Strand-street, Little

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Arran-street, E. to Capel-street.

P. St. Michan, 1 to 8 and 17 to 36. P. St. Mary, 9 to 16.—North City W.—City.

1 Tenements, 6l.

2 Condron, Michael, prov. dealer, 24l.

3 Creagh, Robert, merchant, 23l.

„ Creagh, Butler, merchant

4 Doran, Alfred, coachmaker, 15l.

5 Power, John, tailor, 6l.

[6 to 14—3l. to 15l.]

6 to 13 Tenements,

14 Bias, Wm. L. law agent,

15 Whitthorn, Thomas, carpenter 10l.

16 M'Donald, brass founder, 10l.

17 O'Neil, Mary, provision dealer, 10l.

18 Tenements, 6l.

here Capel-street intersects

19 Dunn, Patrick, dairy, 12l.

20 M'Mahon, Andrew, corkcutter, 12l.

21 School-house of Ormond-quay Meeting-house

22 Tenements, 6l.

23 Stores of Littledale & Co.

24 Reilly, Patrick, rag and bone stores

25 Kiernan, Andrew, locksmith

26 Tenements

27 to 32 Littledale, J. and J. stores, 30l.

33 Tenements, 7l.

34 and 35 Lynch, Thos. basket maker, and manufacturer of packing hampers, &c. 7l., 8l.

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