SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From James's-gate to Francis-street.

P. St. Catherine.—1 to 46 and 80 to 163 Usher's-quay W. 47 to 79 Merchants'-quay W.—City.

A Pillar Letter-box at the corner of Meath-street.

1 Brewery house, 60l.

2 to 6 Vacant, 11l. to 15l.

here Crane-street intersects

7 Ennis, Catherine, provision dealer and corn chandler, 21l.

8 Mooney, Denis, haircutter, 9l.

9 Dunne, Michael, prov. dealer, 18l.

10 Phelan, Michael, prov. dealer, 23l.

11 and 12 Millar, Adam, and Co. rectifying distillers, tea, wine, and spirit merchants, and 12, 13, and 14 Rainsford-street, 60l., 26l.

„ Millar, Adam, merchant; residence, 7 Clifton-ville, Monkstown

13 Whelan, James, corn & flour mer.—stores, 2 and 3 Bond-street, Grand Canal harbour, & Willbrook flour mills, Rathfarnham—res. Willbrook, 24l.

14 Murphy, John, plumber, coppersmith, and bell founder (see advertisement), 48l.

15 Sullivan, Jas. provision dealer, 25l.

16 Newtown Perry, Askeaton Lock, and Corbally mills bakery, 16l.

17 Duffy, Matthew, tea, wine, spirit, & seed merchant, 35l.

„ Fricker, Rev. M. Antony, c.c.

18 Bebe, John, wholesale grocer, wine and spirit merchant 30l.

United Butter Crane—Benjamin Eaton, weighmaster; Joseph Macken, inspector; Michael Gavin, factor

19 Dowling, Martha, victualler, 28l.

„ Dowling, J. victualler

20 Brophy, Wm. provision dealer, 25l.

21 Graham, T. provision dealer, 15l.

22 College of the Immaculate Conception—Rev. Hilary Lenoir, o.m.i. principal; Rev. William Bennett, o.m.i. prefect of the studies

23 Wood, Christopher and Patrick, ham and bacon curers, and provision merchants

24 Murray, James, dairy, 15l.

25 to 27 Tenements, 16l., 17l., 14l.

28 Holdright, Edw. grocer, tea, wine, spirit, and seed merchant, and 1 Thomas-court, and 68 & 69 North King-street, 70l.

here Thomas-court intersects

St. Catherine's Church—Rev. Robert Vance, rector; Andrew Hamilton, sexton

here Catherine's-lane intersects

29 Sheridan, Joseph, victualler, 22l.

30 Stafford, Wm. gen. prov. mer. 32l.

31 Hall, Edward, provision dealer, 23l.

here Beagan's-court intersects

32 Neill, Thomas, provision dealer, 38l.

33 Ward, Elizabeth, baker and flour stores, 45l.

34 Dunne, Michael, victualler, 25l.

here Byrne's-alley intersects

35 O'Reilly, Peter, victualler, 34l.

36 Cassidy, Matthew, hide, skin, and feather merchant, and 9 Castle avenue, Clontarf, 50l.

37 Malone, John, card manufac. 23l.

38 Pattison, Henry, importer & wholesale dealer in teas, coffee, sugars, spices, and foreign fruits, 68l.

„ Pattison, Mr. Henry, Druid Lodge, Loughlinstown

39 Murray, Patrick, baker, 18l.

40 Walsh, Mrs Rosanna, victualler, 22l.

here Swan-alley intersects

[41 to 42—45l.]

41 M'Quillan, Ml. tobacconist,

42 Geale, William, victualler,

43 Keating, Jas. provision dealer, 20l.

44 Foley, P. victualler, 27l.

45 Hunt, Rich. wholesale grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 30l.

46 Keogh, Wm.provision merchant, 16l.

47 Wardell, John and William, grocers and provision merchants, and 12 Harold's-cross, 60l.

here Meath-street intersects

48 and 49 Bouchier, Bailey, & Co. trimming merchants, 48l., 38l.

50 & 51 Bulfin & Fay, wholesale grocers, wine merchants, spirit factors, and stationers, 60l., 38l.

