Buckingham-street, Upper

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Summer-hill to Gloucester-street, Lr.

P. St. Thomas.—Mountjoy W.—City.

1 Gavan, Miss, grocer and spirit merchant, 96 Summer-hill, and 74 Thomas-st. valued in Summer-hill

[2 to 4—24l. to 29l.]

2 Scully, Mrs. Elizabeth,

3 Maher, Jeremiah, superintendent of police, C Division,

4 Birney, Jervis, esq.

5 Yard—Simon Byrne, owner, 10l.

6 Tierney, John, shoemaker, 5l. 10s.

7 White, Joseph, esq. and Bank of Ireland, 33l.

8 Irwin, William, barrister, 32l.

9 Alexander, Mrs. 52l.

10 Hodgens, Mrs. G. 30l.

11 Stapleton, Mrs. Henrietta, 35l.

12 Reed, William P. esq. secretary's department, g.p.o. 35l.

13 Long, Rev. James Duncan, incumbent of Drumcondra, 37l.

„ Long, Rev. T. J. curate of St. John's

„ Long, Duncan James, t.c.d.

14 Chambre, Mrs. 40l.

15 Carton, Richd. forwarding agt. 40l.

„ Carton, Richard P. esq. General Register Office, King's Inns

16 Hardinge, Wm. H. barrister, and keeper of the Landed Estates Records, Public Record Office, Custom House Buildings, 40l.

„ Hardinge, E. P. royal engineer, officer in charge of North Division of Dublin Engineer District—office, Royal Barracks

17 Stoker, Abraham, esq. Chief Secretary's Office, Dublin Castle, 40l.

18 French, John, esq. T.C. & Mornington Park, Artane, 40l.

„ French, Geo. A. lieut. Roy. Artillery

„ French, John, jun. lieutenant co. Dublin Light Infantry

here Meredyth-place, Gloucester-street, Lr. and Belle-street intersect.

19 to 23 Building ground

24 Waller, J. esq. 21l.

25 Arthur, Mrs. Elizabeth Anne, 21l.

„ Hawthorn, Mrs.

26 Outerbridge, Wm. mast. mariner, 21l.

27 Dickson, Mr. John, 21l.

28 Dillon, Mrs. 21l.

„ Dillon, James, civil engineer

Dillon, William, artist, A.r.h.a.

29 Crosby, Thomas Richard, master mariner, 21l.

30 to 35 Building ground

36 O'Donovan, Mrs. 26l.

37 Carpenter, Thomas, esq. 26l.

38 to 44 Building ground

45 Dockrell, Mrs. Mary, 8l.

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