SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Ormond-quay, Lr. to Bolton-street.

P. St. Mary.—1 to 60, and 150 to 169

North City W. 61 to 84 Rotunda W. 85 to 149 Inns-quay W.—City.

Pillar Letter-box, near the European Hotel.

1 Chambers, Jn. jn. printer, stationer, and account-book manufac. 84l.

„ O'Neill, Louis Gordon, solicitor, and Cullenswood park

„ Kelly, Ignatius, solic. & Castlebar

2 Norman, T. hat manufacturer, 46l.

„ Brabazon, C. F. solicitor, and 52 Leinster-road, Rathmines

3 Pemberton, Benj. boot and shoe warehouse, and 8 Henry-st. 46l.

4 & 5 North, Jas. ironmgr. 43l., 48l.

6 M'Cabe, Terence, Howard Arms tavern, 40l.

here Strand-street, Great, intersects….

7 Smith, Henry N. agent for Smith & Wellstood, Columbia stove wks. patent American stove and range manufacturers, 54l.

8 Preston, Robert, gutta percha shoe warehouse, 50l.

9 Richardson, Thomas, & Son, booksellers, publishers, printers, and stationers, 65l.

„ M'Kenny, Tully, solicitor, and 7 Palmerston-place

10 Williams, William, stationer and bookseller, 42l.

Post Office Receiver and Money Order Office—Wm. Williams, receiver

11 Hogan, Edmond, watchmaker and jeweller, 46l.

12 Skellern, Miss, cloth cap manufacturer, 38l.

13 Egan, Catherine, confectioner, 40l.

11 Rossborough, John, hosier and shirtmaker, 36l.

„ Rossborough, Miss Margaret, dress warerooms

15 Vacant, 36l.

16 Butler, George, wholesale & retail ironmonger, kitchen-range, grate window glass, cement, and room paper warehouse, 105l.

17 Long, Fras. printer & stationer, 45l.

18 and 19 Kennedy, Ignatius I. wholesale leather merchant, and manufacturer—residence, Clonliffe-parade, 45l., 30l.

20 Judge, Mary, vintner, 50l.

here Abbey-street, Upper, intersects

21 Murray, John, mercht. tailor, 50l.

22 Noble, John, wholesale and retail leather warehouse, 40l.

23 Abraham, John, wax and tallow chandler, 40l.

24 Pearson, Richd. gen. ironmongery, brush, and cutlery wareho.—res. Eagleville, Strandville, Clontarf, 46l.

25 O'Brien, John, chemist and druggist, 46l.

26 Gibbs, Wm. watchmaker, & jewellery warehouse, 38l.

27 Mooney, Patrick, tobacconist, 48l.

„ Bird, E. wholesale and retail cap warehouse

28 Shea, John, m.d. medical estab. 46l.

29 Marlow, Arthur, engraver, lithographer, letter-press printer, and account-book manufacturer, 32l.

30 Lalleman, Teresa, haberdashery and fancy warehouse, 38l.

31 Chargois, Adolphe, French basket manufactory, 38l.

32 Walsh, Joseph, confectioner and sugar boiler, 38l.

33 White, Mrs. linen draper, haberdashery, & hosiery warehouse, 50l.

31, 35, & 36 Edmundson, Joshua, & Co. house-furnishing ironmongers, gas fitters, brass and iron founders, and gas engineers, &c, and 49, 50, & 51 Stafford-st. 60l., 63l., 63l.

„ Edmundson, Mrs. Mary

34, 35, & 36 Wigham, J. R. esq.—res. 11 Trafalgar-terrace, Monkstown

„ Wigham, Henry, esq.—res. 50 Leinster-road, Rathmines

37 Vacant, 66l.

38 Skelding, M. trimming wareho. 38l.

„ Conroy, John, solicitor, a.b.., t.c.d. & Annesley cottage, North strand

39 Lanigan, Charles, bootmaker 34l.

The Standard Tea Company—John Becker, manager

40 Henderson, Wm. wholesale and retail lozenge & comfit manuf. 32l.

41 Vacant, 30l.

42 Jackson, Eliza, haberdashery and stay warehouse, 40l.

here Mary-street intersects

43 Dwyer, Jas. jun. gen. purveyor, 36l.

44 Quinn, Peter, confectioner, 38l.

45 M'Elroy, Thomas, & Co. seed merchants—stores, Jervis-lane, 52l.

„ M'Elroy, Thomas, seed merchant

46 Vacant, 35l.

46 ½ Tenements, 28l.

47 Hudson, G. carpenter & builder, 45l.

48 Altman, Moritz, cap and trimmings manufacturer, 56l.

49 Tenements, 21l.

50 Bailie, Robert, tobacconist, 50l.

51 & 52 Smithson, John, importer and manufacturer of soaps, candles, tallow, lard, &c.—factory and stores, Jervis-lane, 20l., 48l.

„ Smithson, John, esq.—res. Cloragh cottage, Whitechurch

„ Smithson, T. W. esq.

