Bridge-street, Lower

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Cook-street to Merchants'-quay.

P. St. Audoen.—1 to 14 Merchants'-quay W. 15 to 33 Usher's-quay W.—City.

1 O'Neill, J. provision dealer, 24l.

2 Haughey, Patrick, hardware and trimming merchant, 15l.

3 Tenements, 14l.

4 Faulkner, George, and Son, linen & woollen merchants res. 9 Seafort-parade, Williamstown, 55l.

5 and 6 Coffey, Rich. cloth cap, hat, and shoe manufacturer, and Great Globe hotel, 38l., 27l.

7 Sheridan and Bennett, wholesale Manchester and trimming warehouse, 38l.

„ Sheridan, George S. merchant

here Chapel-alley intersects

8 Burke, Thomas F. wholesale Manchester and London clothes warehouse, 20l.

8a Lalor, John, machine cloth cap manufacturer, 16l.

here Wolfs-alley intersects

9 Vance & Beers, wholesale woollen, Manchester, and linen and stuff merchants, 188l.

„ Vance, Thomas, j.p. merchant, and Blackrock house, Blackrock

„ Vance, Thomas, proprietor of baths and model lodging houses for families, Chapel-lane, Lr. Bridge-St.

„ O'Higgins, Francis, merchant

10 Canavan, Joseph, Manchester and cap and shoe warehouse, 22l.

11 Dunn, Mr. Michael 15l.

here Commercial-court intersects

12 O'Brien, Timothy, grocer and spirit merchant, 15l.

13 M'Evoy, John, wholesale hat, cap, shoe, and suspender manuf. 30l.

„ M'Evoy, John, manufacturer of coach lace and girth web

14 Rabbit, Edward, hardware, glass, and toy merchant, 20l.

here Merchants'-quay and Usher's-quay intersect.

15 Fox, Edw. & Co. wholesale woollen and Manchester warehouse, and 2 and 3 Usher's-quay, 22l.

16 O'Brien& Co. boot & shoe manf. 22l.

17 Keiran, James, m.d. l.r.c.s.e. 22l.

18 Stopford, Adam and Elisha, hat manufacturers, 70l.

19 & 21 Cotton & Levey, woollen manufacturers and gen. warehousemen, & Greenhead, Yorkshire, 33l., 24l.

„ Cotton, Wright, merchant, and Blakeney-parade, Sandymount

20 Brazen Head hotel—James J. Carroll, prop. and coal merchant, and 32 City-quay, 60l.

22 Browne, George, and Co. warehousemen, 42l.

„ Browne, Geo.—res. 1 Kenilworth-square, Rathmines

„ M'Conkey, William Thomas—res. 6 Kenilworth-square, Rathmines

23 Beahan, John and Son, wholesale drapers, 40l.

„ Beahan, John, merchant, & 1 Seafort-terrace, Williamstown

24 Vacant, 43l.

25 Galavan and Nolan, woollen, Manchester & trimming merchts. 40l.

„ Galavan, Patk. Edward,merchant, and 3 Williams'-park Rathmines

„ Nolan, John, merchant

26, 27, & 28 Dowd, Crowe, and Wilson, wholesale woollen, silk, Manchester, and trimming warehouse, 90l., 19l., 45l.

„ Crowe, George, merchant, and Avoca-terrace, Blackrock

„ Wilson, Thomas, merchant

„ Dowd, R. merchant, Willow Mount, Harold's-cross

here Minor's-alley intersects

29 Dickinson, Jeremiah, cloth cap manufacturer, and millinery warehouse, 20l.

„ Dickinson, Mary, millinery and bonnet warehouse

30 Carey, Patrick, hotel-keeper, City Mansion, 38l.

31 Coffey, Michael, general merchant, 38l.

32 Bannon, William, wholesale hardware, cutlery, and toy warehouse, 30l.

33 O'Brien, James, tea, wine, & spirit merchant, and 18 Werburgh-street, 28l.

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