SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Marlborough-street to Amiens-street.

P. St. Thomas.—North Dock W.—City.

A Pillar Letter-box at the corner of Amiens-street.

1 Douglas, Miss Catherine, board and lodging-house, 34l.

2 Newman, Miss, dressmaker, 30l.

3 Campbell, John, m.d. 33l.

4 Orson, Hannah, dressmaker, 37l.

5 M'Cullagh, Mrs. 42l.

„ Byrne, Frederick, sol. & proctor

6 Fennell, Terence, pawnbroker, 42l.

7 Papworth, Charles, architect, 42l.

8 Field, Thomas, private lodging and boarding house, 42l.

9 Lyons, Mrs. boarding & day school, and governess agency office, 40l.

National Education Fem. Model School

10 Quan, L. & Sons, coach builders, 55l.

„ Quan, Mr. David

„ Quan, Mr. Samuel

11 Carolin, Frederick, solicitor, 50l.

12 Nedley, Thomas, m.d., m.r.c.s. 48l.

13 Hyland, Mrs. Rosanna, 48l.

14 Glover, Professor, lecturer on vocal music, 48l.

„ Glover & Co. pianoforte and harmonium warerooms

„ Glover, Mr. and Miss, pianoforte academy

15 Nowlan, John P. surgeon, physician to North City dispensary 48l.

16 M'Kenna, William Alexander, solicitor, and Elm-grove, Julianstown, co. Meath—chambers, 49 Talbot-street, 48l.

17 Carolin, George, builder and contractor, 48l.

18 Geale & Dwyer, sols. for Poor Law & National Education boards, 40l.

„ Geale, Edw. crown sol. for Longford and Cavan, North-west Circuit—and 27 Leeson-street

„ Dwyer, Henry, solicitor—residence, Chesterfield house, Booterstown

19 Askin, Paul, land agent, and agent to the Solicitors' Life and Imperial Fire Assurance Societies of London, and Belgrave-road, Rathmines (see advertisement), 40l.

here Gardiner-street, Lower, intersects.

20 & 21 Halston, And. build. 25l., 20l.

here Mabbot-lane intersects

22A O'Loughlin, James, fruiterer and confectioner

22B M'Kenna, Anthony, tailor

22C Kelly, Eliza, general draper

22D Fay, Thos. wax and tallow chand.

23 Watson, Joseph, tailor, 27l.

here Mabbot-street intersects

24 Brady, Philip, grocer, 21l.

24½ M'Quay, John, confectioner

25 Potter, William, pawnbroker, 28l.

26 Kenny, Ptk. provision dealer, 28l.

27 Doolin, William, building surveyor and measurer, 28l.

28 Cassin, Thomas, grocer and spirit merchant, 27l.

29 Smythe, Joseph T. stationer, book, and print seller, 29l.

30 to 34 Tierney, John, yard and stables

35 to 38 Verdon's Family & Commercial hotel—G. Dingwall, proprietor, & Prior's Wood, Artane, 170l.

39 Byrne, John, agent, 39l.

40 Kearney, J. hotel, 42l.

41 Tiernan, Thomas, prov. mer. 40l.

42 Byrne, John S. captain, 44l.

43 Bushe, Arthur, solicitor, 43l.

44 O'Callaghan, Mrs. Wm. 40l.

45 Cork and Bandon Railway Co.—James H. Connell, secretary, 40l.

46 Lover, William, surgeon, m.d. 40l.

47 Rushforth, Robt. hotel keeper, 40l.

48 The Mercantile Fire Insurance Co.—R. L. Dugan, agent, 40l.

49* Mackenna, Wm. A. solicitor, & 16

49 Kenny, Laurence, prov. dealer, 50l.

here Amiens-street intersects

50 & 51 Walsh, P. family grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merch. 34l., 28l.

52 Dempsey, Luke, prov. dealer, 28l.

53 Lawler, Michael, victualler and cattle dealer, 28l.

54 Rosborough, Alex. builder, 10l.

55 Ward, John, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit dealer, 20l.

56 Murphy, Denis Jos. bootmaker, and Elizaville, Howth, 22l.

here Talbot-place intersects

57 Dunne, Margaret, victualler, 37l.

59 M'Vey, Edward

60 Unfinished

61 Clarke, T. tobacconist, 9l.

„ M'Neill, Daniel, general smith and gate manufacturer, and Eglinton lodge, Roundtown

62 Price, Geo. R. chemist and druggist, and window glass merchant, 28l.

62½ Ward, James, victualler

„ Ryan, Stephen, provision dealer

here Spencer's-row intersects

63 Parkinson, J. forage stores, 5l.

64 Darcy, Miss, habit, serge, & veiling manufacturer, 29l.

65 Jones, Mrs. Eliza, 18l.

66 Brady, Philip, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit mer. and 8 Mabbot-street

here Mabbot-street intersects

67 Ryan, Wm. commer. lodging ho. 20l.

68 Welsh, Mrs. Captain, and Sandy mount, 21l.

„ Welsh, Richard George, esq.

Welch Methodist Preaching Ho.—chaplain, Rev. Evan Lloyd

here Gardiner-street, Lower, intersects

69 Scott, Mrs. 44l.

„ M'Mahon, John, barrister

„ Isles, Edward, esq.

„ Hornidge, Lewis Wilkinson, esq.

70 Power, Mrs. M. 39l.

71 Disney, Robert A. a.m. sol. 40l.

72 Egan, John, groc. & spirit mer. 44l.

73 Dublin and Belfast Junction Railway Office—Humphrey Minchin Bourne, barrister, secretary, 50l.

„ Bourne, Humphrey Minchin, bar.

74 Cooper, J. M. and Co. importers of china, glass, & earthenware, 48l.

75 Lyon, David, apothecary, accoucheur, & medical practitioner, 48l.

„ Pentland, Julia, church ornament and vestment warerooms

76 Caraher, Edw. sol. to the Royal College of Maynooth, and sessional crown solicitor for co. Louth—office, Fair-st. Drogheda, Dundalk and Ardee, 48l.

77 Madden and Reynolds, solicitors & proctors, 51l.

„ Madden, James P. solicitor and Oberstown, Lusk

„ Reynolds, Edward, solicitor

78 Moore, J. wine merchant, and Armagh, 50l.

79 Kane, Richard Deane, solicitor, and Limerick; and law agent to the Dublin & Drogheda, Dublin & Belfast Junction, & Dublin & Waterford & Limerick Railway Cos. and Kingstown Water Works, 70l.

„ Devitt, John F. barrister—and Quinsborough, Limerick

80 Hughes, William, builder, 28l.

81 Horan, William, solicitor, 32l.

82 Varian, Isaac S. brush manuf. 40l.

83 Vacant, 45l.

84 Digges, Henry, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, and registrar Trinity Church, Gardiner-st. lower, 40l.

85 Hibson, Robert, stone and marble manufactory, Antwerp Cottage, Crumlin, 60l.

86 North, Geo. agent for E. Smithwick and Sons, brewers, Kilkenny

87 Donnelly, James, builder and contractor, 30l.

88 Morgan, Charles, wholesale bookseller and commission agent, 34l.

„ Morgan, Mrs. private hotel

89 Furlong and Co. seed merchants & commission agents

„ Furlong, Jn. seedsman and florist

90 M'Cormick, James, builder and contractor, 25l.

*91 Mooney, Edward, purveyor, and provision merchant, 15l.

*91 Glennon, W. stone & marble wks. 5l.

92 Shaw, Hercules, coal agent, salt maker, and potato store, 8l.

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