SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Erne-street to Clarence-street, Gt.

P. St. Peter, South, and P. St. Mark, North.—South Dock W.—City.

1 Fennell, Hugh, provision deal. 18l.

2 to 9 Tenements, 18l. to 21l.

here Harmony-row intersects

10 Kinahan, Mr. Forbes, 6l.

11 Farrell, Mr. Anthony, 16l.

12 Timber yard and workshops of George Farrell, builder, 30l.

12½ Keely, Patrick, accountant

here Clarence-street, Great, Albert-place, Grattan-st. and Grant's-row intersect.

13 Barrett, Mr. Robert, 22l.

14 Hogan, John, sculptor, 26l.

„ Hogan, Mrs. John

15 Tenements, 22l.

16 Sharp, George, artist and professor of drawing, r.h.a. 20l.

17 Farrell, George, builder, 40l.

„ Whittaker, Geo. agent & receiver

18 Ewing, Mr. John, 23l.

19 to 21 Tenements, 21l., 13l., 13l.

here Wentworth-terrace intersects

22 Mealley, Mr. Christopher, 9l.

23 Aungier, Lawrence, painter, 9l.

24 Donnelly, William, grocer and wine merchant, & 17 & 18 Holles-st. 16l.

25 Sheridan, Patrick, prov. dealer, 14l.

here M'Clean's-lane intersects

26 M'Call, Patrick, grocer, spirit, and provision dealer, 14l.

27 Cassidy, Edward, dairy, 8l.

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