SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

Beyond Municipal Boundary.

1 and 2 Vacant, 13l., 6l.

3 Thompson, Andrew, esq. 50l.

4 Wallace, Miss, 48l.

5 Johnson, Mrs. Henry, 54l.

6 Sweeny, Mrs. W. 54l.

Burlington House—Arthur Haffield, esq. a.m. accountant in Treasury office, 10l.

7 Kelly, Samuel, civil engineer 54l.

8 Mahon, Chas. esq. treasr. co. Clare, 54l.

9 Tennant, Thomas A. late Colonel 35th Foot, 48l.

10 Dixon, George, esq. 48l.

11 Hemphill, Andrew T. Brigadier-General, 65l.

12 Pollock, Rev. Alex. M. a.m. chaplain to the Magdalen Asylum, Lower Leeson-street 78l.

13 Godwin, John, civil engineer 77l.

14 Maclachlan, Major-Gen. Alex. 77l.

15 Jones, Arnold, merchant, oil and vitriol manufacturer 78l.

16 and 17 Building ground

18 Higginson, Fredk. sea captain, 49l.

19 Manly, Joseph, esq. 53l. 10s.

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