Britain-street, Great

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Capel-street to Gardiner-street, Lr.

P. St. Mary, 1 to 69, and 166 to 225. P. St. Thomas, 70 to 118. P. St. George, 119 to 164. 1 to 75 ½ North City W. 76 to 133 Mountjoy W. 134 to 225 Rotunda W.—City.

A Pillar Letter-box opposite 118.

1 and 2 Reynolds, Thos. vintner, 36l.

3 Mallin, Jas. provision dealer

4 Tenements, 16l.

5 Gorman, Patk. saddler and harness maker, 18l.

6 Tenements, 23l.

here Jervis-Iane intersects

7 Hackett, Richd. harness maker, 11l.

8 Murphy, James, provis. dealer, 11l.

9 Groom, Samuel Henry, bakers and provision merchants, 32l.

10 and 11 Tenements, 20l., 16l.

12 Scanlan, John, prov. dealer, 15l.

here Stafford-street intersects

13 Burgess, John, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 22l.

14 to 17 Tenements, 14l., 12l., 8l., 8l.

18 Finnigan, Peter, dairy, 9l.

19 Fullam, John, tobacconist and chandler, 9l.

20 Costello, Michael, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, and 155, 22l.

here Jervis-street intersects

21 Morrin, Matthew, Union hotel and tavern, 22l.

22 Fitzsimons, Chr. stucco plasterer, 9l.

23 Toole, John, tinplate worker, 11l.

24 M'Nally, James, leather seller, 12l.

25 Walsh, John, prov. dealer, 12l.

26 Tenements, 16l.

here Chapel-lane intersects

27 Widows' Alms-house

28 Martin, Peter, saddler, 22l.

29 M'Dermott, Chr. tobacconist, 17l.

30 Tenements, 17l.

31 Keogh, John, hairdresser, 6l.

here Denmark-street intersects

32 Callaghan, Mrs. M. delft wareh. 30l.

33 to 35 Tenements, 9l. to 23l.

here Taaffe's-row intersects

36 Boyle, Andrew, broker, 9l.

37 Heathfield dairy depot, 23l.

38 Hart, Henry, furniture broker, 23l.

39 Brady, Edward, broker, 33l.

40 and 41 rebuilding

here Cole's-lane intersects

42 Rice, Nicholas, grocer, wine and spirit dealer, 35l.

43 Keegan, L. grocer and spirit dealer, and 46 Moore-street, 42l.

44 Scott, William, coffee and refreshment rooms, 32l.

45 Fenlon, Patrick, frame maker, 16l.

46 Corcoran, Luke, provision dlr. 18l.

47 Nolan, Thomas, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 23l.

here Horseman's-row intersects

48 Flanley, Jn. delft shop & imp. 36l.

49 Purcell, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 27l.

50 Vacant, 47l.

51 Horseman, Mary Anne, grocer, 36l.

52 Duff, John, poulterer, 18l.

here Norfolk-market intersects

53 M'Dermott, James, victualler, 18l.

54 Hickey, Nicholas, victualler, 24l.

55 Dunne, Elijah, victualler, 3 3l.

56 Reid, Thos. provision dealer, 27l.

57 Kavanagh, James, fishmonger to the Lord Lieutenant, 38l.

here Moore-street intersects

58 Keegan, Michael, poulterer, 58l.

59 Sullivan, Peter, victualler and army contractor, 58l.

60 Flynn, Wm. victualler, 44l.

61 Keegan, Laurence, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 40l.

62 Kennedy, A. and C. milliners and silk mercers, &c. 48l.

63 Anderson, J. fishmonger, 50l.

64 and 65 M'Dermott, Wm. Italian warehouseman, and general merchant, 42l., 45l.

66 Molloy, Michael, victualler, 42l.

67 Vacant, 60l.

68 Armstrong, Edward, wine and spirit dealer, 40l.

69 Fleming, Patrick, fruit seller, 17l.

here Moore-lam intersects

70 Eglinton, Bridget, vintner, 42l.

71 Monk, Patrick, merch. tailor, 33l.

„ Monk, Mrs. milliner and dressmk.

72 Vacant, 20l.

73 Keogh, Joseph, shoemaker, 24l..

74 Cade, William, vintner, 36l.

75 Ford, Cath. shoe warehouse, 38l.

here Sackville-street, Upper, intersects.

76 Kellett, S. H. hosiery, haberdashery, and Berlin wool wareho. 40l.

77 Young, Thomas, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 60l.

78 Cashen, Thos. tailor & draper, 30l.

79 Berry, Eliza, milliner and dressmaker, & fancy goods wareh. 44l.

80 Cullinan, Martin, hoot and shoe trade, 46l.

„ Doyle, Messrs. W. A. and Co. dentists and state cuppers

81 Simpson, R. periodical bookseller and newspaper agent, 48l.

„ Richardson, G. milliner

82 Johnston, and Co. machine bread bakers, 5 Townsend-st. 105 Thomas-st. 15 Inns-quay, 154 Capel-st. 2 Sir John Rogerson's-quay, and mills, Ball's-bridge, 48l.

