SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Arran-street, W. to King-street, N.

P. St. Michan, 1 to 30. P. St. Paul, 31 to 54.—Arran-quay W.—City.

1 Eivers and Rispin, Messrs. sales-masters, 50l.

2 Vacant, 14l.

3 Kearney, James, Nagg hotel and tavern, 24l.

4 Cavanagh & Bull, cattle, corn, and wool commis. salesmen—offices, 25 Arran-quay, 11l.

here Church-street, New, intersects

5 Cuffe, Lawrence, cattle, corn, and wool salesman, 10 New Church-street, and 29 Leinster-road, Rathmines, 32l.

6 and 7 Rooney, Thomas, salesmaster and corn factor, 13l., 18l.

8 and 9 Dodd, Christr. corn, hay, and potato commission factor, and Cherry house, Finglas, 30l.

„ Dodd, Mr. J. Ballymore, Glasnevin

„ Dodd, James Wm. commission agt. hay, and potato factor, and 62 Blessington-street

„ Dodd, Mr. Christr. & 2 Cabra-parade

„ Dodd, Patrick M. corn, hay, and potato factor, & 62 Blessington-st.

„ Dodd, Christopher M. jun. corn factor, and 62 Blessington-street

[10 to 12—420l.]

10 Hill, Mr. George,

11 & 12 Jameson, John, & Son, with distillery, Bow-street,

„ Lockhart, Gordon, operative distiller

10 to 12 Wallis & Byrne, cattle-stand

13 & 14 Bourke, V. & Co. cattle sales-masters and corn factors—office, 6 Baggot-court, 24l.

here Duck-lane intersects

15 and 16 Hickey and Hanbury, sales-masters, and cattle, corn, wool, hay, and straw factors, 20l., 15l.

„ Hanbury, Hugh, esq. and Effernock lodge, Trim

17 Vacant, 11l.

18 O'Grady, Mrs. 16l.

19 Heney, P. & Co. cattle salesmen, 23l.

20 Yourell, John, salesmaster, 18l.

21 Heney, P. & Co. cattle salesmen, 16l.

here Carter's-lane intersects

22, 23, and 24 Graydon, A. E. cattle salesmaster and woolfactor—residence, Newcastle, Rathcoole, 15l.

25 Rogers and O'Brien, corn, hay, and potato factors, 32l.

here Factory-lane intersects

Convict Depot—William Bradfield, superintendent; Rev. George B. Wheeler, Protestant chaplain; Rev. Michael Gibney, R. Catholic; and Rev. Jas. Edgar, Presbyterian

26 and 27 Tenements, each 8l.

28 Rogers, Ellen, hay and potato factor and provision dealer, 9l.

29 Yard, 6l.

30 Corbally Mills Bakery, 23l.

here King-street, North, intersects

31 Carolan, James, commercial inn and livery stables, and 129 North King-street, 19l.

32 Coffey, Richard, salesmaster, and Newcastle, Tyrrelspass, 18l.

33 L'Estrange's farming implement manufactory, foundry, and iron works, and 127 North King-street—W. Graham, proprietor—residence, St. Mary's Lodge, Simmons-court, Donnybrook, 35l.

here Thundercut-alley intersects

34 & 35 Mooney, Math. J. salesmaster and factor, 14l.

36 Newman, James, salesmaster—residence, Cardiff's-bridge, 23l.

37 Duffy, Mangan, and Butler, sales-masters, & 36 & 37 Queen-st. 27l.

38 and 39 Murphy, Miss M. E. 18l., 38l.

40 and 41 Ruins

42 White, Peter, lodging-house, 9l.

43 Tenements, 15l.

44 Vacant, 17l.

45 O'Brien, Daniel, cattle salesmaster corn, wool, and hay factor, 36l.

46 Tenements, 15l.

47, 48, 49, & 51 Whelan & O'Brien, cattle salesmasters and wool factors, 54l.

„ O'Brien, Rt. and 3 Eblana-terrace, North Circular road

50 Cronley, James, corn factor, 20l.

51 Whelan & O'Brien, Messrs. stores, 24l.

52 Coates, M. W. salesmaster, 20l.

53 and 54 Vacant, 17l., 14l.

55 Brangan, Thos. & Co. salesmasters

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