SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Store-street to Gloucester-street. Lr.

P. St. Thomas.—North Dock W.—City.

1 Rollins, Hugh, Dock hotel & tavern

2, 3, and 4 Power, Wm, flour stores, retail department, and miller

5 to 8 Tenements, 7l. to 9l.

9 Kane, Mr. James, 14l.

10 Morgan, John, forage stores, 10l.

11 M'Dermott, Thomas, hotel, 20l.

12 Jones, Peter, ship and commission agent, and 29 Eden-quay, 22l.

13 Cullen, Daniel, Belfast commercial hotel, 28l.

14 & 15 Chalmers, J. forage stores, hay and straw compressor, 20l.

16 M'Intyre, John, coffee ho. 15l. 10s.

17 Fellingham, Richard, tobacconist and bootmaker

here Talbot-street intersects

18 to 27 Building ground

28 Lawler, Patrick, confectioner

„ Hammond, A. & N. contractors & builders, and Sheep house quarries, Drogheda

„ Hammond, Arthur, contractor and builder, & Sheep house, Drogheda

„ Hammond, Nicholas, contractor & builder, and 7 Harrington street

29 Building ground

30 North Star hotel—James Carolin, proprietor, 38l.

31 and 82 M'Neill, Daniel, general smith and gate manufacturer, 12l.

33 Clinton, Michl. board and lodging house, 8l.

34 Crelly, Laurence, prov. dealer, 8l.

35 Dillon, Mrs. board & lodging ho. 27l.

36 Building ground, 8l.

36 ½ Tenements

37 Carpenter, Teresa, hay, oats, &c., dealer, 5l. 10s.

38 Reichardt, Rev. Louis C. curate of St. Paul's, and 31 Prussia st. 20l.

39 Ladden, Jno. grocer & tobacconist, 7l.

40 Murphy, Jeffrey, watchmaker, 12l.

41 Barry, Mrs. Julia, 12l.

42 Downing, Hannah, private lodging house, 12l.

43 Morgan, The Misses, manufacturing confectioners, 18l.

„ Morgan, Felix, agent, &c.

44 Hanlon, Richard, victualler, 11l.

45 O'Neill, Mrs. Cath. hotel & tav. 23l.

46 Dublin and Drogheda Railway hotel—James Gilligan, proprietor, 33l.

here Montgomery-street and Buckingham-street intersect.

47 M'Manus, Jno. vintr. Albert ho. 22l.

48 Howard, Miss Mary, 13l.

49 Kiernan, J. grocer, 22l.

50 Prenter, Edw. com. salesman, 19l.

51 Rigney, John Wm. surgeon, 19l.

52 Grant, John, bookseller, 23l.

53 Boshell, Thomas, housepainter, 18l.

54 M'Kee, Robert, cooper, 14l.

55 M'Keever, Patrick, woollen draper, silk mercer, hatter, &c. 34l.

56 Winder, Fredk. gen. draper, 16l.

„ Winder, Mrs. F. dressmaker

57 Moore, Michael James, surgeon, apothecary, l.r.c.s.e., l.r.c.p.e., l.s.a.i. 29l.

58 Burke, Miss Mary, 29l.

59 Macartney, Miss, 29l.

60 Wheatley, Robert, cabinetmkr. 29l.

61 Macreary, William, esq. 28l

62 Crosby, Thos. shipping master, 27l.

63 Briscoe, Henry, draper, 29l.

64 M'Mullen, Mr. John, 29l.

„ M'Mullen, Mrs. Maria

65 Tallon, Fellingham Edwd. A. jun. merchant and military tailor, 28l.

66 O'Connor, John, esq. 22l.

„ Loughrey, Wm. building surveyor

67 Twemlow, H. civil engineer and surveyor, 21l.

68 Unthank, Mrs. Mary G. 24l.

69 M'Veigh, J. esq. 24l.

70 Ballard, J. G. commerc. traveller, 24l.

71 Hobart, F. A. esq. g.p.o. 24l.

72 Cahill, Wm. commercial travlr. 24l.

73 Courtney, T. G. esq. 24l.

74 Keegan, Mrs. Isabella, 24l.

„ Harte, Emor, solicitor

75 Callaghan, Jas. W. esq. g.p.o. 26l.

76 Asbury, Thomas, engineer, 26l.

77 and 78 Building ground

79 Whittle, Jos. provision dealer, 20l.

80 Brady, John, grocer and provision and spirit dealer

here Glo'ster-st. Low. & Seville-pl. intersect.

81 Porteous, Samuel, printer, 13l.

82 MacMahon, Hugh, esq. 17l.

83 Sheridan, —, Custom ho. offi. 17l.

84 Lynch, Wm. Custom house officer

85 to 88 Building

89 Murphy, Tim. & Son, builders, 27l.

„ Murphy, Ptk. architect and builder, and 39 Seville-place

„ Murphy, Timothy John, builder

90 Farrington, Rev. M. P.P. 24l.

91 Parks, Miss Mary, 24l.

92 Haddock, Charles, esq. 24l.

93 Fudge, Robert, master mariner, 24l.

94 Judge, Miss, 24l.

95 Cumming, Jas. esq. superintendent of mail guards, g.p.o. 24l.

96 Lyster, Henry F. esq. 24l.

97 Boyland, John Newton, esq. 27l.

98 Dunne, Michael, builder, 24l.

99 Hackett, James, coach builder and commercial carriage factory, float and farm cart maker, 40l.

99 Leahy, Mr. William

100 Waters, John D. esq. 21l.

„ Waters, Edward D. esq.

101 Ramsay, Mr. Robert, 20l.

102 to 106 Building ground

here Preston-street intersects

107 Rosborough, Alex, builder, 20l.

„ Rosborough, Mr. John W.

108 Curry, Mr. Anthony, 22l.

109 Jones, Mrs. 22l.

here Inkerman-cottages intersect

110 & 111 Cottages, each 7l.

112 O'Callaghan, Rich. M. flour miller and corn merchant, 24l.

113 Brady, J. railway coffee house, 7l.

114 Walsh, H. hairdresser, 7l.

here Halpin's-row intersects

Dublin & Drogheda Railw. Terminus, 760l.

Dublin & Drogheda Railway Company—Josh. Pope Culverwell, secretary, St. Laurence lodge, Sutton, Howth

here the Custom-house docks intersect

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