Brunswick-street, North

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Upper Church-street to Stoneybatter.

P. St. Michan. P. St. Paul.—Arran-quay W.—City.

Whitworth Hospital

1 Tenements, 8l.

2 and 3 Moore, Joseph, coach, car, and gig maker, 4l. 10s., 7l.

House of Industry—Benj. Mullen, esq. paymaster; Birch, Charles, secretary

North Dublin Union Workhouse—Mr. Michael Weddick, master; Gerrard Browne, apothecary; J. H. Crean, esq. clerk and returning officer of the union

Richmond Lunatic Asylum—J. Lalor, res. physician and manager

Hardwicke Fever Hospital and Whitworth Chronic Hospital—medical visitors, D. J. Corrigan, m.d.; J. T. Banks, m.d.; B. G. M'Dowell, m.d.; and S. Gordon, m.d.

4 to 6 Tenements

here Smith's-court intersects

7 Bolger, Edward,provision dealer 6l.

8 and 9 Tenements, 10l., 11l.

here Mahony's-lane intersects

10 & 11 Mahon, William, cattle sheds and corn factor

12 to 14 Tenements, 10l. to 11l.

15 Wade, Henry, house agent and land surveyor, 12l.

16 Tenements, 12l.

17 Richmond Surgical Hospital

18 M'Grath, Edw. livery stables, 19l.

19 Moore, Patrick, coachmaker, 12l.

20 M'Loughlin, Christr. cornfactor, 21l.

[21 to 24—4l. to 11l.]

21 Tenements, 4l. to 11l.

22 Healey, J. groc. & prov. stores,

23 and 24 Tenements,

here Brunswick-villa intersects

25 Grehan, Thomas, linen and woollen draper, 12l.

26 and 27 Sherry, Mrs. Alicia, gig and jaunting-car maker, 11l.

[28 to 30—8l. to 13l.]

28 and 29 Tenements, 8l. to 13l.

30 Annette, Robt. prov. stores,

here Grangegorman-lane intersects

31 Phibbs, Mrs. Eliza, dairy, 14l.

here Cottage-place, Stanley-place, and Stanley-street intersect.

[32 to 39—21l. 10s. to 10l.]

32 to 34 Tenements, 2l. 10s. to 10l.

35 Murphy, Michael, car proprietor,

„ Murphy, The Misses M. & E. dress makers

36 Healy, Joseph, tailor,

37 to 39 Tenements,

.…here Stoneybatter intersects

40 M'Donnell, Peter, baker, 12l.

41 Tenements, 3l. 10s.

42 Rere of Oxmantown foundry

[43 to 47—3l. to 6l.]

43 to 45 Tenements,

46 Fitzsimons, Patk. yard,

47 Tenements,

48 O'Brien, James, cartwright 11l.

49 Ward, Christopher, factor, and corn factor, 21l.

50 Kieran, Mr. James, 10l.

here George's-lane intersects

51 Yard

[52 to 57—3l. 10s. to 8l.]

52 Kinsella, And. prov. dealer,

53 Lenehan, Thos. prov. dealer,

54 to 57 Tenements,

58 to 66 Yard and rere of premises valued in King-street, north.

67 and 68 Josiah Butler, maltster, 40l.

69 and 70 Stores

here Redcow-lane intersects

[71 to 74—4l. to 8l.]

71 to 73 Tenements,

74 Lennehan, Patk. liv. stables, 8l.

75 to 81 Yards

82 Tenements, 6l.

83 Richmond Hospital School of Medicine

84 to 88 Tenements, 5l. to 8l.

89 Maher, Mr. John, 8l.

here Maher's-court intersects

[90 to 97—2l. 10l.]

90 White, Mary, dress and cloak maker,

91 to 93 Tenements,

94 Rattigan, Jn. carowner,

95 Strong, Jn. ironmould.

96 and 97 Tenements,

98 Kavanagh, Bryan, dairy, 18l.

99 Building ground 4l.

100 O'Rielly, Edward, timber stores

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