William-street, South

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Exchequer-street to Stephen-street.

P. St. Bride, 1 to 38. P. St. Anne, 39 to 68.—Royal Exchange W.—City.

1 Lalor, Maria, wax & tal. chand. 20l.

„ Healy, Michael, merchant

2 Flynn, B. fishmonger, 16l.

3 M'Ardle, Peter, poulterer, 15l.

4 Norton, Peter, fishmonger, 25l.

5 Ovans, Thomas, wholesale boot and shoe manufacturer, 38l.

6 and 7 Morrison, A. and W. and Co. wholesale merchants, 110l.

„ Morrison, Askin, esq. and Salem house, Rathmines

8 M'Donough, Jane, fishmonger to the Lord Lieutenant and Trinity College, 36l.

9 Hall, Alexander, wholesale woollen warehouseman, & 35 Upper Fitzwilliam-street, 50l.

10 Holmes, John, and Son, wholesale warehousemen, 60l.

„ Downes, John, and Co. manufacturers and merchants

11 Casson and Sealy, merchants, 78l.

„ Casson, Joseph W. esq. j.p. and Belmont house, Sandford

„ Sealy, John, esq. 22 Longwood-av.

12 Martin, John, agent

13 Wellington hotel—vacant, 30l.

„ O'Callaghan & Co. bakers, 14l.

„ Entrance to Bergin's tavern, Castle market

13 Murray, M. purveyor to Her Majesty, the Lord Lieutenant, and Prince of Wales, 24l.

here Castle-market intersects

14 Delahunt, William, grocer & wine merchant, 36l.

„ Heyfron, Ellen, purveyor, 25l.

15 Ledwidge, Anne, victualler to the Lord Lieutenant, 40l.

16 O'Keeffe, Patrick, poulterer, 53l.

17 Greene, John, & Co. fishmongers to the Queen & Lord Lieutenant, 50l.

18 Tyrrell, Walter, victualler and army contractor, 53l.

19 Lindsey, Benjamin, commission merchant, 50l.

„ Dowling, Michael, victualler

20 Alexander, Alfred & Co. wholesale druggists and general merchants—stores, 63, 54l.

21 Martin and M'Cullagh, poulterers to the Queen and the Lord Lieutenant, 45l.

22 and 23 Pim Brothers, and Co. poplin manufacturers, warehousemen, and wholesale and retail leather merchants, and 28 and 29 Drury-lane, each 63l.

„ Pim Brothers, and Co. silk throwsters, Stratford mills, co. Wicklow

„ Pim Brothers, steam flour mills, Grand Canal Docks

„ Pim Brothers, cotton spinners and manufacturers, & linen weavers, Greenmount mills, Harold's-cross, and Greenville, Love-lane

„ Pim, Jonathan, esq. and Greenbank, Monkstown

„ Pim, William Harvey, esq. and Monkstown-house, Monkstown av.

„ Pim, Thomas, esq. and Glennageragh house, Kingstown

23 Pim, Thomas, jun. esq.—res. Birch grove, Kill o' Grange, Monkstown

24 Byrne, John, accountant, 25l.

„ Byrne, John, jun. law clerk

25 Macdona, William, letter-press and lithographic printer, 36l.

„ Williams, M. & R. ladies' seminary

„ Irvine & Co. wholesale jewellers, and manufacturers of Irish bog oak ornaments

26 Dowling, Joseph, genrl. draper, 32l.

27 and 28 Bagots, Hutton, & Co. wine, spirit, tea, & genrl. merchants, and 24, 25, 26, & 27 Drury-lane, 50l., 58l.

„ Bagot, Charles E. barrister

„ Bagot, John Milo, esq.

