SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Summer-hill to North-strand.

P. St. Thomas.—Mountjoy W.—City.

1 Murray, Patrick, grocer, tea, wine, & spirit dealer, valued with No. 1 Lr. Summer-hill

2 Hughes, James, provsn. dealr. 24l.

3 Coleman, Mrs. Margaret, 17l.

4 Smyth, Mrs. 14l.

5 Furness, Robert, esq. 16l.

6 Hall, Samuel, esq. 17l.

7 Hamilton, Thomas, solicitor, 18l.

„ Hamilton, Thomas, esq. jun.

„ Hamilton, Stewart Fred. esq.

8 Fleming, John, esq. 23l.

9 M'Cabe, Marg. lodging house, 20l.

10 Griffen, Mr. William, Examiner's office, Customs, 14l.

11 Fenton, Miss, and Martello terrace, Bray, 18l.

12 O'Connor, Mr. John, 10l.

13 Richardson, Mr. 10l.

14 Richardson, Mr. Effingham L. 10l.

„ Richardson, Mr. Robert C.

15 Colbourn, Mr. Francis, 12l.

16 Corporation Depot—Mr. J. Kinsella, weighmaster and storekeeper, 22l.

Limeworks, Donovan, Henry

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