Abbey-street, Middle

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Liffey-street to Sackville-street, Lr.

P. St. Mary, 41 to 63, and 94 to 114.

P. St. Thomas, 64 to 93.—Nth. City W.—City.

41 Farrelly, Philip, prov. dealer, 22l.

42 Kimberley, Fredk. Edwd., artist, 18l.

„ Bradshaw, J. surgical and mechanical dentist

„ Copeland, Mr. James, g.p.o.

43 Byrne, J. furniture warerooms, 20l.

44 O'Donnell, Timothy, cork cutter, 22l.

45 Cox, Nicholas James, tailor, 18l.

„ Brady, Henry, commission agent

46 Tenements, 24l.

47 O'Connor. William, tailor, 25l.

48 Craven, Thos. inspec. of police, 25l.

„ Rice, Thomas, general draper, and 10 Portland place

49 Dennan, John, wine merchant, 55l.

„ Dennan, John, jun. & Co. general merchants and agents, & 55 Lotts

50 Hawkshaw and Nolan, corn and general merchants, 55l.

„ Collum, Archibald, solicitor

„ Dickson, Alexander, solicitor

„ Dickson, Joseph, solicitor

„ M'Colgan, Charles, solicitor

„ M'Connell, Patrick, solicitor

„ Macken, Thomas, solicitor

„ Teevan, Johnston, solicitor

„ Macternan, Laurence, solicitor

„ Clinton, Henry, sol.. and Drogheda

51 Butler & Scott, merchants, 52l.

„ Scott, George, esq.—residence, 70 Gardiner-street, lower

52 Cairnes, William, & Son, brewers, Drogheda ale stores, & 52 Lotts, 54l.

„ Usher, Beverly, agent; also agent for the Imperial Fire Insurance Co.—res. 13 Charlemont-place

„ Webb, Arthur W. solicitor

„ Darcy, Francis J. bookeeper

53 Maguire, Richard, house painter, decorator, and japanner 26l.

54 Ryan, John G. & Co. wholesale stationers, 75l.

„ Ryan, Mr. J. Godfrey

„ Ryan, Mr. Edward, Grosvenor-square, Rathmines

55 Kiernan, Thomas, solicitor, Clerk of the Crown for co. Leitrim, 40l.

„ Reynolds, Edward, solicitor

56 Vacant, 60l.

57 De Martelly & Co. Emile and Alphonse, commission agents, 30l.

„ Cresswell, John, brass founder, gas fitter, and water-closet manufac.

58 Burke, Edward F. wine merchant, and 46 Lotts—residence, 12 North Great George's-street, 55l.

59 Lambert, Mrs. 37l.

„ Robinson, Robert Swinburne, auctioneer and appraiser, house, land, employment, and general agent, glaziers' diamond merchant, bottle merchant. & agent for the Northern Counties Plate Glass Insurance Co.

60 Roche, Wm. & Co. wine merchants, agents to Hine and Co. and P. H. Roussac, Bordeaux, for brandy; to Tetley and Son, Leeds, for Ales; and to the Eagle Life Insurance of London, 56l.

„ Hamilton, Henry Alexander, esq.

„ Purcell, Tobias, solicitor

61 Charles, James, printer, and Donnycarney cottage, 37l.

Irish Ecclesiastical Gazette office

„ Sanders, Jn. Rbt. sol. proprietor of the Irish Land Schedule and Landed Estates Advertiser—res. 3 Clanbrassil terrace

„ Clare, John, wine merchant

62 Snow, Thomas, wine merchant to the Lord Lieutenant, agent to the Royal Naval & Military Life Insurance Co. London; Brazilian and Mexican Consul, & to the Republic of New Grenada—res. Sandymount Park, Sandymount, 60l.

„ Christian, James C. sol.. and Sligo

„ Cassidy, Robert, sol.. and Belfast

„ Lyle, Robert, solicitor

„ Egan, M. doctor

63 Joyce, Mary, dressmaker, 45l.

64 Clarke, Matthew, wine cooper and spirit broker, 40l.

„ Henry, David W. wine merchant

„ Wigan, Edw. Lewis, wine and spirit merch. & gen. commission agent, and agent to Wm. Younger & Co. Abbey Brewery, Edinburgh

65 Barry, Norton, & Co. corn and malt factors, and general commission merchants, 48l.

„ Barry, John Edmond, merchant, and 16 Dominick-street, lower

„ Norton, Patrick R. merchant, and 8 Dominick-street, lower

„ Bradshaw, Samuel, solicitor

„ Stanley, John, solicitor

„ Young, Samuel, solicitor

66 Bass, Ratcliff, & Gretton, brewers, and Burton-on-Trent, 42l.

67 Evans, T. H. & Co. wholesale tea dealers and gen. merchants, 50l.

„ Goodbody, T. P. & R. & Co. tobacco and snuff manufacturers, and Tullamore

„ Langan, John, solicitor, and Summerville-terrace, Nth. Circular-rd.