29 Tenements, 28l.

30 Tank, James, electro-plater and gilder, 26l.

31 Tipper, Laurence, painter, 26l.

32 and 33 Tenements, 25l., 22l.

here Hutchinson's-court intersects

34 M'Carthy, Mr. Robert, 32l.

35 The Dublin Veterinary Medical Institution—Thos. Shea, v.s. m.d.c.s. m.r.v.c. principal, 36l.

36 White, Patrick, dairy, 18l.

37 Lowe, Richd. provision dealer, 18l.

38 Dockrell, Thomas, wax and tallow chandler, 27l.

here Stephen's-street intersects

39 Doran, William, tea, wine, & spirit merchant, 36l.

40 Hughes, R. chandler & tobaccon. 21l.

41 and 42 Kavanagh, John, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 25l., 32l.

here Chatham-row intersects

42½ Tenements

43 Hanbidge, Mrs. lodgings, 38l.

„ Preston, Alexander, solicitor, and Salville, Enniscorthy

44 & 45 Tenements, each 30l.

46 Hodgins, Edward, victualler to the Lord Lieutenant, 41l.

47 Thornton, Robert, house painter, decorator and plasterer, &c. 35l.

48 Collins, Thomas, apothecary and surgeon, and 40 York-st. 38l.

49 Bolger, Jas. & Co. merchants, 43l.

„ Bolger, Jas. & Lichfield, Rathgar

„ Bolger, Peter, merchant

50 Grand Canal House—J. M'Mullen, esq. secretary, 55l.

51 M'Crea, Edward D. wholesale shirt and collar manufacturer, 38l.

52 Nerwich, H. wholesale jeweller, and watch manufacturer, 38l.

53 Smith, Edward, stay and crinoline manufacturer, 42l.

„ Hull, James, sewed muslin manuf.

„ Clarke, J. manufacturers' agent

54 Rogers, Thomas, surgeon, 40l.

55 M'Carthy and Co. wholesale ironmongers and brush manufacturers, lamp & lamp-oil warehouse, and 43 Clarendon-street, 63l.

„ M'Carthy, William Jeremiah

„ Flannery, Daniel, ironmonger

56 Gray, William S. wholesale saddler, ironmonger, whip, and saddletree manufacturer, and leather dealer, and 11 Garville-av. Rathgar, 58l.

57 Crotty, Thomas, stay manufac. and 1 Coppinger's-row, 45l.

58 Court of Conscience—Alderman A. R. Atkinson, j.p. president; John P. Conran, registrar—office, City Assembly house, 80l.

„ Mark Byrne and Fergus Geraty, deputies and inspectors of weights and measures

„ Francis Dowling, esq. high constable and billet master

„ Christopher Ward, registrar to the Lord Mayor

„ Wilkinson, James, caretaker

here Coppinger's-row intersects

59 Ferrier, Pollock, and Co. wholesale warehousemen, 410l.

„, Ferrier, Alexander, esq. Knockmaroon, Chapelizod

„ Ferrier, Alex. jun. agent for the Scottish Widows Fund Assurance Society (see advertisement)

60 Delany, Brothers, wholesale shoe warehouse and leather merchants, 120l.

61 The Provincial Bank of Ireland—R. Murray, esq. manager, 110l., 55l.

„ M'Farlane, Alexander T. esq.

62 Dargan, William, & Co. flax spinners, office for Chapelizod mills

„ Dargan, William, esq.

63 Phayre, Miss Eleanor, 40l.

„ Alexander & Co. stores—office, 20 William-street

64 Thornton, William, house painter, decorator, &c. 40l.

„ Marchant, Sarah, court dress wardrooms

65 Percival, Alexander, and Co. commiss. agts. & warehousemen, 34l.

„ Scott, John, linen merchant and commission agent

66 Smith, James, discount office, 28l.

„ Yeates, John, hosier

„ Devoy, John C. wholesale stationer and printer

„ Courtney & Turner, Messrs. advertizing and news agents

„ Turner, C. T. coal & coke merch.

67 Wall, C. electroplater & gilder, jeweller, & gold & silver smith, 25l.

„ Wall, Mr. commission agent

68 Ferenbach, Brnd. pork butcher, & 24 Wicklow-st. & 26½ Moore-st. 17l.

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