„ Bulfin, Patk. mer.—res. 19, Mountjoy-square, east, and Woodtown, Rathfarnham

„ Fay, P. M. merchant

52 Carroll, John, victualler, 40l.

53 Perrin and Goodbody, Aerated Bread Co. 30l.

54 Kelly, Mrs. Norah, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 39l.

„ Murtha, Michl. provision dealer, 19l.

here Molyneux-yard intersects

55 O'Callaghan, J. M. baker, 24l.

55½ Keeffe, T. boot and shoe maker

56 Dennan, Patrick, tobacconist, 32l.

57 Dunne, P. starch & blue manuf. 32l.

here Grattan-court intersects

58 Dunne, Matthew, victualler, 38l.

59 Purcell, Francis, and Son, wholesale haberdashers& warehousemen, 55l.

„ Purcell, Francis John, merchant, 1 Breffin-ter. Sandycove, Kingstown

here Vicar-street intersects

60 O'Leary, Robert, wholesale grocer, tea, wine and spirit merchant, 54l.

61 Creeth, John, wholesale trimming and drapery warehouse, 55l.

„ Abbott, Jn. whalebone manufactory and Longford-place, Monkstn. 14l.

62 Moran, Thomas, surgeon and accoucheur, 45l.

63 O'Connor, Henry, wholesale confectioner and sugar boiler, 11 Christchurch-place, and 11 and 12 King-street, north, 13l.

64 Andrews, Simon, vintner, 30l.

65 Houghton, John, Emerald hotel, wine and spirit merchant, 33l.

here Talbot Inn-yard intersects

66 and 67 Kelly, Joseph, timber and slate merchant, and city saw mills, and 128 and 129 Francis-street—res. Martello ter. Bray, 65l.

68 Preston, Robert, gutta percha boot and shoe manufacturer, 30l.

69 Madden, Thos. ladies' and gentlemen's boot and shoe maker, 26l.

here Madden's-court intersects

70 Keane, John, sen. soap and candle manufacturer, 25l.

71 Hickey, John, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 32l.

72 Henderson, Geo. and Co. wholesale trimming warehouse, 42l.

73 Keane, John, jun. wax and tallow candle manufacturer, soap boiler, and general merch. and 9 Stoneybatter, 50l.

74 Gavan, John, grocer, tea, wine, & spirit merc. and 66 Summer-hill, and 1 Buckingham-street, 48l.

75 Cleary, Thos. F. draper, milliner, & Manchester warehouseman, 65l.

76 Baker, Wardell, and Co. wholesale and retail grocers, tea and coffee dealers—stores, 142 Francis-st. 65l.

„ Wardell, Jno. Thorncliffe, Rathgar

77 Loughery, Mrs. Anne, grocer and provision dealer, 30l.

78 Pilsworth, Patk. grocer and spirit dealer, & 133 James's-street, 24l.

79 Fowler, Peter, grocer, tea, wine, & spirit dealer, 149 Francis-street, and Sion, county Kildare, 34l.

here Francis-street and New-row intersect.

80 & 81 Anderson and Bailey, rope, twine, and whip manufacturers, and Ashbrook, South Circular-road, 19l., 22l.

„ Anderson, Ts. commercial lodgings

„ Bailey, Mr. George Henry

82 & 83 Bates, Peter, ironmonger, plumber, and gas-fitter, 33l.

84 Tenements, 20l.

85 Rowlands, Matthew, brass-founder and gas-fitter, 19l.

86 Doyle, Denis, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 27l.

87 Dynan, P. rope and twine maker, and 38 New-row, 28l.

88 Warren, Gerald P. printer, wholesale bookseller, stationer, and publisher—printing office, 49 Old Kilmainham, 40l.

„ Warren, John, printer

here John-street intersects

89 to 92 Augustinian Friary Chapel

93 to 95 Elliott, Cooke, and Co. ironmongers, rope manufacturers, & hardware merchants; rope factory, Circular-road, Kilmainham, 99l.

96 Cavanagh, Jno. tinplate worker, 18l.

97 Mahon, Jas. wholesale feather, flock, and curled hair warehouse, 21l.

97½ Bell, Thomas, hairdresser

here John's-lane intersects

98 Early, John, dairy, 20l.

99 Keenan, Wm. provision dealer, 15l.

100 French, Bridget, wool & tow card manufacturer, & prov. dealer, 30l.

101 Farrell, Hugh, card and bellows manufacturer, 21l.

102 Coogan, John, whip manufac. 15l.

103 Vacant, 30l.

104 Daniel, Rev. James, c.c. 27l.

„ Hally, Rev. James, c.c.

