SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Capel-street to Dominick-street, Lr.

P. St. Mary.—1 to 29 Rotunda W. and 30 to 64 Inns-quay W.—City.

1 Molloy, Michael J. spirit stores, 55l.

2 Tenements, 23l.

3 Mulligan, Philip, vintner, 22l.

here Cross-lane intersects

4, 5, & 6 The European Hotel, James Molony, proprietor, 150l., 25l.

7 M'Kenzie, Andrew, plumber and gasfitter, 35l.

8 Meehan, John J. builder, 13l.

9 Nerney, Jas. builder and slater, and smoky chimney curer, 25l.

10 Purcell, James, builder, 14l.

here Bolton-place intersects

11 Murphy, Edward, dairy 14l.

12 Hughes, Henry, bog oak ornament manufacturer, 14l.

13 and 14 Tenements, each 11l.

15 O'Leary, Ptk. grocer & spirit dlr. 30l.

here King's Inns-street intersects

16 Duffy, John, carver and gilder, 26l.

„ Pollard, Thomas, stucco-plasterer

17 Kirwan, Mich. stone and marble works, 28l.

18 Kirwan, Miss Margt. seminary, 27l.

19 Corish, Andrew, printer, 24l.

„ Doran, Edward, basketmaker

20 Ellis, Julia, confectioner, 22l.

21 Tenements, 26l.

22 Nolan, Laurence, prov. mer. 26l.

23 Power, Michael, surveyor, 23l.

24 Carroll, Mrs. Bridget, confect. 20l.

25 Graham, William, baker, 28l.

26 Kavanagh, Lawrence, prov. deal. 20l.

27 Tenements, 22l.

28 Sheridan, Patk. shellfish tav. 23l.

29 Neade, Patrick, spirit stores, 37l.

here Dominick-street, Upper, and Dominick-street, Lower, intersect.

30 Dempsey, Pat. provision dealer, 23l.

31 O'Hea, Geo. gro. & spirit stores, 24l.

32 Lyons, Patrick, dairy, 22l.

33 & 34 Whitty, Moses, soap and candle manufacturer, 32l., 45l.

35 De Lisle, Eliz. prov. dealer, 22l.

36 Booth, John, provision stores, 18l.

37 Bennett, James, victualler, 28l.

38 Dowling, Christopher, dairy, 23l.

39 Martin, Andrew, cabinetmaker and tobacconist, 28l.

40 Purcell, John, victualler, 24l.

41 O'Leary, John, bootmaker, 32l.

42 Egan, M. grocer, 28l.

here Henrietta-street intersects.

43 O'Callaghan, Margaret, Queen's Inns tavern, 25l.

44 Kavanagh, Patk. tobacconist, 24l.

45 Woods, Mr. Patrick, 26l.

46 Forde, John, carpenter, 23l.

47 Towers, P. tailor and draper, 24l.

48 Tenements, 28l.

49 Tully, Matthew, solr. & Cavan, 26l.

50 Sweetman, Joseph, factor in general, and Emsworth, St. Doulough's, 32l.

51 Carroll, Thomas, bagatelle-table manufac. & cabinetmaker, 23l.

52 Corry, Thomas, fruit factor, 27l.

53 Greene, Richard, corn factor, hay, straw, and potato commission agent, 25l.

54 Rooney, Patrick, gen. draper, 35l.

55 Regan, Patrick, building surveyor and appraiser, 0l.

56 Flynn, Eliza, Midland Great Western and Southern Railway hotel, 28l.

here Yarnhall-street intersects

57 Lyon, Richard, medical practitioner, 25l.

58 Hughes, Andrew, vintner, 32l.

59 Leckie, William, stamp stationer, printer, and bookbinder, 44l.

60 M'Court, Lawrence, corn factor and seed merchant, stores, 32l.

61 Keon, Peter, pawnbroker, 38l.

62 Molloy, Margaret, prov. dealer, 24l.

63 Fleming, Fras. house painter, 13l.

64 Derum, John, grocer, 28l.

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