83 Plunket, Matthew, victualler, 25l.

84 O'Neill, Henry, bootmaker, 18l.

85 Gibbons, Mrs. M. E. shellfish tav. 18l.

86 Walshe, Mrs. Helena, chandler, 29l.

87 James, Richard, bootmaker, 29l.

„ Wildred, Elizabeth, haberdasher

88 O'Callaghan's bakery, 38l.

„ Reid, Joseph N. watch & clock mk.

89 Sheridan, John, bootmaker, 12l.

90 Kenny, Catherine, tobacconist, 30l.

91 Weekes, Thomas, tobacconist and cigar importer and dealer in fancy goods, 26l.

92 Valentine, Wm. Italian wareho. 30l.

93 and 94 Ryan, brothers, rectifiers, spirit dealers, wine and cigar merchants, & 78 Middle Abbey-street, and 3 North Prince's-st.; distillery stores, 58 Marlborough-street, 70l.

here Marlborough-street intersects

95 Lynch, John, bootmaker, 14l.

96 Smyth, Anne, periodicals, straw bonnet maker, and toy wareh. 9l.

97 Summers, John, & Co. bakers, and at 76 Meath-st. 1 Up. Stephen-st. 124 Capel-st. and 44 Lower George's-st. Kingstown, 29l.

98 Healy, John, gro. & wine merch. 37l.

99 Purcell, J. brazier & ironmon. 26l.

here Cumberland-lane intersects

100 Cleary, Peter, victualler, 50l.

101 Kennedy, Daniel, tobacconist, 24l.

102 Cleary, Ellen, Italian wareho. 26l.

103 and 104 Nolan, Patk. grocer, wine, and spirit merchant, 20l., 34l.

105 & 106 Dempsey, Ch. corn chandler and general purveyor, 30l., 18l.

107 Kavanagh, Myles, prov. dealer, 38l.

„ Largan, John, prov. dealer

here Cumberland-st. Nth. Up. intersects.

108 Keating, Richard, merch. T.C. 44l.

109 and 109 ½ Vacant, each 20l.

110 Cleary, Thomas, chemist, druggist, and perfumer, 42l.

111 Waters, J. poulterer, 31l.

112 Farrell, Thomas, victualler, 31l.

113 Kehoe, Martin, poulterer, 31l.

„ Dowling, Patrick, victualler

114 Kenna, Denis, provision dealer, 34l.

115 Hughes, John, wax and tallow chandler, and oil merchant, 38l.

116 Wyer, James, law stationer and account-book manufacturer, 38l.

117 Wyer, Ellen, trimming, hosiery, and haberdashery warehouse, 38l.

118 Hart, John R. grocer, wine, and spirit merchant, 52l.

here Gardiner-st. Lower, and Gardiner-street, Middle, intersect.

119 Smith, Christoph. grocer and provision dealer, 23l.

120 Gilligan, Jas. tavern keeper, 28l.

121 Fallon, J. painter, &c. 32l.

122 Egan, James, brazier and ironmonger, 30l.

123 Freeman, Alex, hair dresser, 24l.

124 Byrne, Matthew, dairy, 20l.

here Britain-court intersects

125 Hickey, P. victualler, 24l.

126 Sweeny, Peter, prov. dealer 24l.

127 Corry, Mary, fruiterer, 20l.

„ Freeman, James, builder

128 Kennedy, Peter, fancy & general baker, 25l.

„ Nugent, Michael, victualler

129 Kellett, Patrick, prov. dealer, 13l.

130 Talbot, William, green grocer, 29l.

131 Murphy, Anne, provision dlr. 20l.

132 Keon, Peter, pawnbroker, and 2 Lower Temple-street, 30l.

133 Connolly, Bart, victualler, 35l.

here Temple-street, Lower, intersects

134 Hacket, Bernard, saddler and harness maker, 29l.

„ Bird, Matthew, hatter

135 Jackson, John, fancy bakery, 38l.

136 M'Keon, M. victualler 34l.

137 Barnes, E. family grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 50l.

138 Black, Daniel, general baker, 54l.

139 Smith, E. umbrella and parasol manufacturer, 24l.

„ Smith, Mrs. Catherine

140 Warren, Richard, dairy and provision dealer, 28l.

141 and 142 Doyle, Denis, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, and 28 Fleet-street, 24l., 26l.

143 Dromgoole, Mrs. Alice, tallow chandler, 32l.

144 Masterson & Co. grocers and wine merchants, 50l.

„ Masterson, John, merchant

here Great George's-street, Nth. intersects.

