Stephen's-green, North

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Grafton-street to Merrion-row.

P. St. Anne—1 to 13 Royal Exchange W. 14 to 26 Mansion-house W. 27 to 38 Trinity W.—City.

A Pillar Letter-Box opposite No. 7.

1 Jones, P. & C. house painters and decorators; French and English paper-hangings warehouse, 88l.

„ Jones, Patrick, esq.

„ Jones, Charles, esq.

„ Maunsell, D. Toler T. m.b. t.c.d. l.r.c.s.i.

2 Sloane, James, house-furnishing & manufacturing ironmonger, 85l.

„ Sloane, Mr. William George

„ Sloane, James, jun. ironmonger

3 Magill, George, coach builder to the Lord Lieutenant, & 14 Redmond's-hiil—residence Wellington, Cullenswood-avenue, 100l.

„ Wall, Anne, milliner & court dress maker

4 Booth, James, foreign and English watch and clock maker, 62l.

„ Corcoran, Laurence William, solicitor, and Enniscorthy

5 Evans, Thomas, apothecary and surgeon, 60l.

6 Dillon, Charles, W. esq. 60l.

The Stephen's-green Exhibition and Photograph Gallery

7 Smyth, Robt. & Sons, grocers and wine merchts. and Westland-row, and Streatham, London, 130l.

„ Smyth, Charles F. merchant

„ Smyth, Robert, merchant

„ Burke, John

8 Hibernian United Service Club.—Joshua Fayle, esq. secretary; Mr. Moran, house steward, 275l.

9 Stephen's-green Club—Mr. Michael Finn, manager, 180l.

10 Maclean, Francis, state dentist, 60l.

„ Maclean, Francis, jun. dentist

11 D'Alton, Wm. solr. master extraordinary Ct. of Chanc. England, 65l.

12 Harris, Mr. John, 68l.

„ Harris, J. Pitt, esq.

13 Moran, Matth. & Co. hosier, glover, shirtmaker, and colonial and military outfitter, 75l.

here Dawson-street intersects

14 M'Kay, Wm. ll.d. barrister, 85l.

15 Churchill, Fleetwood, m.d. 80l.

„ Churchill, A. Ferrier, m.b., l.r.c.s.i.

16 Whately, Right Honble. and Most Rev. Richard, d.d. Lord Archbishop of Dublin, primate and metropolitan of Ireland, bishop of Glandelagh and of Kildare, chancellor of the order of Saint Patrick—palace 16 Stephen's-green, nth. and Roebuck-hall, Dundrum, 225l.

17 The University Club—James Cooper, esq. secretary; Mr. John Browne, house steward, 253l.

18 Carroll, Patrick, ironmonger, shot & gunpowder stores

Irish Academy of Music—F. W. Brady, esq. hon. secretary; Saml. H. Sloane, res. master and sec. 84l.

19 Clarke, Chas. upholstery & cabinet warerooms, and undertaker, and Ordnance contractor, 80l.

20 Walter, Wm. m.d. surg.& m.r.c.s. 75l.

21 Colles, William, m.d. surgeon, 110l.

„ Colles, Graves C. solicitor,

22 Adams, Robert, m.d. surgeon, 115l.

23 Morgan, John, f.r.c.s.i. professor r.c.s.i. surgeon to the Adelaide Hospital, Peter-street, 95l.

„ Hudson, Charles, surgeon

24 Robinson, Edmund M. ladies' outfitting warehouse, 65l.

„ Robinson, Mrs. E. M. millinery, straw bonnet, and stays manufac.

25 Fleming, Wm. direct wine importer, wholesale and family grocer and Italian warehouseman, and St. Mary's cottage, Killiney, 65l.

26 Darcy, John, wine merchant, family grocer, and government contractor; also 13 Kildare-street, 110l.

here Kildare-street intersects

27, 28, & 29 Shelbourne hotel—Martin Burke, proprietor, 260l.

„ Burke, Martin, esq. 12 Kildare-st. and Dalkey

„ Burke, James Milo, barrister, 12 Kildare-street, and Queenstown-lodge, Dalkey

„ Burke, John Hogan, solicitor, 12 Kildare-street—office, 21 College-green—res. Sorrento-road, Dalkey

„ Darcy, Martin B. esq.

30 Carroll, William, l.k.q.c.p.i. and m.r.c.s.e. 65l.

31 Lyttleton, Mrs. 35l.

32 Saurin, James, esq. 140l.

„ Saurin, Mark Anthony, esq.

33 Scriven, Wm. B. B. a.b. and m.b. m.r.c.s. physician to the dispensary of the Irish Homeopathic Society, 31 South Anne-st. 110l.

„ Scriven. J. Enraght, c.e.

34 La Touche,Wm. Digges, banker, 110l.

35 O'Shaughnessey, Wm. K. solicitor, and George's st. Limerick, 42l.

36 Buchanan, W. H. coal factor, &c. 48l.

„ Buchanan, Mrs. M. F. stay & French corset warerooms

37 Langford, George, solicitor, and commis. for taking acknowledgments of deeds by married women, and Nenagh, co. Tipperary, 58l.

38 Longstaff, Jas. S. Cork bakery, 58l.

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