Brunswick-street, Great

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From College-street to Grand Canal-quay.

P. St. Mark.—1 to 66, and 152 to 213 Trinity W. 67 to 151 South Dock W.—City.

A Pillar Letter-box opposite No. 200

1 Whitestone & Co. ironmongers and brush manufacts. to Her Majesty and the Lord Lieutenant, 65l.

2 Mannin, Cornelius, chemist & druggist, and window glass merchant, and 191 Townsend-street, 40l.

„ Sawyer & Atkin, house and land agents, and coal merchants

3 Coyne, Samuel, confectioner, 35l.

„ Upton, William P. tea merchant

4 Lawless, Mrs. visiting governess, 30l.

„ Louther, Miss L. stationer and lending library

5 Kelly, Thomas, musician, 23l.

6 Wilson, J. J. & Co. coal merchants, and agents for the sale of the American natural oil, 60l.

„ Rothwell, Thos. jun. wax & tallow chandler, soap boiler, oil merchant, and importer of foreign and British cigars—factory, 7 Tennis-court

7 Mason, Geo. bookseller, stationer, and news agent, 35l.

6 & 7 O'Toole, John M. & Son, steam press printers and stereotype founders—res. St. Germans, Merrion

8 Downey, Jas. tobacconist, 38l.

9 Prescott, John, watch and clock maker and jeweller, 33l.

10 Sweeny, Hugh, principal of seminary, 33l.

11 Silverlock, Hen. bootmaker, 33l.

12 Leahy, Patk. & Sons, ladies' saddle, harness and whip manufac. 32l.

„ Leahy, Mr. Patrick

„ Leahy, Mr. William

13 Haliday, Edward, surgeon and apothecary, 27l.

here Fleet-market intersects

14 Walsh, Thomas, turner and pump manufacturer, 26l.

15 & 16 Farrell, Peter, auctioneer, commission agent, and livery estab.—res. Woodlawn, Santry, 110l.

16 ½ Strong, John, bookseller & binder,

„ Carnegy, John J. refreshm. rooms

here Tennis-court intersects

17 Masterson, George, machine and mangle manufacturer, 16l.

„ M'Mahon, Thomas, cooper

18 Fagan, J ames, & Son, manuf. house smiths, 15l.

19 and 20 Tedcastle and Co. coal importers, and 21 Townsend-street—res. 3 Crofton pl. Kingstown, 30l.

