SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Aungier-st. to Stephen's-green, W.

P. St. Peter.—1 to 45 Mansion-house W. 46 to 58 Royal Exchange W.—City.

1 Harris, James, wax and tallow chandler, 45l.

1½ Harris, James, provision dealer

2 Donegan, Lawrence, prov. deal. 15l.

3 Hewson, Francis, double action harp maker, 17l.

4 Greer, M. window blind manuf. 15l.

5 Vannix, Thomas, tailor, 14l.

6 Gilbert, Mr. Bartholomew, 37l.

7 Nolan, Simon, builder, 37l.

8 Bolger, John, carpenter & bld. 23l.

9 Tenements, 19l.

10 and 11 Ballard, Mark, private hotel and travellers' home, 22l., 40l.

12 Wakefield, David, private hotel and boarding-house, 40l.

13 M'Grath, John William, professor of dancing and drawing, 38l.

14 Saunders, Edmond, plumber, 30l.

15 Mitchell, James, m.d. and Kingsfield house, Crumlin, 37l.

„ Hunt, John, solicitor

16 Jones, Mrs. Mary, lodging-ho. 35l.

here Upper Mercer-street intersects

17 Larkin, Robert, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 28l.

18 Cassidy, Daniel, lodgings, 24l.

19 Robinson, Peter, silk dyer, 34l.

20 Dodd, John J. solicitor, and 2 Summerhill cottages, Kingstown

21 Kennedy, George O'Brien, sol. 38l.

„ Kennedy, Frederick, esq.

22 Anderson, Mrs. G. W. lodgings, 38l.

23 Beahan, John, lodgings, 38l.

24 Lambert & Crozier, solicitors, 38l.

„ Crozier, George, solicitor

25 Murray, Thomas Davis, railway agent, 38l.

„ Murray, Mrs. boarding & day school

„ Murray, G. Stanley, prof. of music

26 Vacant, 38l.

27 Middleton, Alfred Handcock, solicitor—and Athgoe Park, Shanganagh, 43l.

„ Eades, William G. esq.

28 Macnamara, C. Capel, barrister, 48l.

29 Westby, Miss, 52l.

30 Bourne, Mrs. 48l.

31 Brunker, Ralph Beere, solic. 36l.

„ Malcomson, Robert, sol. & Carlow

here Proud's-lane intersects

Independent Meeting-house—Rev. William Urwick, d.d.

32 O'Hara, Miss, 48l.

here Stephen's-green, West, intersects

Royal College Of Surgeons—students' entrance

33 Davis, Charles, m.d. and surg. 46l.

34 Wharton, Henry James, a.b. and f.r.c.s.i. l.k. & q.c.p. 40l.

35 St. Giorgio, John N. solicitor, 36l.

36 Morgan, Jerome, m.d. fellow and examiner, r.c.s.i. 44l.

37 Vacant, 46l.

38 Vacant, 45l.

39 Davis, David M. esq. 43l.

40 Collins, Thos. m.d. and 48 William-street, 46l.

41 Tyrrell, Hy. J. surgeon, l.r.c.s.i. 45l.

42 Quinlan, James W. solicitor, 47l.

43 Peile, Miss Sophia, 45l.

44 Cohen, Maurice, esq. 44l.

45 Montgomery, George, m.d. surgeon, ex-assistant Rotundo Lying-in hospital, 40l.

Cow-Pock Institution, Southern Branch—Geo. Montgomery, m.d. assistant secretary

here Mercer-street intersects

46 Cahill, Mark, surgeon and accoucheur, 35l.

„ Cullenan, Joseph, m.d. surgeon and accoucheur

47 Horan and Burke, solicitors, and Wicklow, 40l.

„ Horan, John Vincent, solicitor, and New Park, Kilcullen

„ Bourke, Christopher, solicitor, & 1 Charlemont-parade, Sandymount

48 Hogan, William C. and Son, solicitors, 45l.

„ Hogan, John, solicitor

„ Hunt, John J. m.d.

49 Johnston, Mrs. Charlotte, boarding house, 45l.

50 Cowley, William B. solicitor, 47l.

51 Mason, Thos. P. m.b. f.r.c.s.i. 53l.

52 Benner, Mrs. Jane, board and lodging house, 42l.

53 Wharton, John Lee, solicitor, 42l.

54 Carey & Ashenhurst, cabinetmkrs., upholsterers, & undertakers, 44l.

55 Crofton, John, house painter, 26l.

56 & 57 Sleater, Anne, grocer, 16l.

58 Murphy, J. Ingram, confectioner, cook, &c. 42l.

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