Ship-street, little

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Bride-street to Ship-street, Great.

P. St. Bride.—Wood-quay W.—City.

1 Burke, William, broker, 8l.

2 Connor, John, painter, 11l.

3, 4, & 5 Bacon, T. and Co. wholesale cheese, ham, bacon, & fish mers. 58l.

6 Tenements, 13l.

7 Saurin, William, wire worker, 14l.

8 Murray, Mrs. Mary, wire worker, & manufacturer, 9l.

9 Connor, George, wire worker, and No. 25, 10l.

10 Martin & Dooley, wire workers and fence makers, 13l.

11 and 12 Pearson, Thomas, flour machine wire web, and French burr mill-stone manufacturer, & agent for sale of French and Swiss silk for dressing flour, 13l., 8l.

13 Durham, Frs. parish beadle, 8l.

„ O'Neill, Robert, carpenter

here Ship-street, Great, intersects

14 Pearson, Thomas, wire worker

15 to 21 Building ground

22 Vernon, J. tin plate worker and gas fitter, 12l.

23 Murray, Peter, wire worker, 12l.

24 Mulligan, Edward, engraver, 12l.

25 Barnes, Francis, cork manufac. 12l.

26 Higgins, Matthew, bookbinder, 12l.

27 Murray, Mrs. Mary, wire worker, and No. 8, 12l., 13l.

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