21 Guest, Frederick, hatter, and 58 Lower Sackville street, 41l.

22 Forbes, John, coal merchant, 41l.

23 Mulrenin, Bernard, r.h.a. miniature painter in ordinary to the Lord Lieutenant, 43l.

24 Mosley, A.R. prof. of music, organist, pianoforte importer & tuner, 42l.

25 Neville, Mrs. A. R. ladies' seminary, 45l.

„ Du Gue, Benjamin, prof. of French

26 Pallin, Daniel, auctioneer and coal factor, and Kilcullen, co. Kildare, 46l.

Doyle's Private and Family Hotel,

26 and 182 Gt. Brunswick-street—Edward Smith, proprietor

27 M'Menamy, Charlotte, milliner and dressmaker, 46l.

„ Abbey and Harrison, Messrs. architectural sculptors and church decorators

„ Abbey, Chas. architectural sculptor

„ Harrison, Charles William, architectural sculptor

28 Sharpley, Anne, milliner, 44l.

Christian Brethren Chapel

29 Giblan, Crean W. cement & stucco plasterer, modeller, fountain, vase, and statue maker, 16l.

here Spring-garden-lane intersects

30 Clarke, John, upholsterer and cabinet manufactory, auctioneer and valuator, & 140 Townsend-st. 26l.

31 M'Anaspie, R. and J. figure ornament modellers, scagliola artists, stucco plasterers, builders, &c. 26l.

„ O'Reilly, James, tailor and draper

32 Jones, Robert W. esq. 32l.

33 Kirkwood, William, law printer, and stamp distributor for Court of Common Pleas, 35l.

„ Kelly, Edmond Meara, barrister, & Rosefield, Williamstown

34 Hopkins, Charles, haberdasher and general draper, 33l.

35 Hayes, Armstrong, coal merch. 30l.

36 Dillon, William, victualler, 30l.

37 M'Donnell, Thomas, stationer and librarian, and 22 Shaw-street, 30l.

38 Dowling, Hen. house painter, paper hanger, and decorator, 26l.

here Shaw-street intersects

39 Vacant, 28l.

40 De Pothonier, Emily and Florence, professors of harp, pianoforte, Italian and French, 28l.

„ Gaskin, J. J. professor of Wilheim's system of vocal music

41 Dornan, Mr. Christopher, 28l.

42 Andrews, Patrick, coachmaker, 40l.

42 ½ Lavender, Christopher, brick merchant, and 66 Grafton-street

here Mark-street intersects

Antient Concert Hall, committee rooms of—John Ferguson, steward, 182l.

42a Barcroft, J. timber measurer & broker, and Killbogget, Cabinteely, 30l.

„ O'Flaherty, Thomas, solicitor

42b Hodson, Mrs. Ahera, 30l.

42c Bertault, Madame, 30l.

43 Erasmus Smith's School—Geo. Porte, master, civil engineer, 45l.

here Lombard-street intersects

44 M'Garry, Mrs. 23l.

45 O'Leary, Miss, prof. of pianoforte, Italian and English singing, 25l.

„ Teeling, J. and Co. coal and coke merchants

„ M'Mahon, Mr, Joseph, gas light inspector

46 Boulger, Jns. architect & c.e. 25l.

„ Flood, William, silver polisher

„ Cassidy, Miss Jane, dressmaker

here Magennis's-court intersects

47 Doyle, John, cook and confect. 28l.

48 Kearney, Thos. gas-light inspect. 33l.

49 Robinson, Mr. Samuel, 13l.

50 Moore, Mr. John, 25l.

51 French, the Misses, 30l.

52, 53, and 54, Crowe, Daniel and Sons, builders and contractors, 44l.

55 Crow, Michl. F. builder, 26l.

56 Crow, George, builder, 27l.

„ Doyle, Miss Sarah, board and lodg.

„ Dickson, Mrs. Cath. court dressmaker

57 Andrews, Mr. Robert, 28l.

58 and 59 Vacant, each 28l.

60 Fulham, Bernard, coal merchant and salt importer, 25l.

61 Bracken, Mrs. 20l.

62 Murphy, Henry, organizing master, National schools, 28l.

63 and 64 Building ground

65 Parslow, Charles, woollen draper, 28l.

here Sandwith-street intersects

66 & 67 Anderson, Nich. builder, timber merch. slate, tile, & fire-brick stores, sawing, planing, & moulding mills, and 53 and 54 Sandwith-st.; wholesale yard, 28 Sir John Rogerson's-quay, 34l.

68 Beggs, David, house painter, glazier, and decorator, 18l.

69 Pook, Mrs. Maria, 13l.

70 Daly, Mr. Michael, 17l.

71 M'Kay, Miss Kate, 21l.

72 Caine, James, agent, 19l.

73 and 74 Nolan, Patrick, grocer and spirit merchant, 34l.

75 Roberts, Wm. professor of elocution, history, and composition, 6l.

76 Cooke, William A. esq. a.b., t.c.d. and Parsonstown, 16l.

„ Cooke, Thomas Lalor, solicitor, and Parsonstown

77 Levy, Miss Anne, 19l.

78 Cuffe, Mrs. Teresa, 19l.

79 Hogan, Mr. Edward, 19l.

80 Burge, Mrs. 19l.

81 and 82 Chapman, Edward, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, and 35 Erne-street, lower, 19l., 27l.

here Erne-street intersects

83 to 104 Building ground

105 Morris, Patrick, builder, 20l.

here Queen's-square, and Clarence-street, Great, intersect.

