SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Upper Dorset-street to City Basin.

P. St. Mary.—Inns-quay W.—City.

1 Fetherston, H. William, bar. 32l.

2 Kennedy, Miss E. 30l.

3 Rossiter, Mrs. 26l.

here Blessington-court intersects

4 Knox and Crookshank, solrs. 42l.

„ Crookshank, Arthur C. solicitor

„ Crookshank, Robt. solicitor

„ Knox, Samuel Wright, solicitor, and Coleraine

„ Barrett, Wm. solicitor, & Ardara

5 Heirion, Mrs. 40l.

6 Daly, James, solicitor, 40l.

„ Desmond, Patrick, solicitor

7 Toler, John, M.D., f.r.c.s.i. 40l.

8 Comerford, Mrs. Mary, 40l.

9 Alexander, Miss, 40l.

10 Rowe, John, esq. solicitor, 40l.

11 Clarendon, F. W. a.b., architect and C.E. 40l.

12 Vacant, 40l.

13 Loftie, Mrs. and Tanderagee, Co. Armagh, 60l.

14 Lynch, Thos. Perry, barrister, 35l.

15 Stenson, John, esq. 36l.

16 Dooley, Samuel, esq. 30l.

17 Wilson, Mrs. 30l.

18 Delany, Mrs. 30l.

„ O'Loughlin, Bryan, barrister

„ Magrath, Charles J. solicitor

here Blessington-place intersects

19 Lane, Alexander, barrister, 26l.

„ Loughran, Henry J. bar. & Belfast

20 Weir, Alex. co. rate collector, 27l.

21 Pasley, Mrs. Mary Anne, 25l.

22 Maclean, Captain Rawdon, R.N. 28l.

23 M'Carthy, Mrs. 26l.

24 Phillips, Jonathan A. barrister, 26l.

25 Lawler, Edward, sol. and proctor, commissioner for taking affidavits and acknowledgements of married women, and master extraordinary for Kerry, 28l.

here Berkeley-street intersects

26 Sneyd, Miss Margaret, 20l.

27 Beatty, Rd. Wm. academy, music instructor, Christ Church, 23l.

28 Macartney, John, barrister, 36l.

29 Townsend, John Sealy, bar. 38l.

30 Vacant, 36l.

31 Lindsay, Henry, esq. 34l.

32 Carleton, John Wm. q.c. 32l.

33 Leathby, The Misses, 27l.

34 O'Neill, Charles H. barrister, 27l.

35 O'Grady, Michael, esq. 27l.

36 Clerihew, Dr. inspector-general of hospitals, 30l.

37 Macgouran, James, barrister, 33l.

38 Tyndall, Samuel W. esq. 33l.

39 Fox, Mrs. M. 34l.

40 Baker, Mrs. Margaret, 42l.

„ Baker, Frederick, esq.

„ Baker, William, esq.

Royal Canal Basin and City Pipes, 700l.

41 Doyle, Joseph, f.r.c.s.i. 55l.

42 Cogan, Martin, solicitor, 35l.

„ D'Alton, Edward, solicitor

43 Smith, Patrick, esq. g.p.o. 36l.

44 Fennell, Terence, esq. 34l.

45 Gilmore, John, barrister, ll.d. 38l.

46 Fortune, Thomas, esq. 38l.

47 West, Mrs. William, 35l.

48 Hickman, Wm. V. F. solicitor, 36l.

49 Treston, John P. solicitor, 30l.

50 Carroll, Miss, 30l.

51 Carroll, Edward M. solr. 34l.

52 Hoare, Mrs. Anne, 34l.

„ Hoare, Nicholas Thomas, esq.

53 Chadwick, Mrs. 34l.

54 M'Cann, Mrs. 32l.

55 O'Callaghan, William, esq. 32l.

56 Lucas, William, esq. 32l.

57 Tallon, Nicholas, esq. 25l.

here Mountjoy-street intersects

58 Egan, John, solicitor, 43l.

„ MacNamara, John, sol. and agent to Engineers and Age Assurance Association, head office, 345 Strand, London

„ Conmee, James F. solicitor

„ Conmee, Richard D. solicitor

„ Jennings, Richard, solicitor

59 Bradley, Wm. George, solicitor 45l.

60 Dobbin, Samuel, prof. of music, 44l.

61 Johnson, Mrs. & St. Helen's, Bray, 44l.

„ Gregg, Rev. James Fitzgerald, a.m. assistant chaplain of Bethesda

62 Dodd, Christopher, corn and commission factor, 45l.

„ Dodd, Messrs. hay, straw, potato, & corn factors, and 8 & 9 Smithfleld

„ Dodd, Patrick M. factor

„ Dodd, James William, factor

„ Dodd, Christopher Maurice, factor

„ Birmingham, Mrs.

63 Power, Pierce, solicitor, 44l.

„ Power, Saml. H. Registry office

64 Vacant, 46l.

65 Fottrell, Patrick, solicitor, 39l.

66 Whelan, Mrs. 28l.

67 Lysaght, Miss, 27l.

68 Chamney, William G. barrister, 38l.

69 M'Mechan, William, barrister, 20l.

70 Lyons, Mr. James, 20l.

„ Lynam, John, solicitor, & Limerick

„ Cleavy, John Francis, solicitor

„ Conway, Patrick J. sol. and Tuam

71 Boylan, Miss, 28l.

72 Callaghan, James, esq. 30l.

73 Cooke, James 1l. barrister, 35l.

74 Beytagh, Edw. T.F.J. bar. & crown prosecutor at Roscommon, 56l.

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