53 Robinson, Wm. wholesale lozenge and comfit manufacturer, 40l.

54 Mongey, Lawrence, baker, 42l.

55 Shannon, B. & Co. seed merchts. 44l.

56 M'Kernan, Patk. law and general stationer, printer, and account book manufacturer, 30l.

57 Moore, Hugh, wholesale druggist, and Cremorne, Rathgar, 66l.

58 Lambe, Henry, general fruit merchant and commission agents-office & stores, Anglesea mar. 45l.

59 Sharpley, Arthur, & Co. wholesale grocers, tea, wine, & spirit mers. 54l.

„ Sharpley, Arthur, coal merchant

60 Smith, Margaret, prov. dealer, 28l.

here Britain-street, Great, intersects

61 Holehan, Edward, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 38l.

62 Wilson, John, wholesale saddler and ironmonger, 24l.

63 O'Reilly, Jos. ornamental carver and gilder, and stationer, &c. 24l.

64 and 65 Home Hotel, William Cleary, proprietor, 28l., 36l.

66 Hughes, Luke C. esq. 23l.

„ Watters, Thomas, solicitor

„ Kighron, Joseph, solicitor

„ Tucker, Charles, dentist

„ Blundell, Miss, dressmaker

„ Byrne, Miss, dressmaker

67 Phillips, Thos, boot & shoemak. 22l.

here Ryder's-row & Loftus-lane intersect.

68 Hawkins, J. carriage lamp mf. 33l.

69 M'Carthy, Edgar, medical establishment, 38l.

70 Flanery, A. chair & sofamaker, 36l.

71 Heron, Mrs. Eleanor, 32l.

72 Forrest, Thomas, upholsterer, 28l.

„ Brierly, George, clogmaker,

73 Campbell, Mr. William, 26l.

„ Fitzgerald, James, solicitor

74 West, Edward, gas fitter, brass founder, plumber, and lamp manufac. to Maynooth College, 33l.

75 Kavanagh, Charles, tailor and draper, 32l.

76 Espy, W. general printing-office, 32l.

„ Holland Geo. pianoforte tuner and repairer

77 Byrne, James J. cabinet maker, 30l.

78 & 79 Old Northern and commercial hotel, Wm. Cullen, prop. each 15l.

80 Tenements, 19l.

81 Fegan, John, boot & shoemkr. 21l.

82 M'Cartan, Catherine, confectr. 20l.

83 Tenements, 15l.

84 Tynan, Francis, news agent and stationer, 14l.

here Bolton-street intersects

85 Oddie, David, clog maker, 9l.

86 Moone, Patrick, prov. dealer, and 3 M'Carthy's buildings, Cabra, 23l.

87 Conolly, P. leather seller, 28l.

88 Tenements, 20l.

89 Eustace, Wm. brass founder and gas fitter 23l.

90 Bigger, John L. cutler, 20l.

90 Gibbons, Patrick, law agent

91 Tenements, 16l.

92 Wilson, James, gunmaker, 22l.

93 Hobbs, Edward, bookbinder, 18l.

94 Bourke, Patrick, wholesale and retail grocer, 28l.

95 M'Mahon, James, coal factor, 32l.

96 O'Connor, Patrick, tea and wine merchant, 48l.

97 Ennis, E. A. sol. Sandycove-av. 45l.

„ Boyd, Wm. builder, and Limerick

„ Mallet, Robt. civil engineer, f.r.s.

98 Brown and Polson, starch manufacturers, 44l.

„ Baker, Simpson, and Co. biscuit manufacturers

„ Graham, Wm. commission agent

99 Allingham, John and James, tea and wine merchants, 60l.

100 Christie, Grieve, & Co. engravers & lithographers, & 65 Phibsborough-road, 33l.

101 Metropolitan Police Office Court, 80l.

„ Stronge, John Calvert, chief magistrate of police courts, and 27 Merrion-square, north

„ O'Donnell, Joseph Wm. barrister, and 7 Belvidere-place

„ Pemberton, Frederick, chief clerk, and Clonsilla, co. Dublin

102 Swan P. W. and Co. lithographic printers, 37l.

„ Lore, Prosper, hatter

103 Caulfield, Chas. M. brushmkr. 34l.

„ M'Cully, Alexander, solicitor, and 7 Leeson-street, upper

„ Glenny, Matthew, solicitor

„ Suffern, John, solicitor

104 Dutch, Sam. tobacco and cigar manufactory, 38l.

105 Doran, Begg, and Hughes, wine, tea, and gen. merchants; agents to Messrs. Lemon, Hart, and Son, wine & spirit merchts. London, 50l.

106 Mackenzie, Angus, plumber, gas fitter, brass founder, and lamp manufacturer, 50l.

107 Burgess, Thos. upholsterer and cabinet maker, 40l.

„ O'Meara, Denis P. solicitor and proctor, Court of Admiralty, 30 Leinster road, Rathmines, and Naas, co. Kildare

108 Flanagan, John, pawnbroker, 50l.

109 Walsh, L. Joseph, wholesale and retail grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 40l.

here Britain-street, Little, intersects….

110 Fitzpatrick, Clara, wholesale wine and spirit merchant, and export porter dealer, 48l.

111 Ryan, T. hairdresser & perf. 38l.

112 and 113 Russell, John Norris, and Sons, merchants, 48l., 50l.