Hibernian Gas Co.'s Works—Gilbert Saunders, consulting enginr. 300l.

Pim, Brothers, steam flour mill, and Grand Canal dock, 300l.

Todhunter, John, merchant

here Grand Canal-quay intersects

122 Bowen, Thomas Augustine, operative engineer, 17l.

123 Connolly, William F. gas meter maker and repairer, 17l.

124 Vacant, 16l.

125 Smallman, Mrs. Mary, 16l.

126 Panter, Thomas, painter, 16l.

127 M'Carthy, Mrs. 16l.

here Queen's-terrace intersects

128 Lawler, Mr. John, 16l.

here Hughes's-place intersects

129 Vacant, 15l.

130 Smith, Jas. grocer, wine, & spirit dealer, 18l.

here Brunswick-place intersects

131 Tenements, 18l.

132 Gannon, Mrs. and Miss, ladies' academy, 17l.

133 O'Reilly, Mrs. 17l.

134 Monahan, Patrick, carpenter, 17l.

135 Frayne, John, clerk, 17l.

here Erne-street intersects

136 to 146 Building ground, 2l.

147 Shanahan, B. R. K. Count de Kavanagh, m.d., and accoucheur, 21l.

148 Fox, James, guard, Kingstown railway, 21l.

149 Earl, Patk. Wm. apoth. & chem.21l.

150 Leech, Samuel, carpenter, 21l.

151 Byrne, Elizabeth, 18l.

„ Byrne, R. C. artist

here Sandwith-street intersects

152 to 159 Saw mills—Michael Meade, proprietor, 70l.

160 to 162 Building ground

here Cumberland-street and Westland-row intersect.

163 Valentine, Wm. Italian warehouse, and 92, Britain-street, great, 46l.

„ Montgomery, Alexander Richard, barrister

164 Lane, Hen. architectural sculptor, 45l.

165 Hopkins, Miss S. linen draper, 32l.

166 Colahan, Hugh, house painter 23l.

London Cigar Divan

167 Browne, Joseph, coach builder, & 4 Carlisle-ter. Sandymount, 48l.

168 Hogan, Jas. & Sons, cement workers, stucco plasterers, and modellers, 8l.

169 Coatsworth, Thos. victualler, 40l.

170 Frayne, Mary, stationer, and toy warehouse, 24l.

171 Hopkins, Robert, gen. draper, 46l.

172 Panter & Cassidy, house painters, gilders, and paper stainers, 52l.

173 Panter, Thomas, house painter, gilder, and paper stainer, 126 and 4 Sandwith-street, 24l.

174 Manderson, Wm. statuary, marble works & chimneypiece warerms. 50l.

175 Laphen, Miss Mary Anne, 40l.

176 & 177 Webb, R. D. & Son, letterpress printers, 58l.

