SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

(Formerly Bow-lane.)

P. St. Michan.—Arran-quay W.City.

From Hammond-lane to King-st. North.

1 Slemen, Brothers, blacksmiths

2 to 4 Tenements, 1l. to 11l.

5 Boshell, John, and Son, corn, hay, and commission salesmen, 9l.

6 Building ground

7 St. Michan's Female Parochial School—John Murphy, master; Mrs. Smith, mistress

8 Night Asylum—Mrs. Nadin, matron

9 Matthews, Jas. cooper, stave and wood hoop merchant, 18l.

here May-lane intersects

here Church-street, New, intersects

10 & 11 Tenements, 4l., 8l.

12 & 13 Miller, Daniel, & Co. coppersmiths & brassfounders, 33l., 8l.

14 Dodd, Mr. Edward

15 to 30 Tenements, 4l. to 18l.

here Bedford-street intersects

31, 32, 33, and 34 Dairy yards

35 and 36 Tenements, 6l., 5l.

here King-street intersects

37 Tenements, 2l.

38 Entrance to O'Farrell and Sons' chandlery and soap-boil, works, 8l.

39 to 42 Tenements 7l. to 10l

…here Brown-street intersects

43 to 47 Tenements, 2l. 10s. to 7l.

here Carter's-lane intersects

48 Tenements, 8l.

49 Ruins

here Duck-lane intersects

50 Jameson, J.& Son, distillers, 420l.

51 Tenements, 10l.

52 Philipson, Mrs. M. hook-eye manf. 8l.

53 and 54 Wood, Christopher, and Son, provision merchants, 55l.

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