SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Pleasant's-street to Lennox-street.

P. St. Peter.—Fitzwilliam W.—City.

here Synge-lane intersects

1 St. Leger, Anthony, esq.

2 Crofton, Charles, barrister, 18l.

3 Shaw, George C. esq. 17l.

4 Evans, James, com. traveller, 17l.

5 Edge, Mrs. Lucinda, 17l.

6 Read, George, carpenter, 17l.

„ Angeli, Professor of languages

7 Coulter, Mr. William, 17l.

8 Dunbar, Mr. Robert, 15l.

here Lennox-street intersects

9 to 14 Building ground

15 Sutherland, William, carpenter, 15l.

16 Byrne, Mr. Henry, 15l.

17 Johnston, Mrs. 18l.

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