SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Werburgh-street to Kevin-street, Up.

P. St. Bride, from 1 to 23. P. St. Patrick, 24 to 40. P. St. Peter, 41 to 55. 1 to 55, & 67 to 112 Wood-quay W. 56 to 66 Mansion-house W.City.

A Pillar Letter-Box opposite the Church.

1 Kelly, Peter, provision dealer, 12l.

2 Donohoe, James, dairy, 12l.

3 Jesson, Joseph, turner, 20l.

4 Cavanagh,, 20l.

5 Kenny, Michael, grocer and spirit dealer, 29l.

6 Farrell, William, baker, 18l.

7 & 8 Meehan, Simon, window glass, oil, and colour warehouse, 13l., 16l.

9 Tenements, 14l.

here Ross-lane intersects

[10 to 14—16l. to 40l.]

10, 11, 12, & 13 Bryan, Loftus A. jun. hardware mercht. house furnishing and ironmongery wareho. wrought-iron manufactory & metal stores, and 5 and 9 Ross lane, and 29 Bride's-alley

14 Reynolds, Patrick, dairy, 11l.

„ Peyton, James, tobacconist

15 Tenements, 10l.

here Bride's-alley intersects

St.Bridget's Church—Rev.W.G. Carroll, incumbent; J.Francis, sexton, 20 Great Ship-st.

St.Bridget's Daily and Sunday School—Thomas Heaslip, master.

Female School, Frances Campbell, mistress

16 & 17 Booth, Richd. & Co. timber yard, & steam saw mills, with Nos. 14, 15, & 16 Bride's-alley, 24l., 21l.

16 ½ Journeaux, Wm. timber merchant

18 Dollard, Patrick, baker, 15l.

19 Vacant, 12l.

20 Milton, John, provision dealer, 30l.

21 Hayden, James, dairy, 20l.

22 Cullen, Wm. G. prov. mer. 17l.

23 Farrelly, Patrick E. grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 30l.

here Bull-alley intersects

24 O'Brien, Robt. grocer & winemer. 30l.

25 Merry, Lawrence & Rich. pewterers and braziers, tinplate and zinc workers, and house-furnishing ironmongers, gas fitters, and beer-engine manufacturers, 27l.

„ Head, M. stay maker

26 Whelan, Denis, haircutter, 24l.

here Myler's-alley intersects

27 Donohue, Mrs. dairy, 18l.

28 Tenements, 11l.

29 Cluff, William, broker, 20l.

„ Maher, Philip, coal stores

30 Mulligan, John, painter, 11l.

31 Carpenter, B. cabinet maker, 17l.

32 Boothman, James, broker, 23l.

here Cannon-street intersects

33 Hearne, Charles, grocer, 27l.

34 Murray, Martin, cage maker and bird dealer, 19l.

35 Tenements, 26l.

36 Leslie and Co. wholesale druggists, 95l.

37 Bardin, Arthur, smith 15l.

38 and 39 Tenements, 16l., 25l.

40 Kerr, S. truss maker, 16l.

41 Travers, John, provision dealer, 15l.

42 Thompson, Jno. harness maker, 13l.

43 Tenements, 18l.

here Faucet's-court intersects

44 Digginson, M. bonnet maker, 27l.

Mount Carmel Burial and Tontine Society

45 Tenements, 16l.

46 Doyle, Jn. painter & paperhanger l5l.

47 Sneyd, John, file maker, 4l.

48 Tenements, 8l.

49 Kelly, Paul, provision dealer, 11l.

50 Doyle, M. dairy, 12l.

51 Clarke, George, haircutter, 15l.

52 to 55 Cahill, Patrick, grocer and wine mercht. & 1 Rathgar-rd. 45l.

here Kevin-st. Up. & Bishop-st. intersect.

56 Cullen, P. wholesale flour factor and provision dealer, 21l.

58 to 61 Tenements, each 17l.

62 Reilly, D. coach harness plater, 12l.

63 Pender, Edward, broker, 9l.

64, 65, & 66 Mordant, Luke, grocer, 32l.

here Peter-street intersects

67 Harris, George, gun maker, 8l.

68 Gallagher, Patrick, clerk, 8l.

Molyneux Asylum Chapel—Rev. Charles M. Fleury, d.d. chaplain

69 National Loan Fund Society James M'Entee, Secretary, 20l.

70 and 71 Leary, John, iron, bone, and rag stores, 19l., 28l.

72 Tenements, 16l.

73 O'Brien, Richard, baker, 20l.

73 ½ Vacant

74 Phibbs, George, dairy, 41l.

here Wood-street intersects

75 Hutchinson, Fras. prov. dlr. 20l.

76 Reddy, John, dairy, 18l.

77 Kiernan, Wm. bird cage maker, 24l.

here Fern's-court intersects

78 Doyle, Michael, cabinetmaker, 12l.

79 Clarges, C. carriage lampmkr. 12l.

80 Devlin, B. Shamrock Soc. rooms, 18l.

81 Tenements, 16l.

82 Johnson, Robert, bakery, 27l.

83 Kelly, Christr. bird cage maker, 17l.

Working Men's Loan Fund Society—Joseph M'Dowell, secretary

84 M'Cann, Patrick, chandler and tobacconist, 15l.

85 Cusack, Farrell, grocer, wine and spirit dealer, and 1 & 2 Golden-lane, 21l.

here Golden-lane intersects

86 & 87 Carberry, Wm. vint. 29l., 20l.

88 Carnegie, R. M. basket manufacturer, vestry clerk, and collector of parish cess, and Deanery house, Upper Kevin-street, 20l.

89 M'Keon, Andrew, turner, 23l.

90 Tenements, 25l.

91, 92, & 93 Boileau and Boyd, druggists & manufact. chemists, drug & colour steam mills, 26l., 80l., 44l.

„ Boileau, John George, merchant

„ Boyd, Samuel, merchant

93 ½ Vacant

94 M'Asey, Thomas, wrought iron manufacturer, 23l.

95 Tenements, 23l.

96 Day, Patrick, turner, 23l.

97 Devey, Peter, mattress maker, 25l.

98 Tenements, 36l.

99 Osborne, William, turner, 25l.

100 & 101 Leech, Nich. grocer, 18l., 12l.

here Chancery-lane intersects

102 & 86 Carberry, William, wine and spirit merchant, 27l.

103 Healey, Denis, prov. dealer, 24l.

104 Burke, James, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 26l.

105 Graham, Geo. provision dealer, 22l.

here Cummin's-court intersects

106 M'Evoy, Jn. provision dealer, 21l.

107 Doyle, Chas. boarding house, 11l.

108 Moylan, John, tobacconist, 11l.

109 Doyle, Martin, grocer, 18l.

here Ship-street, Little, intersects

110 Telford, William, and Son, leather warehouse, 24l.

111 Ryan, James, hair dresser, 18l.

112 Dalton, John, broker, 20l.

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