Stephen's-green, East

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Merrion-row to Leeson-street.

P. St. Peter.—Mansion-house W.—City.

39 Newcombe, Mrs. R. J. teacher of dancing, 65l.

„ Newcombe, R. Tracton House, and Derostown House, Maynooth

40 Guinness, Benjamin Grattan, m.d. l.r.c.s.i. & l.k. & q.c.p.i. 65l.

„ Guinness, Grattan Frederick, esq.

41 Finney, Mrs. boarding-house, 53l.

42 Smith, Catterson, p.r.h.a. m.r.i.a. and portrait painter to the Lord Lieutenant, 58l.

43 M'Mahon, Mrs. Elizabeth, 55l.

44 Battersby, John, paper-hangings manufacturer and importer, house painter and decorator, 68l.

45 Wilmot, Mrs. 66l.

here Hume-street intersects

46 Bond, Thomas W. solicitor, 53l.

„ Little, Simon, and Wexford

„ Elgee, Richard Waddy, solicitor

47 Agar, Hon. & Ven. J. archdeacon of Kilmore, Carrigaline, Leitrim, & Hollywood, County Wicklow, 95l.

48 Doherty, Miss, 80l.

49 Greene, Richard, esq. 110l.

„ Greene, Rev. Wm. C. prebendary of St. Michael's

50 Fitzgerald, the Hon. Frans. Alex. third Baron of the Exchequer, 120l.

51 Museum of Irish Industry, under the direction of the Board of Trade; director, Sir Robert Kane, knt. m.d. f.r.s. m.r.i.a. pres. Queen's Col. Cork, and Wickham, Dundrum, county Dublin, and Queen's College, Cork, 450l.

52 Pigott, Right Hon. David R. Lord Chief Baron of the Court of Exchequer, and a Commissioner of National Education, 200l.

53 Loretto Female Boarding and Day Schools—Mrs.D'Arcy, superioress, 180l.

54 Brabazon, Major Hugh, 93l.

55 Blane, Lieut.-Col. c.b. Assistant-Adjutant-General, 82l.

56 St. Vincents Hospital of the Sisters of Charity—Mrs. Helena MacCarthy, superioress

57 Vacant, 68l.

58 Orpen, Jno. Herbert, ll.d. bar. 95l.

59 Batty, Espine, barrister, 77l.

60 Walsh, Miss, 80l.

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