SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Gardiner-street, Lower, to Portland-row.

P. St. Thomas 1 to 69 P. St. George, 69 to end.—Mountjoy W.—City.

1 Brady, Terence, grocer, and 35 Mabbot-street, 52l.

2 Kearns, Mr. James, 30l.

3 Murray, J. C. sol. & Roscom. 28l.

4 Ford, James, licentiate apothecary and accoucheur, 28l.

5 Vacant, 28l.

6 Stevenson, John, surgeon and accoucheur, 30l.

„ Stevenson, James, esq.

7 Sleator, John M. c.e. 31l.

„ Sleator, John, carpenter & builder

8 Griffin, John, coal merchant, house and estate agent, 25l.

„ Kelly, Joseph, sol. and Ballinasloe

9 Goodwin, Mrs. Sarah, 28l.

10 North City Dispensary, No. 1. Division—Arthur Davidson, l.a.

11 Galway, John, solicitor, 33l.

12 Gamble, Orr Reid, solicitor, 20l.

13 Murphy, Miss, 38l.

14 Corby, Mr. H. 24l.

15 Hughes, Mrs. lodging house, 24l.

here Hamilton's-lane intersects

16 O'Connor, Charles, sol. sergeant-at-arms, Court of Chancery, 21l.

17 Baker, John, bookseller, agent to James S. Virtue, publisher, 25l.

18 Murray, Henry, m.d. apothecary and accoucheur, 36l.

19 Roche, John, commission agent, and Eadies' Burton ale office, 31l.

20 Fitzgerald, John, esq. 28l.

„ Henderson, James, solicitor

„ Lord, Edw. sol. & Athy, co. Kildare

„ Lord, John, sessional Crown solicitor, county Kildare

21 Tomlinson, Rev. Thomas, curate of St. Mary's chapel of ease, 27l.

22 Holmes, John G. barrister, 29l.

23 Hughes, John, decorative artist, 27l.

24 O'Reilly, Terence, attorney & sol. 40l.

25 Connor, Mrs. 40l.

26 Mooney, Lawrence Richard, agent to the Earl of Caithness, 38l.

„ Mooney, Lawrence Francis, esq. superintendent of works

27 Vacant, 40l.

28 Female School—Mrs. Singleton, 39l.

29 Bomford, Mrs. 38l.

30 McCarthy, Mrs. 40l.

31 Vacant, 36l.

32 Hamilton, Mrs. 37l.

33 M'Guiness, Thomas, esq. 40l.

34 O'Conor, C. esq. 36l.

35 Bate, Henry A. solicitor, and 51 Sackville-street, upper, 42l.

36 Coghlan, Mrs. J. 39l.

37 White, Miss, 31l.

38 Mecredy, Henry Sandys, a.m. sol. and 1 Lower Ormond-quay, 56l.

„ James, Mrs. H. H.

39 Meredith, William Rice, solr. 47l.

„ Fitzgerald, John A. solicitor, and Mountmellick

„ Mason, John, solicitor

40 Scott, Mrs. 31l.

41 Byrne, John, law clerk, 28l.

42 O'Kelly, Miss, 28l.

43 Pountney, William, esq. 28l.

44 Building-ground

here Rutland-street, Lower, intersects

45 Egan, Wm. grocer and wine merchant, 87 North King-street, and 1 Rutland-street, lower, 34l.

46 Lube, William Francis, esq. 31l.

47 Dunn, Mr. 34l.

48 D'Alton, John, barrister, 42l.

„ D'Alton, Edward, solicitor

49 Carroll, Redmond, solicitor, 42l.

„ Carroll, Anthony R. solicitor

50 Mangan, Thomas, esq. 44l.

51 Taylor, William, esq. 32l.

„ Peters, The Misses, ladies' sem.

52 Graydon, Newenham, sen. esq. 40l.

„ Graydon, Uninore P., s.t.c.d.

„ Graydon, Newenham E. E. solicitor

„ Graydon, Arthur P. civil engineer

53 Palles, Andrew Christr. solicitor, 36l.

„ Palles, Christopher, barrister, ll.d.

