Stephen's-green, West

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Cuffe-street to King-street, South.

P. St. Peter.—Mansion-house W.—City.

106 Hume, George, soap boiler and chandler, wax and spermaceti importer, 38l.

Post Office Receiver and Money Order Office—Geo. Hume

107 Deale, Brothers, boot and shoe manufacturers, 45l.

108 Penrose, Brothers, grocers & wine merchants, 58l.

„ Penrose, Frederick G. grocer

„ Penrose, Barker J. and 1 Belgrave-road, Rathmines

109 Telford and Telford, organ builders to Her Majesty, 103l.

„ Telford, William, organ builder

„ Stewart, Wm. esq. Law Exchqr.

110 Ellis, Andrew, m.d. f.r.c.s.i. 73l.

111 MacSwiney, Stephen M. m.d. surgeon, physician, & accoucheur, 73l.

112 Vacant, 118l.

113 Vacant, 54l.

114 Halliday, Mrs. Marian, 48l.

115 M'Fadden, James, solicitor, 60l.

116 Vacant, 50l.

117 Mackintosh, Wm. surg. dentist to the Lord Lieutenant, 72l.

118 Mitchell, Arthur, m.d. l.k.q.c.p. professor of botany Royal College Surgeons, 72l.

119 Gibbs, Mrs. Jane, 78l.

120 Wilmot, Sam. G. m.d. surgeon, 90l.

here Proud's-lane intersects

121 Ireland, Richard S. m.d. and surgeon to Metropolitan Police, 57l.

122 Vacant, 70l.

here York-street intersects

123 Royal College of Surgeons—John Brennan, esq. registrar, 450l.

here Glover's-alley intersects

124 Frazer, Wm. m.d. l.k.q.c.p.i. 58l.

125 Mapother, Edward Dillon, m.d. surg. to St. Vincent's Hospital, 58l.

126 O'Toole, James J. upholsterer, window blind and bath chair manufacturer, 73l.

127 Smyth, William, & Son, plumbers and brassfounders, 62l.

„ Smyth, Mr. William O'Brien

128 Hamilton, Ed. m.b. t.c.d. f.r.c.s.i. surg. Dr. Steevens' hospital, 50l.

129 Stewart, John, esq.

130A Dawson, Geo. commer. trav. 66l.

130B Dublin Consumers Coal Company, with 131, 374l.

131 Anderson, Henry, horse repository—res. Beverston, Roebuck

132 Rowse & Co. booksellers, stationers, and printsellers, 37l.

133 Bole, David, esq. 65l.

„ Close & Co. saddlery and harness manufacturers

„ Close, Mr. Joseph, and 5 Eglinton-terrace, Phibsborough

134 Warren, Ths. & Son. paper-hanging manufacturers, house painters, and contractors, 50l.

„ Warren, Thomas, jun.

„ Warren, Thomas, and Anna cottage, Clanbrassil-street, upper

„ Lewis, Sarah, prof. of pianoforte

„ Lloyd, B. C. q.c. ll.d.

135 Jones, Arthur, Son, & Co. cabinet-manufacturers, house furnishers, undertakers, valuators, and auctioneers to the Board of Works, & rere of 4, 5, 6, & 7 Sth. King-st. 120l.

„ Jones, John Lambert, esq.—res. Dundrum

136 Leet, Chas. Hen. m.b. m.c.l.a.h.d. member of the Medical Council of Education, &c. 72l.

„ Leet, Charles Henry, jun. m.r.c.s. l.a.h. late of H.M. 5th Fusiliers

137 Sawyer, James H. m.d. l.r.c.s.i. professor of midwifery r.c.s.i. 70l.

138 Reeves, Mrs. court dress mkr. and Indian outfitting warerooms, 26l.

139 Cooke, Edward, saddler, 55l.

140 Graham, Lemon, & Co. confecs. 40l.

„ Maddock, Benj. pianoforte seller

„ Laroche and Williams, photographic gallery

141 Nugent, Felix, vintner and spirit merchant, 50l.

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