105 Johnston and Co. machine bread and biscuit bakers, and Ball's-bridge, 45l.

„ Farrell, Rev. John P. Canon, p.p.

„ Duquay, Rev. E. F. c.c.

„ M'Cabe, Rev. James, c.c.

106 Garratt, Joseph, & Co. wholesale grocers, tea, & coffee dealers, 54l.

„ Garratt, Joseph, Purbeck lodge, Monkstown

„ White, Joshua, esq. and 11 Charleville road, Rathmines

107 Hill, Richard, china and glass merchant, 45l.

„ Gleaves, Mr. William

108 & 109 Shannon, Isaac, Manchester and Scotch warehouse, and 38 Arran-quay, 40l., 45l.

110 Dolan, Pat. wholesale and retail tea, wine, and spirit merchant—res. Oakley park, Blackrock, 52l.

111 Clarke, Lawrence, surgeon and accoucheur, 28l.

112 Purcell, Lawrence, pewter, copper, sheet-iron and window glass warehouse, 40l.

113 Roy, Robert, druggist, 30l.

114 Harley, Maria, china impor. 36l.

115 M'Cann and Mulligan, wholesale grocers, tea, wine, and spirit merchants, 55l.

„ M'Cann, William, merchant

„ Mulligan, D. T.

116 Boyd, Edward W. & Co. salt and coal merchants, 33l.

117 Wall, Catherine, salt importer, 28l.

118 Gallagher, Rose, hotel & tav. 25l.

119 Yellow-lion inn—Martin White, proprietor, and car owner, 54l.

„ Dowling, Nicholas, tea, wine, and spirit merchant

120 and 121 Tenements, 12l., 17l.

122 Tully, Terence, stationer, 18l.

here Whitehorse-alley intersects

123 Lawler, Benj. J. hairdresser, 23l.

„ Coyne, John, union and Scotch pipes maker

124 Kearns, James, pawnbroker, and 129 and 130 Summer-hill, 30l.

here Aylward's-court intersects

125 Magrath, Michael, dairy, 13l.

126 Vacant, 60l.

127 Might, Thos. confectioner, 27l.

128 Gore, James, druggist, 36l.

129 Dwyer, J. chandler and soap boiler, 16l.

130 Connor, Pat. salt merchant, 18l.

131 Daly, Denis, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 33l.

here Bridgefoot-street intersects

132 Fitzpatrick, J. and J. wholesale soap and candle works, Bridgefoot-street, & Marshalsea-lane, 95l.

133 Malone, Mrs. victualler, 20l.

134 Kelly, James, provision dealer, coal and coke store, 23l.

135 Guidera, Wm. grocer and spirit merchant, 23l.

136 and 137 Tenements, 23l., 43l.

138 Mowles, Thomas, soap and candle manufacturer, 22l.

139 Kenna, Michael, saddler and harness maker, 16l.

140 Tenements, 18l.

141 Booth, Henry, pawnbroker, 58l.

142 Ryan, Michael, tobacco, snuff, and cigar manufacturer, and 4 Marshalsea-lane, 42l.

143 Vacant, 54l.

here Marshalsea-lane intersects

144 Leahy, Teresa, wholesale grocer and spirit merchant, 42l.

145 O'Dea, Thomas, tobacconist, 35l.

146 Farrelly, Mrs. grocer, and provision dealer, 22l.

147 Tenements, 19l.

148 Tallon, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 18l.

149 Tenements, 9l.

149½ M'Cormick, M. lodgings, 8l.

150 Dwyer, Edward, dairy and car owner, 12l.

151, 152, and 153 Dunnill, Thos. wool merchant, 82l., 14l., 14l.

„ Dunnill, Thos. wool merchant—res. Wakefield, Grosvenor-road, Rathmines

154 Leech, Thos. merchant tailor, 18l.

155 Tenements, 16l.

156 Colgan, Maria, and Co. soap boilers and tallow chandlers, 24l.

157, 158, and 159 Roe, Henry and Sons, distillers, & at 9, 11, 12, & 13 Bonham-st. Mountbrown, and 22 & 23 Watling-street, 520l.

„ Roe, Henry, esq. 2 Fitzwilliam sq. e.

159 Reilly, Richard, vintner, 17l.

160 Carr, E. provision dealer, 7l.

161 Reddin, Sylvester, prov. dealer, 18l.

162 Tenements, 7l.

163 M'Nulty, John, provision dealer and grocer, 24l.

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