54 Harberton, Dowag. Viscountess, 44l.

55 Monsarrat, M. & Son, wine mer. 42l.

„ Monsarrat, Nicholas Wade, esq. and Milltown house, Milltown

56 Raper, Miss Lydia, 40l.

57 Mills, Henry Dillon, solicitor, 40l.

58 Moffit, Mrs. Eliza, 33l.

59 Hickson, Geo. B. q.c. 39l.

60 Law, Wm. John, law agent, 34l.

61 Harris, John Eyre, esq. 24l.

62 Vacant, 24l.

63 Boyd, Mrs. 22l.

64 Doyle, Mr. George, 20l.

65 West, Joseph, groc. & prov. dlr. 25l.

here Buckingham-street intersects

66 Gavan, Miss, grocer, wine, & spirit merchant, 74 Thomas-st. and 1 Buckingham-street, 36l.

67 Foster, Miss, 28l.

68 Mynors, Mr. Michael, 22l.

69 Keane and Co. grocers and spirit dealers, 20l.

69½ Barry, Richard, victualler

here Baily's-row, Duke-row. Portland-row, and Richmond-place, intersect.

70 Dennis, Bernard, fruiterer, 14l.

71 Kennedy, Mr. John, 12l.

72 Kennedy, John, victualler, 14l.

72½ Hogarty, Patrick, hairdresser

73 Tenements, 13l.

74 Hoey, James, dairy, 11l.

75 Whittaker's timber yard

76 to 79 Building ground

80 O'Shanessy, Francis, esq. 20l.

„ O'Shanessy, John J. prof. of music

„ O'Shanessy, Fras. jun. prof. of music

„ Wilson, James Burne, sol. & proctor, agt. to the Provincial Insur. Comp.

„ Wilson, Thos. sol. & proc. agt. to the

Peoples' Provident Assurance Soc.

81 Walker, Mrs. 22l.

82 Byrne, Miss, lodging-house, 20l.

83 Evans, John, esq. 20l.

84 to 92 Building ground

93 Anthony, Mr. James, 20l.

94 Brooke, Miss Elizabeth, 20l.

95 Thacker, Mrs. 18l.

„ Hackett, Susanna, stay & corset mk.

96 Mahon, Wm. coach builder, 18l.

„ Mahon, Thomas, coach maker

here Rutland-street, Upper, intersects

97 Byrne, Valentine, prov. dealer, 15l.

Post Office Receiver & Money Order Office—Val. Byrne, recvr.

98 Byrne, Valentine, chandler, 18l.

99 Donovan, James, clerk, 24l.

100 Cooke, Miss, 28l.

101 to 105 Hutton, Messrs. John and Sons, timber yard, 18l.

106 Corlett, H. Lee, esq. & Inchicore, 33l.

„ Corlett, Henry, esq.

107 Busby, John, esq. 17l.

108 Bartley, Mr. Patrick, 18l.

109 Lynch, George, esq. 15l.

110 Grace, Ellen, booksel. and stat. 17l.

111 Whyte, Robert, bootmaker, and beadle of St. George's parish, 19l.

112 Byrne, Simeon, dairy, 8l.

113 Hoey, Owen, meal& flour stores, 15l.

114 Hogan, Jas. grocer & spirit dlr. 13l.

here Mountjoy-place, Lower, intersects

115 Hutton, Thomas, esq. d.l. j.p. and Elm Park, Drumcondra, & Grange Foyle, Strabane, co. Tyrone, 120l.

116 Hutton, Lucius Octavius, esq. 52l.

117 Hutton, Messrs. John and Sons, coach builders, 34l.

118 Hutton, Thos. Maxwell, esq. 40l.

120 Bryan, M. F. confectioner, 20l.

121 Dillon, Catherine, vintner, 33l.

122 Murphy, Mr. Laurence John, 6l.

123 and 124 Tenements, 6l., 8l.

125 Stables, 24l.

126 Byrne, Arthur, dairy, 7l.

127 Cullen, Thomas, victualler, 7l.

128 Farrell, James, marine stores, 7l.

129 and 130 Kearns, Jas. pawnbroker, & 24 Anne-st. nth. & Bray, 23l., 20l.

here Langrishe-place intersects

131 Tormey, W. provision dealer, 22l.

132 Keogh, Laurence, victualler, 18l.

133 Widows' Alms-house

134 Gerrard, E. and A. trimming and haberdashery warehouse, 24l.

„ Byrne, P. stationer and news agent

here Redmond's-court intersects

135 O'Reilly, Jno. clothes cleaner, 18l.

136 Graham, William, victualler, 21l.

137 O'Toole, Cornelius, spirit dlr. 19l.

138 Wright, Bernard, victualler, 17l.

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