SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Longford-street, Gt. to Mercer-st.

P. St. Peter, 1 to 36, and 43 to 74. P. St. Bride, 37 to 42.—Royal Exchange W.—City.

1 Kane, John, provision dealer, 23l.

2 Kinsley, Anne, grocer and spirit merchant, 30l.

3 Somers, John, & Co. bakers and butter merchants, 28l.

4 and 5 Kinsley and Tagart, wholesale grocers, wine, & spirit dls. 34l., 25l.

„ Tagart, Philip, merchant, t.c.

6 O'Brien, Joseph, corn chandler, 20l.

7 Hall, William, broker, 28l.

„ Quinn, John, hairdresser

8 Kavanagh, Js. slater & builder, 18l.

9 Gillchrist, Mrs. hatter, 30l.

9½ Hull, John, broker 6l. 10s.

10 Doyle, James, provision dealer, 25l.

11 Burke, Wm. gen. fancy dealer, 20l.

12 Dowling, Mrs. boot and shoe warehouse, 22l.

13 Malone, Thomas, leather seller, 26l.

14 Purcell, James, prov. dealer, 19l.

14½ Doran, Sarah, leather seller

15 Armstrong, G. saw & plane mkr. 28l.

„ Wallace, Mary, broker

16 Condon, Cath. shoe finding shop, 24l.

17 Bradfield, Wm. leather seller, 20l.

18 Donohoe, Matthew, dairyman, 18l.

19 Russell, John N. & Sons, bakery, 26l.

here Aungier-street intersects

20 Kelly, Thos. J. cap maker, & shoe warehouse, 12l.

21 Wall, Joseph, tailor, 10l.

22 Davis, James, broker, 10l.

here Dawson-court intersects

23 Timmins, Lydia, broker, 20l.

24 Cullen, Edward, broker, 18l.

25 Farrell, Joseph, broker, 16l.

26 Murphy, Henry, broker, 18l.

27 Hanrahan, E. R. baker and barm brewer, & army contr. & James's-place, Cross-av. Blackrock, 46l.

[28 to 30—16l. to 20l.]

28 Kennedy, John, hairdresser,

29 Byrne, Michl. boot & shoe mkr.

„ Fagan, Wm. boot & shoe mkr.

30 Gallagher, James, broker,

here Digges-lane intersects

31 Guillen, Margaret, dairy, 13l.

„ Mahony, Jane, provision dealer

32 Dempsey, Arthur, grocer, 30l.

33 Enright, John, brassfounder and gas fitter, 16l.

34 Butler, Margt. provision dealer, 18l.

35 and 36 Widows' Alms-house Mercer's Hospital

here Mercer-street intersects

37 Dillon, Mrs. Margaret, 14l.

38 M'Gowen, Mary, broker, 10l.

39 Butler, John, electro-plater, 18l.

40 Enright, Jas. tinplate worker, 18l.

41 Connolly, Eliza, provision dlr. 17l.

42 Hendrick, W. A. grocer, 24l.

here Drury-lane intersects

43 O'Leary, Edward, grocer, 21l.

44 Large, David, broker, 15l.

45 Nowlan, James, broker, 24l.

46 Buckley, Eliza, broker, 20l.

„ Kinsella, Thomas, broker

47 Tenements, 26l.

48 Kane, Stephen, prov. dealer, 19l.

49 and 50 M'Evoy, William, provision dealer, 33l., 24l.

51 and 52 Malone, Charles G. tea and wine merchant, and coffee dealer, 41 George's-st. south, and Churchtown park, Dundrum, 80l.

53 Muldoon, James, provision dlr. 26l.

54 Grady, Patrick, broker, 23l.

55 Tenements, 23l.

56 Mahon, Jane, provision dealer, 25l.

57 O'Neill, Jas. spirit, wine, and cordial stores, 48l.

here S. Great George's-street intersects.

58 Craig, Jas. wholesale lace agt. 20l.

59 Walsh, Christr. chandler, 22l.

60 Hopkins, Thomas, watchmaker, 20l.

61 Dudley, John, dealer in pictures, watches, and jewellery, 22l.

62 Glover, Mrs. stationer, 32l.

„ Pigott, T. leather seller

63 Booth, Brothers, mechanical tool warehouse, ivory, and hardware stores, 45l.

„ Booth, James, mahogany timber and sash store—res. 37 Harrington-street

64 Brady, Peter, boot & shoe mak. 26l.

65 Casey, Michael, broker, 25l.

66 Wren, Francis, furniture brok. 25l.

67 Richardson, Daniel, soap boiler and tallow chandler, 83l.

68 and 69 Barrack hospital

70 to 74 Infantry barracks

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