114 and 115 Kerr, J. Worcester china, cut glass, lamp, & oil merchant to Her Majesty and the Lord Lieutenant, and 4 Anglesea-row—res. Strandville ho. Clontarf, 45l., 34l.

116 Connolly, P. lithographer, engrav. printer, and seal cutter, 80l.

117 Rooney, Edward, saddler and harness maker, 31l.

118 Rawlinson, Hy. agent for Grover and Baker's sewing machines, 31l.

119 and 120 Farrell, F. & Son, seed merchants—nursery, Richmond & Clonturk, 90l.

„ Farrell, Michael, esq. & Ellenfield, Drumcondra

„ Farrell, Edward, barrister, and Ellenfield, Drumcondra

„ Farrell, John, esq. and Ellenfield, Drumcondra

„ Farrell, Charles, esq. & Ellenfield, Drumcondra

121 M'Master, Messrs. & Co. wholesale druggists, 90l.

„ M'Master, Maxwell, esq. and Garville, Rathgar

„ Hodgson, Edward M. esq. and 19 Garville-avenue

122 M'Owen, J. and P. cabinetmakers, upholsterers, & house agents, 60l.

123 Beahan, John, leather merchant and wholesale shoe dealer, 56l.

124 Summers, John, & Co. bakers and butter merchants, 42l.

125 Fitzgerald, Patrick, dining coffee rooms, 35l.

126 & 127 Levy, George, city tavern and concert hall, 50l., 48l.

128 M'Gauran, John, vintner, and 32 Westland-row, 44l.

here Mary-street, Little, intersects

129, 130, and 131 Fortune, & Co. wine and spirit merchants 100l.

132 and 133 Ruins

134 Stibbe, David, general dealer, 33l.

135 Scots Church—Rev. William B. Kirkpatrick, minister; Rev. John Hall, assistant-minister

Mary's Abbey Boys' School—Robert Richmond, t.c.d. master

Mary's Abbey Female School—Mrs. M'Dowell, mistress

136 Douglas, William, linen draper and silk mercer, 44l.

137 Early, Michael, clothier, 35l.

138 Boland, Patrick, baker, barm brewer, and confectioner, 50l.

139 O'Reilly, John Charles, stationer and general printer, 44l.

140 M'Neill, John, military musical instrument maker, 40l.

141 Coyne, Catherine, printer and bookseller to the R. C. College of St. Patrick, Maynooth, &c. 29l.

142 White, William, apothecary, and coroner for the city, 28l.

„ White, William D. esq.

143 Corrigan, Mary, cloth cap and umbrella maker, 26l.

144 Southwell, Jas. cloth cap mk. 36l.

145 Madden, Wm. & T. S. Black, hairdressers and perfumers, bar wig and robe makers, 40l.

146 O'Brien, James, bootmaker, 38l.

147 and 148 Smith, Thos. ironmonger, cabinet brassfounder, coach-furnishing mer. & screw bolt maker—factory, Meeting-house-le.; metal store, 4 Stafford-st. each 38l.

149 Wilson, Gerald Robert, grocer, and 1 Mary's-abbey, 42l.

here Mary's-abbey intersects

150 and 151 Kennedy, James & Chas. rectifying distillers 52l., 40l.

„ Kennedy, Charles, sen. esq. and Kellystown, Clonsilla

„ Kennedy, Chas. jun. esq. & Kellystown, Clonsilla

„ Kennedy, James, esq. and Kellystown, Clonsilla

„ Kennedy, Patrick, merchant, and Brookville, Raheny

152 O'Callaghan, J.M. flour bakery, 38l.

153 Smith, Henry, coach furnishing ironmonger, brass founder, gen. iron works, billiard ball maker, and gunpowder agent 38l.

154 Johnston & Co. bakers, & Ball's-bridge, 38l.

155 Vacant, 60l.

156 Ganly, Peter, clothier, 48l.

157 Murphy, Malachi, confectioner, sugar boiler, and machine lozenge manufacturer, 48l.

158 Cannon, John, photographer, 33l.

159 Reilly, Robert, merchant tailor, draper, clothier, and general outfitter, 38l.

160 Flannery, Dan. general ironmongery and hardware merchant, 50l.

161 Pawnbrokers sale room, Rotunda division—Bentley, W. W. and J. auctioneers and valuators, and Stephen's-green divisional auction rooms, and 12 Wood-quay—resid. 3 Oakland Villa, Old Rathgar road, 56l.

„ Weekes, Richard, tobacconist

162 Dungan, Thomas, leather & gutta percha boot & shoe manufacr. 40l.

163 Allen, J. saw and tool maker, 36l.

164 Farrelly, James, clothier, 36l.

here Strand-street, Little, intersects

165 and 166 Green, Timothy, wine and spirit merchant, and Greenmount, Clonsilla, each 32l.

167 M'Nulty, Christopher, clothier, 36l.

168 Gillis, Edward F. wine and spirit dealer, 25l.

169 Kane, Patrick, pawnbroker's sale shop 22l.

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