SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Thomas-street to Earl-street, Sth.

P. St. Catherine.—Usher's-quay W.—City.

1 Holdright, Edward, vintner, grocer, seedsman, and gen. merchant, 28 Thomas-st. & 69 North King-st.

2 to 4 Tenements, 10l. to 12l.

here Miller's-alley intersects

5 Feely, Hugh, wood turner and sawyer, 8l.

6 Toole, Dominick, prov. dealer, 8l.

7 Stable and stores, 8l.

8 Tenements, 7l.

9 Feeley, John, turner, 7l.

here Rainsford-street intersects

10 Davis, Rich. timber merchant, 10l.

11 and 12 Tenements, 5l., 8l.

here Gilbert's-alley intersects

13 to 18 Tenements, 6l. to 8l.

19 Stabling, 4l.

here Thomas-court Bawn, and Earl-street, South, intersect.

20 to 24 Tenements, each 6l.

25 M'Gouran, Robert J. timber yard, and 54 Bridgefoot-street, 8l.

here Hanbury's-lane intersects

Saint Catherine's Charitable Schools and Poor Shop Industrial and Drawing School

26 to 28 Tenements, 8l. to 10l.

29 Keely, Michael, smith & broker, 8l.

30 Connell, Daniel, dairy, 8l.

31 Tenements, 6l.

32 Curran, M. provision stores, 8l.

33 to 36 Tenements, each 6l.

37 Hamilton, Andrew, sexton of St. Catherine's parish, 6l.

„ Robinson, W. J. accountant

Meath Charitable Loan Society Office—William Singleton, secretary

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