SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Garden-lane to Mark's-alley.

P. St. Nicholas Without.—Wood-quay W. City.

1 Lalor, E. & Sons, corn, flour, and provision merchants, 36l.

„ Lalor, John Joseph, esq.

2 Spitalfields butter and bacon crane, Hen. Pettigrew, weighmaster, 27l.

2½ Doyle, Patrick, butter and bacon factor, 15l.

3 Murray, Thos. provision dealer, 11l.

here Carman's-hall intersects

4 Doyle, Margaret, bacon factor, 10l.

[5 to 15—5l. to 8l.]

5 to 9 Tenements,

10 Flynn, Patrick, cooper,

11 Brown, Joseph,

12 Kelly, M. house painter,

13, 14, and 15 Tenements,

16 Toole, Michl. butter & bacon factor

17 Burke, Josh. butter & bacon fac. 16l.

18 Byrne, Thos. butter & bacon fac. 9l.

19 Kehoe, John, provision factor, 12l.

20 Keely, Peter, factor, and clerk of the Spitalfields market, 5l.

21 Quinn, Pat. butter, bacon, and fowl factor, 7l.

33 Halpin, Luke, bacon factor, 8l.

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