40 Patteson, John, shoemaker

41 Doyle, William, leather wareh. 13l.

42 Walsh, Michl. provision warehouse, hide, feather, and wool mercht.—stores, Hide Crane, Bonham st. 26l.

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