„ Jones, John, tea merchant, and Sandymount avenue

68 Burroughs, Henry Fras. solicitor, and Ballyroan, Rathfarnham, 52l.

„ Boxwell, Samuel, solicitor

„ Christie, Sanderson, merchant and general agent

„ Mathews, Edward, solicitor, and La Mancha, Malahide

„ Belcher, John T. sol.. and Bandon

69 Vacant, 35l.

70 Henry, Wm. esq. Woodleypark, 60l.

„ Henry, Wm. jun. wine and foreign spirit merchant; stores, Lotts

„ Williamson, John Mallet, solicitor

„ Barker, Richard, solicitor

„ Barker, Richard O. solicitor

71 Rambaut, M. and Son, wine merchants, 37l.

„ Rambaut, Fredk. R. agent, and Leeson park, Leeson street

„ Kift, Thomas, sol. and land agent, master extraordinary in Chancery, and commissioner of affidavits in the English law courts—res. Minnow-brook, Dundrum

„ Barnes, P. P. civil engineer

72 Ruins

73 Abbey-street Bakery—Robert Baskin, proprietor, 36l.

74 M'Cann, Patrick, patent metal sash maker and glass stainer, 36l.

„ M'Cann, Mrs. dress & mantle mkr.

75 Gaynor, James, cork manufac. 27l.

here William's-row intersects

76 The O'Donohoe hotel and tavern—Joseph Goyder, proprietor; and Bailey hotel and tavern, Howth, 27l.

here Sackville-st. Lower, intersects

77 Smyth, Peter, & Co. house, land, & general agents

„ Smyth, Peter, 65 Lr.Dominick street

78 Ryan, Bros, grocers, tea, wine, and spirit mer. and tobacconists, and 93 and 94 Britain-street, 43l.

79 Spain, John, rectifying distiller, and general merch.—residence, Erith-lodge, Irishtown-strand, 33l.

80 Simonton, David, Collegiate, Nautical, & Mercantile Institute, 34l.

81 Henshaw, Thomas, & Co. general ironmongers, and railway and drainage tool manufacturers, Clonskeagh ironworks, and 5 Christchurch-pl. (see advertisement) 48l.

„ Henshaw, Thomas, merchant

82 Vacant, 40l.

83 Telford, Richardson, tea merch. 63l.

„ Peyton, Randle, solicitor

„ Peyton, William Henry, solicitor

Penny Despatch office

84 North, James H. house, land, and general agent—res. Nutgrove Park, Sandymount, 32l.

„ Burke, William J. corn and spirit merch.—res. Everton, Roundtown

85 Kellett, Rich., house, land, & gen. agency off.; res. 5 Berkeley-st. 35l.

„ Wetherall, William, solicitor

„ Bourke, Robert Paget, solicitor

„ Jebb, Robert, barrister

86 Vacant, 65l.

87 Government Printing Office—Dublin Gazette, published Tuesdays and Fridays—Alex. Thom, Printer and Publisher

87 and 88 Thom, Alexander, & Sons, printers and publishers, wholesale stationers, & account book manufacturers, and agents for the sale of Parliamentary Papers for the Houses of Lords & Commons, 180l.

89 Pilkington, Fredk. bookbinder to the Queen and the Lord Lieutenant, the University, the Royal Irish Academy, &c. 75l.

90 Lalouette's carriage mart & horse repository—riding school, 7 and 8 Prince's-street, 65l.

91 Burke, Walter, plate glass manufacturer, &c. and 93, 35l.

92 Ross and Murray, plumbers and brass founders,& 13 & 14 Prince's-street, north, and Dunloe-street, Ballinasloe, 85l.

93 & 91 Burke, Walter, plate glass, lead, & chemical mer. & agent, 55 & 56 Nth. Wall-qy.—res. 25 Eccles-street, 45l.

here Williams's lane intersects

94 Irish Letter Foundry—Marr, James, and Co. (successors to Messrs. A. and P. Wilson) type founders, and printers' joiners, 80l.

95 O'Dowda, John T. solicitor 24l.

„ Sandford, James W. commercial agent

„ Roberts, William, general agent

96 Reilly, Mrs. 24l.

97 Alford, Edw., carpenter, builder, and timber merchant, 45l.

98 Semple, Wm. agent to the Castlebellingham ale brewery, 56l.

„ Beed, Mr. Thomas

„ Trotter, Peter, coachmaker

99 Hodges, Thomas, bell and brass founder, and metal merchant, and Prince's-st. (see advertisement) 90l.

100 Harris, Wm. plate, sheet, & crown glass warehouse, 40l.

„ O'Reilly, Denis P. sewing machine agent

101 Beamish, John, carver, gilder, and picture frame manufacturer, 28l.

„ Mitchell, A. sol. & Parsonstown

„ Palmer, Thomas, esq. and 22 Leinster-road

„ Rowland, William, law clerk

102 Brady, John Joseph, solicitor, 24l.

103 Vacant, 48l.

104 Neilson, Wm. and Son, solrs. 38l.

„ Neilson, J. Horner, solicitor—res. 18 Eccles-street

105 Box, W.R.& Co. wholesale saddlers, ironmongers, platers, curriers, manufacturers of patent leather, saddletrees, and whips, 110l.

„ Box, W.R. esq. 36 George's-st. nth.

„ Green, Robert, esq.

106 Kennedy, Mrs. J. furn. warerm. 28l.

107 & 108 Sillery, M. & R. ecclesiastical and ornamental stained glass and patent metal sash manufacturers; etchers, and embossers, 217., 25l.

„ Anderson, John, carver and gilder, looking-glass and picture frame manufacturer

109 Tenements, 20l.

110 Hume, Robert, cabinetmaker, 28l.

„ Bittles, James, cabinetmaker and coal merchant

111 Synnott, Thomas, corn factor, and com. mercht. & 82 Leinster-rd. 47l.

„ D'Arcy, Patrick and Anthony, foreign corn factors, and 48 Mark-lane. London

112 O'Malley, Ml. carver & gilder, 30l.

113 Coleman, John, furn. broker, 24l.

114 Kelly, Thomas, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 36l.

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