145 O'Keeffe, Andrew, grocer and wine merchant, 60l.

146 Ellwood, William, pharmaceutical chemist and druggist, 48l.

147 Collins, Harriet, corn & flour dl. 40l.

148 Connell, Edwd. harness mak. 28l.

149 Doyle, James, provision dealer, 25l.

here Dignam's-court intersects

150 Dunne, Esther, green grocer, 14l.

151 Gaffney, Edward, grocer, tea and wine merchant, 33l.

152 Holebrook, Mrs. C. and Son, hairdressers and tobacconists, 25l.

here Johnson's-lane intersects

153 Keiran, Thomas, soap boiler and importer, wax & tal. chandler and general merchant, 25l.

154 Fagan, J. baker, 28l.

155 Carter, Edwd. Joseph, gen. grocer, wine and spirit establishment, 37l.

156 Campbell, Michl. corn dealer, 18l.

157 Reilly, Bridget, provision deal. 23l.

„ Lockie, Mrs. ladies' nursetender

158 Doyle, John, dairy, 24l.

159 Reynolds, Joseph, house painter, 26l.

160 Ward, John, spirit mercht. 33l.

161 Burke, Henry, agent for the Liverpool United Legal Friendly Association and Burial Society, 24l.

„ Steinhart, J. watch & clock maker

162 Cameron, A. gutta percha boot and shoe warehouse, 30l.

163 Lonergan, J. milliner, 36l.

„ Hart, P. boot and shoe warehouse

164 O'Reilly, Thos.F. tobacconist, 30l.

165 Newtown Perry, Askeaton Lock, and Carberry mills—Russell and Son, proprietors, 50l.

„ Malone, John, ironmonger

here Cavendish-row intersects

Rotunda—T. Hayden, keeper of the rooms

Lying-in Hospital—John Denham, m.d. master; John A. Byrne, f.r.c.s.i. and Henry S. Halahan, l.r.c.s.i., assistants

here Granby-row intersects

166 M'Connell, Joseph, manuf. ironmonger, 45l.

167 Vacant, 20l.

168 Keating, Chr. electro plater, 33l.

169 Poland, W. house painter, gilder, and decorator, 40l.

170 M'Grath, Catherine, prov. dlr.10l.

„ Bernes, Jas. horse repository, 6l.

171 Tenements, 21l.

171 ½ Healy, Mary, bookseller

172 Hogan, J. and W. victuallers, 55l.

173 Begg, Mary, fishmonger to the Lord Lieutenant, 18l.

174 Kiernan, P. straw bonnet mk. 23l.

here Nash's-court intersects

175 Webb, Josh. linendraper & wholesale importer, 38l.

176 & 177 Malone, Wm. tea and coffee dealer & wine mercht.—residence, Drumcondra terrace, 42l. 45l.

178 O'Reilly, Mich. printer, bookseller, librarian, and stationer, 35l.

179 Hasson, E. pawnbroker, 38l.

180 Murphy, M. A. boot & shoemk. 33l.

181 Reilly, James, baker, 34l.

182 King, John, tobacconist & chan.

183 Gill, A. confectioner, with 182, 40l.

184 Farrell, Judith, tallow chandl. 40l.

„ Carr, Catherine, Catholic booksel.

here Dominick-street, Lower, intersects.

185 Scanlan, Chris. tobac. & chand. 26l.

186 Pride, Jane, straw bonnet mk. 15l.

187 Pride, Wm. cabinetmaker, 17l.

188 Drury, Michael, leather cutter, 21l.

189 to 193 Tenements, 20l. to 18l.

194 D'Lussey, Patrick, vintner, 20l.

195 Hayes, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 20l.

196 Lynan, Richard, dairy, 22l.

197 Hand, Patrick B. watchmaker and jeweller, 20l.

198 Tighe, John, whipmaker, 22l.

199 Le Pla, Henry, tailor, 22l.

200 Bond, Owen, broker, 24l.

here King's Inns-street intersects

201 Byrne, Patrick, baker and corn chandler, 28l.

202 Barrington, John, and Sons, merchants and manufacturers 230l.

„ Barrington, Edward, merchant, & Tassaroe

203 Stephens, Mr. A. 25l.

204 M'Cluskey, John, chair and sofa manufactory, 32l.

„ Keogh, Jno. pawnbrok. sale-room

205 & 206 Byrne, Fras. pawnbroker, and 9 Charlemont-st.—residence, Castle-avenue, Clontarf, 38l., 40l.

205 and 206 Byrne, F. T. W. gold and silver dealer

Simpson's Hospital—Jas. Reid, sec. and receiver

207 Clarke, William, gunmaker, 21l.

208 M'Evoy, David, provision deal. 35l.

209 Nixon, C. tobacconist, 25l.

210 Shannon, Patrick, bootmaker, 12l.

211 Lynch, James, provision deal. 18l.

„ Dowling, John, house painter

212 Ravenhill, Daniel, wine and spirit merchant, 22l.

here Britain-lane intersects

213 Skelly, John, dairy, 22l.

[214 to 217—13l. to 20l.]

214 Tenements,

215 Young, Jas. parasol maker,

216 and 217 Tenements,

here Ryder's-row intersects

218 Murphy, John T. grocer, tea, wine, and spirit dealer, 28l.

219, 220, & 221, Tenements, 11l., 10l., 30l.

222 Egan, John, provision dealer, 30l.

223 Finnigan, C. house painter, 30l.

224 Cosgrave, Miss, milliner, 10l.

225 Holehan, Edw. grocer, tea, wine, & spirit mer. & 61 Capel-st. 11l.

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