„ Webb, Richard D. and Greenfield, Kilgobbin

„ Carroll, J. Rawson, architect, and 56 Lower Mount-street

178 Scully, Robert, coal factor—office, 7 D'Olier street, 25l.

„ Johnson, William Moore, barrister, and Knockavilly, Cork

179 Cockburn, Gilb. & Sons, buildrs. 30l.

„ Cockburn, Gilbert—res. 6 Vesey place, Monkstown

„ Cockburn, Gilbert, jun. engineer—res. 3 Haddington-road

„ Cockburn, Thos. B. civil engineer—res. 6 Vesey place, Monkstown

180 Wilson, Mr. John, 47l.

181 Bredin, Hall, m. d. apothecary, surgeon, and accoucheur, 47l.

182 Doyle's Private and Family Hotel—Edward Smith, prop, and 26, 48l.

183 M'Carthy and O'Connell, architects, 52l.

„ M'Carthy, J. J. r.h.a. architect, and 7 William's-park, Rathmines

„ O'Connell, Daniel, architect, and Derrynane-abbey, Westcove, co. Kerry

184 Bermingham, Edw. slate billiard table manufacturer, 48l.

185 Murphy, Mrs. Ellen, 48l.

„ Fitzgerald, John, sol. and Ennis—res. Gracefield, Waltham-ter. Blackrock

186 Ryan, Thomas, tea merchant, 48l.

187 Carroll, Mrs. 48l.

„ Byrne, Thomas, m.d. m.b. f.r.c.s.i. and surgeon to the Lock Hospital

188 Byrne and Son, solicitors, 48l.

„ Byrne, John Rose, solicitor

„ Byrne, John Talbot, solicitor

189 Jameson, Thos. solr. clerk of the crown and returning officer for the sheriff of Carlow, and Egremont, Ballybrack, Dalkey

„ Thomas, Mrs. Sarah, dressmaker

190 Kelly, Owen, provision agent, 48l.

191 Hamilton, Mrs. 48l.

„ Bunn, Henry, general funeral establishment

„ Lyons, Joseph, jun. solicitor

192 Kenny, Mart. jun. coalmerch. 48l.

„ Kenny, Martin, coal agent

193 Levey, Richard M. leader and director of music, Theatre Royal, 46l.

194 Telford, Saml. l.r.c.s.i. licentiate in midwifery, Rotundo lying-in hospital, demonstrator of anatomy, Trinity College, Dublin, 46l.

195 Cruise, Miss Julia, professor of music, 44l.

„ Hogan, Michael, m.d. surgeon

196 Bourke, Mr. and Mrs. teachers of dancing & calisthenic exercises, 48l.

„ Hen. Mrs. teacher of the pianoforte

„ Graydon, Unimore, schoolmaster

197 Ayre, Martin, solicitor and attorney, 48l.

198 Gibbon, William Monk, ll.d. barrister, and advocate in Ecclesiastical and Admiralty courts, 48l.

„ Fisher, Denis O'Callaghan, sol.

199 Thomson, Alex. F. dentist, 48l.

200 Donegani, Lewis, merchant, mould, artificial stone, & plaster of Paris manufacturer, and Leghorn, 24l.

„ Del Vecchio, artificial stone figure and ornament manufacturer

201 Blakely, Mrs. ladies' outfitting warehouse, 50l.

202 Geoghegan, Charles, architect, 50l.

203 Heney, Mrs. Sarah, millinery and court dress warerooms, 50l.

204 Caldwell, Robert, solicitor, 50l.

„ M'Cormick, S. C. solicitor, and Belmullet

„ Kelly, Peter, solicitor

„ Bourke, Robert, sol. and Ballycastle, county Mayo

205 Kidd, George H. m.d. f.r.c.s.i. ex-assist, physician to Coombe Lying-in-hospital, & editor of the Dublin Quarterly Journal of Medical Science, 50l.

206 Bower, Mr. George W. 48l.

„ Caslon & Glasgow letter foundries; George W. Bower, agent

„ Holmes & Kelsall, Messrs. solicitors

„ Holmes, Avary, solicitor—res. 22 Frederick-street, north

206 Kelsall, Joseph, solicitor

„ Patterson, Benj. Thos., l.c.e.t.c.d. and building surveyor—res. 67 Leeson-street, upper

207 Shannon, Peter, surgeon, m.d. f.r.c.s.i. 46l.

208 Forrest, Jn. King, l.k.& q.c.P. and f.r.c.s.i. 46l.

209 Birkbeck, Edward, court hairdresser and perfumer, 25l.

Queen's Royal Theatre—Henry Webb, esq. lessee & manager—res. Leahy's-ter. Irishtown, 90l.

210 and 211 Vacant, 38l., 48l.

212 and 213 Clarendon, Thomas, riding school and livery stables, 60l., 65l.

212 Office of the Irish Agricultural Review; the Dublin Hospital Gazette; and the Sporting Times

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