SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Queen-street to Barrack-street.

P. St. Paul.—Arran-quay W.—City.

1 Giudera, Patrick, grocer, 23l.

2 Thorpe, John, hosier, linendraper, and haberdasher, 19l.

3 Rochfort, Francis, prov. dealer, 18l.

4 Lindsay, William, tea and spirit dealer, 20l.

5 Fagan, James, grocer, 16l.

6 Hall, Mr. hairdresser, 15l.

7 Clancy, Danl. groc. & spir. dlr. 16l.

8 Mealy, Edward, provision deal. 16l.

9 Daly, Thomas, provision dealer, 13l.

[10 to 12—12l. to 15l.]

10 Wilson, Olvr. shoe finding shop,

11 Morgan, Denis, prov. stores,

12 Tenements,

13 Neill, Owen, dairy, 13l.

14 Doyle, Denis, provision dealer, 13l.

15 Farrell, Patk. provision dealer, 13l.

16 Byrne, James, prov. dealer, 15l.

17 Nagle, Nichs. P. & Son, auctioneers and vintners, 16l.

here Hendrick-lane intersects

18 Hall, Mrs. 12l.

„ M'Causland, Isabella, haberdasher

19 O'Neill, John, dairy, 14l.

20 to 23 Tenements, 11l. to 14l.

here Barrack-street intersects

24 Brady, Patrick, clothes broker, 10l.

25 English, Thomas, broker, 7l.

26 Tenements, 10l.

27 Dowdall, David, clothes broker, 11l.

28 and 29 Tenements, each 11l.

30 Wood, Charles William, boot and shoemaker, & clothes broker, 11l.

here John-street intersects

[31 to 35—8l. to 11l.]

31 and 32 Tenements,

33 Brown, Nich. broker,

34 Day, Michael, slater,

35 Ross, E. furniture stores,

36 Fox, John, broker, 16l.

here Browne's-alley intersects

37 Kelly, Joseph, broker, 15l.

38 Comer, John, broker, 15l.

39 Browne, William, shoemaker, 13l.

40 Kearns, William, broker, 14l.

41 Carroll, Rose, broker, 14l.

[42 to 44—6l. to 13l.]

42 Gilson, Owen, tobacconist,

43 Leonard, Paul, clothes broker,

44 Stewart, Michl. prov. dealer.

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