SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Dorset-st. Lower, to Elizabeth-st.

P. St. George.—Inns-quay W.—City.

1 Evans, Miss, 27l.

2 Heath, Captain Thomas, 32l.

3 Cluff, Richard B. esq. 28l.

4 Lawless, Barry, esq. 17l.

5 Rowland, Mrs. 17l.

6 Sherlock, Mrs. 17l.

„ Gardiner, Thomas, esq.

7 Johnston, Maziere, wine mercht.—office, 2 Crampton-quay, 40l.

„ Johnston, Robert, solicitor—office, 7 D'Olier-street

„ Johnston, Francis, esq.

„ Johnston, Mrs. Harriet

8 Williams, C. Watkin, esq. and 38 Dame-street, 30l.

9 Dobbs, A. esq. g.p.o. 24l.

10 Higginbotham, Charles, esq. 24l.

11 Cassidy, Mrs. 22l.

12 Odium, Mr. William John, 22l.

13 White, Robt. carpenter and cabinet maker, 22l.

„ Nathan, George, carpenter

here Elizabeth-street intersects

14 Byrne, William, bone merchant, and 7 Shoe-lane, 25l.

15 Arbuckle, George, solicitor, 24l.

16 Irwin, Mrs. Sophia, 21l.

17 Fitzgerald, Thomas, esq. 21l.

18 Connor, Mrs. 23l.

19 Bartley, Miss Jane, 22l.

20 Carton, Jn. commrl. traveller, 22l.

21 and 22 Building ground

23 Fitzpatrick, O'Keeffe, solicitor, 27l.

24 Power, Peter, merchant, 31l.

25 Phillips, John, esq. lay secretary of Irish Society, 27l.

26 Sykes, Mrs. 25l.

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