SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Cuffe-street to Montague-street.

P. St. Peter.—Mansion-house W.—City.

1 Donnellon, Patk. prov. dealer, 11l.

2 Monks, Francis, tobacconist, 18l.

3 Murphy, Owen, grocer, 19l.

4 and 5 Fegan, Bernard, baker, and Collinstown, co. Meath, 28l., 20l.

6 Plunket, Mary Anne, prov. str. 26l.

7 M'Quinlan & Co. tobacco and snuff manufacturers, 29l.

8 Fitzpatrick, Thos. prov. dlr. 16l.

9 Tracey, J. victualler, 16l.

10 M'Gee, Mary, leather seller, 22l.

11 Redmond, Philip, grocer, wine, and spirit merchant, 38l.

here Protestant-row intersects

12 Russell, J. N. & Sons, bakers, 22l.

13 Dowdal, Nicholas, wax and tallow chandler, 24l.

14 Skinner, John, hairdresser, 24l.

„ Coldwell, L. prov. dlr. & salt stores

15 Logan, Michael, ironmonger, 28l.

„ Glennon, John, coal and coke stores

16 Mannock, Wm. circulating library, stationer, newspaper & periodical agent, &c. 16l.

17 Vacant, 20l.

18 Douglas, Jno. jun. linendraper, 30l.

19 Byrne, E. victualler, 22l.

„ Betts, George Charles, & Co. Times Tea Warehouse, and 30 Henry-st.

20 Noblett, Andrew, toy shop, 14l.

21 Donegan, Pat. victualler, 27l.

here Montague-st. & Camden-row intersect.

22 Neill, Pierce, provision dealer, 26l.

23 Thompson, Wm. delph shop, 26l.

24 Purcell, Patk. Michael, draper, 21l.

25 Vacant, 34l.

26 O'Grady, James, tea, wine, & spirit merchant, 48l.

27 Farrington, M. provision deal. 20l.

28 Vacant, 12l.

29 Somers, Patk. tallow chandler, 18l.

30 Brown, Pat. provision dealer, 25l.

31 Kelly, John, grocer, wine, & spirit merchant, 27l.

32 White and Co. druggists, 27l.

33 Reeves, Joseph R. miller & baker, Athgarvan mills, Newbridge, 42l.

34 Roche, Anthony, tallow chand. 10l.

here Camden-market intersects

35 Reynolds, John, dairy, 8l.

here Pump-alley intersects

36 Connell, Ptk. provision dealer, 28l.

37 Brown, Daniel, m.d. m.r.c.s.i. 25l.

38 Pigott, Mrs. Jane Mary, nail and leather seller, 36l.

39 Raphel, Henry, tobacconist, 10l.

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