SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Grafton-street to Andrew-street.

P. St. Andrew, and South City W. north side, 1 to 23. P. St. Anne, Royal Exchange W. south side, 24 to 46.—City.

1 Murphy, Wm. boot & shoe maker, 27l.

2 Mallett, Richard F. Fox tavern, 32l.

3 Judge, Frederick H. military merchant tailor, 34l.

4 Entrance to Messrs. Forest & Son's, Grafton-street, 40l.

5 and 6 Wicklow hotel, George Clendining, prop. and Queen's hotel, Dalkey, 40l., 37l.

„ Mainey & Son, tailors and drapers

7 Tirbutt, Edw. military clothier, 38l.

8 Drake, C. and Son, plumbers, 28l.

„ Hamilton, Archibald, mercht. tailor

9 Higgins, Joseph, whip maker, 26l.

10 Wharton, Henry, mercht. tailor, 28l.

11 Hacket, Robert and Patrick, bootmakers, 30l.

„ Hacket, Miss, dress and stay maker

12 Holton, Mr. Thomas, 39l.

„ Yeates, Horatio, optician and philosophical instrument maker

13 Madden, Thos. carver & gilder, 30l.

„ Madden, Jno. engraver and copperplate printer

„ Entrance to Wm. and John Rigby's shooting gallery

14 Byrne, Rbt. seal cutter & printer, 27l.

15 St. Andrew's School & Widows' Alms-house

16 Tenements, 28l.

17 O'Connor, Thomas, esq. 27l.

18 Noonan, Peter, merchant tailor, 28l.

„ Porteous and Gibbs, letter-press and general printers

19 Lamie, Chas. merchant tailor, 30l.

20 M'Cready, John Davidson, m.d. f.k. & q.c.p.i. 26l.

„ M'Cready, Christopher, esq.

21 O'Connor & Hopper, mer. tailors, 26l.

„ O'Connor, Mr. Thomas

22 Clarke, Patrick, dairy, 22l.

23 Reid, Thomas, tailor, 13l.

here Andrew-st. and William-st. intersect.

24 Ferenbach, B. pork butcher, and 68 William-street, 20l.

25 Murray, Thomas, hairdresser, 25l.

26 Carroll, Maria, artifi. flower mkr. 23l.

27 Tenements, 24l.

28 Higgins, Mrs. dressmaker, 26l.

„ Higgins, John, carpenter & builder

29 Burke, Joseph, builder, 24l.

„ Nolan, Thomas, merchant tailor

30 and 31 Foley's hotel—Michael Foley, proprietor, each 26l.

here Wicklow-lane intersects

32 & 33 Cavanagh, F. bookbinder, 45l.

„ Smith, John, silversmith, rere of 32

34 English, John, tailor, 20l.

35 O'Connor, James, carver & gilder, and picture restorer, 20l.

36 M'Carthy, John, hairdresser, 20l.

37 Cavanagh, John, vintner. 18l.

here Clarendon-street intersects

38 Cullen, Lawrence, provision dl. 23l.

39 Hunt, Vere, grocer, 21l.

40 Dowling, A. poulterer, 24l.

41 Callan, William, baker, 34l.

42 Cunningham, J. vintner, 46l.

42½ Farrell, Jas. J. veterinary surgeon to the Lord Lieutenant and Constabulary Forces in Ireland—res. Lissonfield, Rathmines, 48l.

43, 44, and 46 Commercial Hall Co. general drapers and haberdashers, and 91, 92, and 93 Grafton-street, Switzer, Ferguson, and Co. proprietors

45 Barrett, C. umbrella, oil-cloth, and stamped table baize manufac. 35l.

46 Glennon, R. naturalist, mineralogist, and dealer in antiquities

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